GO Mr. Moonlee - 15 let! Analena, Bernays Propaganda, ŽEN

Ropotarnica 13. Brata, Moonlee Records in Mostovna predstavljajo:

GO Mr. Moonlee - 15 let!

nesmrtni screamo post-punk (HR/SI)

razplesani diskoidni post-punk bojevniki (MK)

psihadelične shoegaze/post-rock amazonke (HR)

Mostovna, Nova Gorica
petek, 27. december 2019

vrata: 21:00, koncert: 21:30
vstopnina: 7 €
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Še preden skočimo v novo desetletje bomo na Mostovni dvignili glaže ob 15. obletnici delovanja neodvisne slovenske založbe Moonlee Records in se spoštljivo priklonili Mr. Moonleeju! Moonlee Records je v tem obdobju nanizal 49 izdaj glasbenih skupin iz celotnega območja nekdanje skupne države ter postala zbirališče najzanimivejših kitarskih muzik Balkana in s tem tudi svojevrsten dokument zgodovine regionalne glasbene scene začetka tega tisočletja (Repetitor, Bernays Propaganda, Borghesia, Debeli Precjednik, Seine, Nikki Louder, Damir Avdić, Iamdisease....).

In kdo bo zagodel Mr. Moonleeju ob častitljivem jubileju? V družinskem krogu svojih varovancev bodo za fešto poskrbeli screamo post-punk veterani ANALENA, ki so tudi ustanovitelji Moonlee Records, zasanjano blagozvočna zagrebška post-rock / shoegaze vseženska trojka ŽEN ter dolgoletni makedonski plesno-punkerski sopotniki Bernays Propaganda s še vedno svežim albumom ‘Vtora mladost, treta svetska vojna’. Simbolično!

Moonleejada 2019 - 15. let mr. Moonleeja! Borghesia, Bernays Propaganda, ŽEN

MOONLEEJADA 2019 - 15 let Mr. Moonleeja!


After: Andrej Pervanje (Radio Študent)

Ljubljana, Gala hala
četrtek, 26. december 2019

vrata: 20:30, koncert: 21:00 (začnemo točno!)
vstopnina: 8 € (do 21:00) / 10 € (po 21:00)
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Pred zadnjimi izdihljaji iztekajočega se desetletja bomo v Gala hali ustavili čas in z mini-festivalom Moonleejada 2019 nazdravili ob 15. obletnici delovanja neodvisne slovenske založbe Moonlee Records in se spoštljivo priklonili Mr. Moonleeju! Moonlee Records je v tem obdobju nanizal 49 izdaj glasbenih skupin iz celotnega območja nekdanje skupne države ter postala zbirališče najzanimivejših kitarskih muzik Balkana in s tem tudi svojevrsten dokument zgodovine regionalne glasbene scene začetka tega tisočletja (Repetitor, Bernays Propaganda, Borghesia, Debeli Precjednik, Seine, Nikki Louder, Damir Avdić....).

In kdo bo zagodel Mr. Moonleeju ob častitljivem jubileju? Prvič se bo na odru Gala hale predstavila kultna Borghesia z udarnim prepletom starih hitov in novih skladb iz aktualne art-rock / industrial plošče 'Proti kapitulaciji'. Družbo jim bo delala zasanjano blagozvočna zagrebška post-rock / shoegaze vseženska trojka ŽEN. Za udaren in plesno-punkersko naravnan epilog bodo zadolženi dolgoletni makedonski sopotniki Bernays Propaganda s še vedno svežim albumom Vtora mladost, treta svetska vojna’. Simbolično!

"Vtora mladost, treta svetska vojna" LPs have arrived!

You can now get the new Bernays Propaganda album "Vtora mladost, treta svetska vojna" on vinyl!

"This Macedonian band’s fifth album is a slinky, rhythm-driven blend of post-punk, electro, hip hop and occasional Balkan and African influences, combining propulsive beats, pulsing synths and occasional punchy horns with Kristina Gorovska’s hypnotic vocals and often-politically charged lyrics."
- KEXP 90.3 FM

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Bernays Propaganda is back with 5th full length album!

