Bernays Propaganda

Zabraneta planeta

One of the region’s currently most successful and internationally recognized music acts is back with its third album ‘Zabraneta Planeta’. The band’s idiosyncratic mixture of new wave and post-punk expression with a strong emphasis on danceability is rooted in firm drum beats accompanied by thick and groovy bass lines upon which layers of noisy and disharmonic guitar chords are placed, their usually funky character this time left for good. Add Kristina’s powerful vocal delivery based upon her hypercritical political lyrics, which intertwined with the instrumentals create a tense atmosphere, and there you go – 9 new tunes, 9 new stories, and 9 new manifestos calling for radical change. BERNAYS PROPAGANDA have once again transcended themselves, producing unparalleled sonic worlds which showcase how a band can reach enlightened songwriting and mature arranging without losing any of the fundamental postulates on which their creative philosophy was developed.


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Postpunk, indie rock, alternative rock

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