Bernays Propaganda


It is clear from the get-go that BERNAYS PROPAGANDA have chosen a different approach for their 4th full-length. ‘Politika’ candidly coquettes with 80s new wave, its pace and pulse dictated by a drum machine. The guitars have given up their sharp angles and heavy strumming, shifting towards softer edges and a steadier flow. Changing pace and emphasis on their latest LP, the Skopje-based trio proves to be open to experimentation. The new material might bring to mind the sound of New Order, or perhaps other new wave acts from the early and middle 80s. Comparisons with the German indietronic scene in the vein of The Notwist, who underwent a similar sound transformation on their album ‘Neon Golden’, also would not be too far-fetched. Compared to their previous releases, ‘Politika’ is permeated by a significantly more melancholic tone – an apt reflection of the times we live in –, bringing Kristina’s voice in the spotlight. Lyrically, the band preserves its fierce stance, uncompromisingly contemplating our modern ways of life in this delusion known as democracy.


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Indie-pop, indie-rock, indietronica, post-punk

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