Mr. Moonlee is glad to introduce you to the 5th studio album by the Macedonian dance-punk powerhouse Bernays Propaganda with the well-timed title “Vtora mladost, treta svetska vojna” (2nd Youth, 3rd World War). The release is brought to you on September 4th 2019 by Moonlee Records, Geenger Records, Pop Depresija, Ill in the Head Records and Balkan Veliki in digital, CD and LP format (vinyl version will be out in November).

Bernays Propaganda – Vtora mladost, treta svetska vojna:
CD / LP (pre-order) / Bandcamp / Spotify / Youtube Music / Apple Music

Following the aesthetic path set on ‘Politika’ (Moonlee Records, 2016), the new LP brings forth a collection of groovy, radio friendly, dance floor-ready and socially conscious jams. Defined by catchy pop songwriting and stripped-down production, the album inventively blends influences of post-punk, new wave, alternative rock, Detroit electro, Balkan and African folk music, resulting in a hip-shaking mixture of dancefloor and protest anthems. Stylistically diverse but sonically condensed, this collection of songs is pop done just right!

Watch the recently released music video for ‘Retki bilki’ here.

Upcoming Bernays Propaganda shows:
12.9.2019 @ Ljubljana, Kino Šiška (SI) w/ Operators
13.9.2019 @ Krško, MC Krško (SI)
14.9.2019 @ Ankaran, Ankaranska Bandima 2019 (SI)

Bernays Propaganda are announcing the new album with music video ‘Retki bilki’

The unstoppable Macedonian dance-punk powerhouse Bernays Propaganda, a long-time underground favourite, presents its new video for the single ‘Retki bilki’, taken from their upcoming 5th studio album “Vtora mladost, treta svetska vojna” (2nd Youth, 3rd World War) out as collaboration of Moonlee Records, Geenger Records, Pop Depresija, Ill in the Head Records and Balkan Veliki on September 4th 2019.

The translucent multi-layered shots of ‘Retki bilki’, a video built around the concept of sign language, are characterized by neon light ambience and playful childlike animations blended with amorphous body shapes. They say that when a rare flower is born it comes out with music, making everyone happy. This is a video about the birth of such rare flowers.

The music video, starring Macedonian actress Kamka Tocinovski, was directed, filmed and edited by Milan Blaževski, filmed and color graded by Boris Takovski, and filmed and animated by Josip Zdravkovski.

New video comes as a teaser for the upcoming album, a collection of nine songs defined by catchy pop songwriting and stripped-down production that inventively blends influences of late 70s and early 80s post-punk, new wave, alternative rock, Detroit electro, Balkan and African folk music.

Upcoming Bernays Propaganda shows:
30.8.2019 @ Gornji Milanovac, Ljubitelj Klub (RS)
31.8.2019 @ Bečej, Kontra Fest (RS)
1.9.2019 @ Szeged, Grand Cafe (HU)
12.9.2019 @ Ljubljana, Kino Šiška (SI) w/ Operators
13.9.2019 @ Krško, MC Krško (SI)
14.9.2019 @ Ankaran, Ankaranska Bandima 2019 (SI)

1, 2, 3... '22' - new Seine album out now!

Croatian freak-folk-punk-trip-hop duo Seine released their 2nd album entitled '22' on Moonlee Records and Vox Project on May 6th 2019. It is available on CD, in digital format on all music streaming platforms (including Bandcamp “free download”), while the vinyl version is coming in July (pre-order here).

The new album from Seine, one of Croatia’s most ingenious bands of the moment, is an electrifying genre-defying sonic journey full of sardonic humour and 100% authentic musical expression on the fringes of contemporary rock music.

Seine – 22: CD / LP (pre-order) / Bandcamp / Deezer / Spotify / Apple Music

Seine's 2nd album '22' brings forth an amorphous genre-bending sound, combining elements of noise and alternative rock, trip hop and no wave with sporadic cabaret undertones. The pair continues its exploration of the intriguing, ill-lighted and downtempo moods that have defined their debut while putting a new emphasis on dissonance and atonality. ‘22’ showcases intricate arrangements and muscular instrumentation, its seven hook-laden tracks slowly drifting through melancholy waters. The electrified acoustic guitar and drum set are still the backbone, but they have expanded their sonic palette with piercing electronic textures, classical instruments samples and driving polyrhythms. The resulting leftfield grooves engage the listener in a noisy introspective dance.

