Bernays Propaganda

Ništo nema da nè razdeli

Macedonian post punk luminaries Bernays Propaganda are back with the 3-tracker 'Ništo nema da nè razdeli' EP, out December 12th on Moonlee Records, Geenger Records, Pop Depresija and Balkan Veliki in digital format only.

On their new EP, recorded at their own Studio 1060 in Skopje, the band kicks off with “Mojata Marija”, a slowly burning disco punk gem. Centerpiece “Kerka na gladot" brings to the forefront the band’s minimalist post punk songwriting and their pop-oriented vocal interpretation, resulting in a sun-soaked early morning jam. The final title track conjures a more stern tone, leaving us with a feeling of anticipation.

The EP presents some new band members and guests. The current lineup includes: Kristina Gorovska, Vasko Atanasoski, Deni Krstev, Rade Jordanovski and Kristijan Lafazanovski. "Ništo nema da nè razdeli" boasts with guest appearances from highly esteemed Macedonian jazz guitarist Toni Kitanovski and legendary American post punk bassist Mike Watt (Minutemen, The Stooges, Dos, Banyan…).

'Ništo nema da nè razdeli' EP comes as an appetizer for the upcoming full-length 'Druga mladost, treči svetski rat', which is set to be released in September 2019.


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post punk, dance-punk, new wave

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