Damir Avdić

Mrtvi su mrtvi

Hailing from the tough underground scene of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, DAMIR AVDIĆ alias DIPLOMATZ is a hardcore poet and performer contemplating the Bosnia of today – a country stuck between the East and the West at the twilight of the modern world. Controlled by corrupt men of the cloth, and disillusioned by commercialized revolutions and false democracy, his motherland serves as a platform for unrelenting capitalist exploitation and police brutality. “The Bosnian Psycho” is a man of letters who covers various fields of interest. He is a singer, poet, guitarist, band leader, composer, actor, writer, and thinker. Singing in his mother tongue he assures: “Whoever wants to understand will understand!” The truth is always hard to swallow, but with Damir’s merciless, uncompromising delivery and his piercing madman’s gaze one is unable to turn a deaf ear. ‘Mrtvi su mrtvi’ (The Dead are Dead) is an idiosyncratic example of straightforward punk poetry for the 21st century.

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Hardcore, punk, rock

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