Borghesia on the anthological compilation ‘Dancing in Darkness’ along D.A.F., Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle...

We are proud to inform you Borghesia’s mythical track No Hope No Fear’ has been included in the anthological compilation ‘Dancing in Darkness’ (Spotify // Deezer // Google Music), dedicated to the beginnings of electronic music. The double LP compiled by their former label [PIAS] LE LABELincludes legendary hits from bands such as D.A.F., Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb and other cult names from the black synth, dark beats and EBM universe.

EBM’s popularity grew rapidly in the underground scene during the 80s and early 90s, especially in Europe, before breaking through in the rest of the world, also influencing the subsequent electro-industrial and techno scene. Today we are witnessing a comeback, or rather re-discovery, through the releases and DJ sets of young producers and DJs from all over the world.

‘Dancing in Darkness’ is homage to the birth of “European techno” music and to bands that changed contemporary music in terms of ideology, politics and aesthetics.

The compilation will be accompanied by a major exhibition on electronic music ‘Electro, de Kraftwerk à Daft Punk’ at the Philharmonie de Paris. Through the exploration of its imagination, its innovations, its mythologies and its correspondence with the visual arts at, you will learn about its epochal importance for music and popular culture. The exhibition will be open from April 9 to August 11.

Yet, Borghesia do not rest on their laurels!

The band is still promoting its magnificent current full length 'Proti kapitulaciji', a free-floating retrofuturist industrial art rock epic based on Srečko Kosovel’s modernist poetry that sits somewhere between an alternative soundtrack of Blade Runner, the uncanny ambience of Coil, melancholy of Berlin era David Bowie and immediacy of Nine Inch Nails.

Borghesia is also getting back on stage soon - having 4 shows announced in Ljubljana, Belgrade, Nova Gorica and Zagreb.

Upcoming BORGHESIA shows:
19.4.2019 @ Ljubljana, Orto bar – Ortofest (SI) – FB
11.5.2019 @ Beograd, Elektropionir (RS) – FB
25.5.2019 @ Nova Gorica, SNG (SI) – FB
22.6.2019 @ Zagreb, Muzej suvremene umijetnost – Lijeto u MSU 2019 (HR)

Seine announcing upcoming album with new single and video 'Nebo'

Unique Croatian freak-folk-punk-trip-hop duo Seine has published a video for a brand new song 'Nebo', first single from upcoming album to be released on May 6th 2019 for Moonlee Records and Vox Project.

Seine’s long awaited first single from their upcoming sophomore album is here! Accompanied by a music video in stop motion technique made by Marina Uzelac, the new track 'Nebo' is a jam of biblical proportions. Since the beginning, Seine have had a special way of addressing the human condition. This time, the lyrics have been ingeniously translated into a stunning short movie starring stuffed puppets on a quest for something they cannot really grasp.

Seine is an ever-changing project by singer and guitarist Ivan Ščapec that currently operates from Zagreb as a punk duo with Dimitrij Petrović on drums, who played together already in Vlasta Popić. In 2017, Seine has released the critically acclaimed debut 'Sno sna' (Moonlee Records, Vox Project, 2017), one of the best regional albums of the year. Opting for an amorphous sound, the duo navigates between poetic punk, uncon ventional indie and freak folk. Incessantly on the road, the two have earned a reputation for their dazzling and heartfelt live performance. On their upcoming album duo promises a new batch of even more intri cate tracks that merge their signature electrified acoustic punk with freshly in corporated trip hop tropes and electronic sounds, all sprinkled with Ivan's dark but witty lyricism.

