TRUS! has transformed from a young, fresh and almost anonymous band, who put themselves in the open for the first time in 2012 at Radio Študent's Club Marathon tour, into a highly creative trio and one of Slovenia’s greatest musical surprises of 2013. After their debut album "First Step", released in March 2013 in an experimental format (comic book, download code, shirt/scarf/bag) for Založba Radia Študent and Moonlee Records, TRUS! have unloaded their energy and new ideas once again and recorded their second album the very same year - "Banana Split" with Kleemar. This playful trio - with Jelena Rusjan on bass and vocals, Boštjan Simon on synth, saxophone and vocals, and Marko Lasič on drums - relentlessly grinds forward on its unique musical path.

TRUS! manage to efficently combine with post-punk playfulness, indie-electronic mischief and seductiveness of trashy pop. Therefore, it's simply impossible to put their musical expression inside the usual genre compartments and pull up obvious comparisons with other bands, which is just one more reason to cock our ears and simply spin the music.

Kleemar / TRUS! - Banana Split

Banana Split

TRUS! - First Step

First Step




Alternative rock, indie, electro, jazz, post-punk

Years active

2012 - 2014


  • Jelena Rusjan - bass, vocals
  • Boštjan Simon - synth, sax, vocals
  • Marko Lasič - drums