Slovenian hardcore veterans hailing from Nova Gorica return with their blasting sophomore ‘Praznina’ (Emptiness). Their aggressive and abrasive, here and there crusty metallized hardcore in the vein of Integrity and similar acts is here further explored and fused with Black Flag’s proto-sludge, as well as various permutations of the most extreme of musical expressions, particularly black and death metal. Clocking just below 25 minutes, the new tracks showcase a harmonious execution of fast-paced rhythms, aberrant and jangly bursts of guitarfire with occasional melodic, though discordant passages, and precise, heavy bass lines from beginning to end. They form the instrumental skeleton onto which Marko applies his utterly passionate, guttural vocal delivery. His impressionistic, intensely enigmatic verses in the tradition of the prophetic Slovenian poet Srečko Kosovel touch upon themes of desolation, the cyclicality of time, the motherland, collectivism, and, above all, human nature – “I live only as a totality; I am the whole animal kingdom.”

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Hardcore, sludge, stoner

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