Seine future shows:
24.4.2019 @ Zagreb, Tvornica kulture (HR)
26.4.2019 @ Čakovec, Klub Prostor (HR)
9.5.2019 @ Ljubljana, Križanke - 50. let Radia Študent (SI)
10.5.2019 @ Ravne na Koroškem, KMKC Kompleks (SI)
17.5.2019 @ Beograd, Kvaka 22 (RS)
18.5.2019 @ Novi Sad, Bulevar Books (RS)
24.5.2019 @ Maribor, Gustaf – Solar Pulse Festival (SI)
21.6.2019 @ Škofja Loka, Pri Rdeči ostrigi – letni vrt (SI)
October 2019 – European tour

Macedonian post punks Bernays Propaganda return with "Ništo nema da nè razdeli" EP

Macedonian post punk luminaries Bernays Propaganda return with the 3-tracker “Ništo nema da nè razdeli” EP, released on December 12th 2018 as collaboration between Moonlee Records, Geenger Records, Pop Depresija and Balkan Veliki in digital format only.

On their new EP, recorded at their own Studio 1060 in Skopje, the band kicks off with “Mojata Marija”, a slowly burning disco punk gem. Centerpiece “Kerka na gladot" brings to the forefront the band’s minimalist post punk songwriting and their pop-oriented vocal interpretation, resulting in a sun-soaked early morning jam. The final title track conjures a more stern tone, leaving us with a feeling of anticipation.

The EP presents some new band members and guests. The current lineup includes: Kristina Gorovska, Vasko Atanasoski, Deni Krstev, Rade Jordanovski and Kristijan Lafazanovski. "Ništo nema da nè razdeli" offers guest appearances from highly esteemed Macedonian jazz guitarist Toni Kitanovski and legendary American post punk bassist Mike Watt (Minutemen, The Stooges, Dos, Banyan…).

“Ništo nema da nè razdeli” EP comes as an appetizer for the upcoming full-length “Druga mladost, treči svetski rat”, which is set to be released in September 2019.

BORGHESIA Calling 'Against Capitulation' On Their New Album!

Slovenian electronic music pioneers and video art trailblazers Borghesia return with the new full-length album ‘Proti Kapitulaciji’ (‘Against Capitulation’). The album is out today, October 23 2018, on Moonlee Records. It is available on CD, in digital format on all music streaming platforms (including Bandcamp “free download”). The double vinyl will be ready by early December (pre-order here).

Borghesia’s new album is a free-floating retrofuturist industrial art rock epic based on Srečko Kosovel’s modernist poetry that sits somewhere between an alternative soundtrack of Blade Runner, the uncanny ambience of Coil, melancholy of Berlin era David Bowie and immediacy of Nine Inch Nails.

The album is based on the striking poetry of Slovenian visionary Srečko Kosovel (1904-1926). During his short but fruitful life as an adherent of unrestricted technological change, “the Nikola Tesla of modernist poetry” grew into an ardent critic of European politics. Years before Burroughs and Bowie, he invented the cut-up technique and wrote a poem called “Heroes”. His verbal explosives calling against sterile politics and petite bourgeois provinciality are now resurrected by Borghesia.

‘Proti Kapitulaciji’ was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Aldo Ivančič. The band includes singers Dario Seraval, Ivo Poderžaj, Irena Tomažin Zagoričnik, and Jelena Rusjan (also on bass guitar) and guitarists Sašo Benko and Andraž Mazi. The cover and booklet are work of the talented Matej Stupica. Live visuals are provided by Boštjan Čadež and Lina Rica.

‘Proti Kapitulaciji’ promotional concerts brought to you by Moonlee Records, Layerjeva hiša and Dvocikel:

30.10.2018 (Tuesday) at 9PM – Kranj, Prešernovo gledališče Kranj
FB event // tickets
02.11.2018 (Friday) at 8PM – Ljubljana, Stara mestna elektrarna
FB event // tickets

"Against the capitulation of art, curiosity, equality, solidarity, mischief, diversity, wonder, empathy, sympathy, nonconformism, spontaneity, civil society, utopia, doubt, dreams, freedom, passion, revolt and critical thinking..." (Borghesia)

Borghesia's new single - Ljubljana spi

Mr. Moonlee presents ‘Ljubljana spi’, the first single from the upcoming full length album from Slovenian electronic music pioneers, EBM icons and video art trailblazers Borghesia. Proti kapitulaciji’ (‘Against Capitulation’) is out 23rd October 2018 on Moonlee Records in digital, CD and double LP formats.

download single

The album is based on the timeless poetry of Slovenian luminary Srečko Kosovel (1904-1926), “the Nikola Tesla of modernist poetry”. His verbal explosives calling against sterile politics and petite bourgeois provinciality have been resurrected by Borghesia.

