Damir Avdić

Život je raj

The Tuzla-born singer-songwriter, also known as “The Bosnian Psycho” and “Diplomatz”, returns with his wholly self- made album ‘Život je raj’ (Life is Paradise). Born in 1964, Avdić spent his formative years playing in the Bosnian band Rupa u zidu, releasing five studio albums. After moving to Ljubljana, he went solo, releasing a collection of poetry and two albums, writing a monodrama, and producing music for film and theatre. Now, he is back with his third full-length once again centered on the typically minimalistic, distorted proto-punk and mellow bluesy riffs. Guided only by the movement of his neck since drums are absent, the only metronome he follows is internal. The penetrating tremor of his vocal cords and robust chord progressions are so dense they fill each and every pore of your body. His lyrics in Bosnian carve the listener’s brain with stinging verses on pain and blood; they rip off your skin and burn the flesh. The now disembodied listener lacking physical pain is thus finally able to reach catharsis. With his poisonous tongue, DAMIR AVDIĆ is the impersonation of the modern anti-singer- songwriter reflecting on this out-of- joint world of ours.

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Hardcore, punk, rock

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