First Step

TRUS! is a brand-new trio of experienced performers and musicians from Slovenia. The astounding diversity of their musical backgrounds is most obviously manifested in their tunes. The band flows between experimental, hectic instrumental outbursts, slowly developing sensual atmospherics leaning on IDM expression, post-punkish exuberance,and all the way back. Their enigmatic sonic palette brings to mind bands like Deerhoof, Bilk, Milemarker, Stereolab, and Trans Am, but the intangible gist of TRUS! is to remain indescribable. Ironically, TRUS! like to keep things concrete, describing themselves with the following formula: 45 % Alter, 20 % Garage, 17 % Punk, 10 % Synth-Rock, 8 % Electro New Wave. This unique debut comes in a neat innovative format: comic booklet + screen printed scarf/bag/t-shirt + a download link of the whole album. You are kindly invited to explore the effect of the first step.

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Alternative rock, indie, electro, jazz, post-punk

Similar to

Deerhof, Stereolab, Bilk, Milemarker, Trans Am