Single ‘Ljubljana spi’ (‘Ljubljana Is Asleep’) is a playful but eerie industrial rock stomper, boasting with Borghesia’s signature libidinal grooves. It reflects the record’s erratic new wave and haunting industrial character. Echoes of Luigi Russolo’s The Art of Noises can be heard in the application of steamship horns and other concrete sounds. An off-kilter bass line defines the mood, wildly spiralling into a sonic madness. “The phone lines are dead,” the singers exclaim, seconds later realizing: “Oh, but this one is cordless.”

‘Ljubljana spi’ is the portent of a coming storm hovering over a dormant Europe and a frightening symbol of the similarity between Kosovel’s and our time.

Repetitor are joining Arcade Fire on their European Tour for three shows!

Just a few days after Repetitor’s biggest solo show to date in Belgrade and a wild show in Moscow, we have got some intriguing news to share with you.

The world-famous Canadian indie art rock juggernauts Arcade Fire have invited the Belgrade-based post punk / garage rock trio Repetitor to join them on three European dates. Repetitor will be opening their shows at the 02 Arena in Prague on 15th June , the Papp Laszlo Budapest Arena in Budapest on 17th June and Romexpo in Bucharest on 20th June.

Repetitor and Moonlee Records are excited about the invitation and happy to get the chance to present Repetitor's music to audiences larger than ever before. In some way it's also a confirmation that Repetitor are a world-wide band. As Vice's journalist has put it, writing about their concert in Belgrade: "Repetitor have become a big band. A really big band."

People of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania, get ready for a massive showdown!

Repetitor Tour Dates:
15.6.2018 @ Prague, O2 Arena (CZ) / FB
16.6.2018 @ Brno, Kabinet Muz (CZ) / FB
17.6.2018 @ Budapest, Papp Laszlo BUdapest Arena (HU) / FB
20.6.2018 @ Bucharest, Romexpo (RO) / FB
25.6.2018 @ Pula, Rojc (HR) / FB
26.6.2018 @ Koper, CMoKFEST 2018, CMK bar (SI) / FB
5.7.2018 @ Ljubljana, Letni vrt – Gala hala (SI) / FB
7.7.2018 @ Zagreb, Muzej suvremene umjetnosti (HR) / FB
18.7.2018 @ Amsterdam, OCCII (NL) / FB
19.7.2018 @ Nijmegen, Valkhof Festival (NL) / FB
20.7.2018 @ Leeuwarden, Welcome to the Village (NL) / FB
21.7.2018 @ Sežana, Wkrwglca (SI) / FB
17.8.2018 @ Orom, Malomfesztivál (RS) / FB
30.8.2018 @ Thessaloniki, Street Mode Festival 2018 (GR) / FB
3.11.2018 @ Vienna, Europavox Vienna 2018 (AT) / FB

Another European tour is in the works for November 2018!

Repetitor in Seine na Letnem vrtu Gala hale

Moonlee Records in Gala Hala predstavljata koncert:



Gala hala – Letni vrt, Ljubljana
četrtek, 5. julij 2018

Vrata: 20:00, koncert: 21:00

FB event: Repetitor in Seine na Letnem vrtu Gala hale

* MojeKarte.si - na vseh prodajnih mestih in prek spleta - 12 €
* na dan koncerta - 15 €

Nabrita beograjska garažna post-punk trojka Repetitor se v četrtek, 5. julija 2018, vrača v Ljubljano. Za enkratno popotnico v festivalsko sezono bodo poskrbeli s koncertom pod milim julijskim nebom Letnega vrta Gala hale na Metelkovi. Kot predskupina v goste prihaja zagrebška indie / folk punk zaseba Seine, ki je v minulem letu z albumom »Sno Sna« zaznamovala lestvice presežnih izdaj iz območja Balkana. Silovit in čuten pozdrav visokemu poletju na eni najlepših "open air" lokacij v prestolnici!

