Damir Avdić alias Bosnian Psiho is everything in one: poet, guitarist, one-man band, actor, writer, playwright, thinker, singer-songwriter or even anti-singer-songwriter. His razor-sharp lyrics, shot straight from the heart, hit you right in the chest. Truth is found in every inch of his vociferous poetic voice. Mercilessly, he discloses all the gloomy aspects of modern day life, uncovers existential misconceptions and reflecs on the structural injustices of contemporary capitalism. In doing so, he may truly hurt you. There is no room for compromise and euphemisms. His disillusioned psycho gaze, rasp voice and threatening guitar riffs always get across his powerful message. 

Having released 6 full-length albums and 5 novels, created music for various movies and theater plays, and directed theater plays, it is easy to say Damir Avdić is one of the foremost regional music artists of his generation. 

His latest album Amerika was released on his label Kapital in October 2017.


Upcoming shows

  • 19.10.2017 @ Gala Hala, Ljubljana (SI)
  • 29.10.2017 @ Okc Abrašević, Mostar (BA)
  • 02.11.2017 @ Underground Club, Sarajevo (BA)
  • 17.11.2017 @ Klub MC - Pekarna, Maribor (SI)
  • 30.11.2017 @ Vintage Industrial Bar, Zagreb (HR)

Damir Avdić - Život je raj

Život je raj

Damir Avdić - Mrtvi su mrtvi

Mrtvi su mrtvi


Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia


Hardcore, punk, rock

Years active

2007 - present


  • Damir Avdić - vocals, guitar