Bernays Propaganda

Happiness Machines

The Skopje-based BERNAYS PROPAGANDA could superficially be described with the musical signifiers new wave and post-punk. Firm drum beats accompanied by thick and groovy bass lines form the instrumental basis upon which layer upon layer of fragmented funky guitar chords are placed, all enveloped by Kristina’s charming vocals that function as the cherry on top. Have we mentioned the lunatic enthusiasm, bursting energy, and haunting atmosphere yet? BERNAYS PROPAGANDA follows the postulates and ideals that many modern post-punk and new wave revivalists have forgotten. Far from being just a homage band, they continue to carry the torch lighted by acts such as Gang of Four, Slits, Fugazi, Submission Hold, !!!, Gossip, LCD Soundsystem, and others. Despite the name, their edgy lyrics humorously transpose the teachings of Edward Bernays, turning agitprop into a call against hypocrisy. They are not escapists, but utopists honestly striving for a better tomorrow. Dance, clap, sing, and celebrate civil disobedience, human rights and freedom! We are not just happiness machines.


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Indie, postpunk, alternative

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