Repetitor (Beograd, Srbija)

Srbski garažni rock / post-punk trio je nedvomno eden najzanimivejših in najprodornejših mladih bendov iz Balkanskega polotoka. S svojima dvema ploščama Sve što vidim je prvi put (Odličan Hrčak, 2008) in Dobrodošli na okean (Moonlee Records, 2012) so se Repetitor hitro zavihteli na vrhove lestvic, bili deležni izrazito pozitivnih kritik, s številnimi energetsko nabitimi koncerti, ki so nedvomno eno najmočnejših orožij skupine, pa tudi hitro širili svojo bazo oboževalcev. Repetitor so odigrali nešteto koncertov širom Balkana, izvedli več evropskih turnej in nastopili na festivalih širom Evrope (Sziget, Exit, Pohoda, Rock For People, Loftas, Europavox, INmusic, Stereoleto...), ter celo vse do Rusije in Kitajske. V oktobru 2016 diskografsko udarijo še tretjič z albumom Gde ćeš (Moonlee Records, 2016), s katerim zabetonirajo status najbolj vročega balkanskega benda zadnjega desetletja.


https://youtu.be/YmZ3J1DoXJI (Kralj ničega)
https://youtu.be/OST9Uynjm3E (Suženi snovi)
https://youtu.be/Tx-IO9h67zs (Beskraj)
http://youtu.be/0KjdbAnipew (U pravom trenutku)
http://youtu.be/3s_oMvz1RgI (Biću bolji)
http://youtu.be/j0HdrFCqaps (Opet jak)
http://youtu.be/M94SdXLm0tg (Ogledalo)

Seine (Zagreb, Hrvaška)

Projekt je 2007 leta ustanovil Ivan Ščapec, zaslužene pozornosti pa je bil deležen šele leta 2015 po razpadu njegove izvorne zasedbe Vlasta Popić. Iz kantavtorskega projekta se je Seine kmalu razvil v polnokrven band z bobni, basom in kitaro. Po nastopu na festivalu MENT Ljubljana 2017 je zasedba združila moči z Moonlee Records, sad sodelovanja pa je odlični prvenec 'Sno Sna', ki ga zaznamujejo zasanjano brenkanje Ivanove akustične kitare, psihoaktivne bas linije in minimalistično, toda vselej udarno bobnanje, prepleteni v zgodbo o ljubezni in hrepenenju. Naša ušesa in srca prebada Ivanova unikatna barva glasu s samosvojim, ženstvenim karakterjem, ki spominja na zasedbo Cigarettes After Sex, patos vokalne artikulacije asociira tudi na emo pionirje Sunny Day Real Estate. Vendar se esenca njihove glasbene ekspresije skriva v zvenu akustične kitare in introspektivnemu, pogosto melanholičen duh sredine devetdesetih let minulega stoletja. Glasbo Seine lahko zaužijete kot zgodbo punkerja v preobleki folk albuma ali pa kot čuten folk album prežet z duhom punka.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpcIiAXUbc4 (Šilo)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OavGnvuOnyg (Ko)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5jMLjwYD_Q (Kritika čistog razuma)

DAMIR AVDIĆ - Promocija nove plošče 'Amerika' na Mostovni

Koncertni cikel Ropotarnica 13. brata predstavlja koncert:

Promocija nove plošče 'Amerika'

Mostovna, Nova Gorica
petek, 15. junij 2018
Vrata: 21:00, koncert: 22:00
Vstopnina: 6 €

FB dogodek: Damir Avdić v Novi Gorici - 15. junij 2018

Kulturno umetniški klub 13. brat v letošnjem leta zaganja nov koncertni cikel Ropotarnica 13. Brata, v okviru katerega bo v sodelovanju z Moonlee Records v Novo Gorico organiziral koncerte žanrsko raznovrstnih domačih in tujih glasbenih skupin. 15. junija se tako na Mostovno v Novi Gorici vrača eden najbolj markantnih glasov slovenskega podzemlja in najostrejših pesniških peres balkanske regije — človeka, ki iz besede dela mesa. Damir Avdić, čigar diskografija in bibliografija skupaj štejeta že enajst izdaj, bo tokrat predstavil svoj sedmi dolgometražni studijski album 'Amerika', na katerem Bosanski psiho ohranja svoj prepoznavni zven, osredinjen okoli žilavega vibriranja njegovih glasilk in drobovja parajočih kitarskih riffov, vendarle vanj vnaša nove koordinate, odpira zastrta vrata in naslavlja neizrečeno. Album 'Amerika' prinaša manj komadov, so pa ti strukturno daljši, odeti v nekakšno metaforično patino družbene umazanije, ki se odraža v zapackani zvočni sliki, posledici inventivnih rab kitarskih efektov. Novi dolgometražec, kot vselej pri Avdiću, gravitira okoli treznih in neizprosnih poetičnih orisov človeškega eksistencialnega angsta, ki mu iz leta v leto vse težje pogledamo v oči. In čeprav je Damir Avdić pesnik in ne odkritelj Amerike, vam lahko njegove skrbno de- ter ponovno konstruirane podobe in motivi v resnici pomagajo pri odkritju novih, globoko zastrtih dežel vašega duševnega podpodja. Vabljeni k odkrivanju novih Amerik in prepogosto pozabljenih utopij.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqoJiham6VE (Nuspojave)
https://youtu.be/ukfKLJ4ImyE (Human Reich)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Jqi774vcUc (51)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7pCvvRF4vM (Čuvaj se)

"Amerika" (Kapital Rekord, 2017)
"Manjina" (Kapital Rekord, 2015)
"Human Reich" (Kapital Rekord, 2013)
"Main Kapital" (Kapital Rekord, 2012)
"Život je raj" (Moonlee Records, 2010)
"Mrtvi su mrtvi" (Moonlee Records, 2008)
"...od trnja i žaoka" (Slušaj Najglasnije!, 2004)

"Ne želim da pobjedim" (Algoritam, 2014)
"Tiket za revoluciju" (Algoritam, 2012)
"Kuda Sestro" (Algoritam, 2011)
"Enter Džehenem" (samozaložba, 2009)
"Na Krvi Ćuprija" (Bratstvo duša, 2004)

Koncertni cikel Ropotarnica 13. brata sofinancira Mestna občina Nova Gorica.

Seine Eastern European Tour Begins Tomorrow!

Zagreb-based post-indie/folk/punk trio Seine is heading on its fourth European Tour through Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Croatia to promote their debut album ‘Sno Sna’ (Moonlee Records, 2017).

Ivan Ščapec’s (ex Vlasta Popić) singer-songwriter project developed into a full-fledged trio Seine in 2015. In the following years, the band released intriguing singles, toured the Balkans and Europe, won festival award and after an impressing performance at MENT Ljubljana in 2017, the band became part of the Moonlee Records family and soon released its debut album.

While the focus of the tour will definitely be on 'Sno Sna', a punk's tale in the disguise of a folk record defined by dreamy acoustic guitar textures, psychedelic bass lines, hearty drum patterns and Ščapec's dainty vocal timbre, the band will also present some of its new material that also incorporates electronic sounds. According to many regional music publications, 'Sno Sna' is one of last year's most acclaimed debut albums from the Balkans… an exceptional mixture of indie folk, post punk, emo, chamber pop and alt rock influences.

You now have the chance to experience it live in your hometown.

Check the tour dates below:
24.5.2018 @ Ponava, Brno (CZ) / FB
25.5.2018 @ Das Liga, Kroměříž (CZ) / FB
26.5.2018 @ Hidrozagadka, Warsaw (PL) / FB
27.5.2018 @ Art Café Barakah, Kraków (PL) / FB
28.5.2018 @ Hajovna, Žilina (SK) / FB
29.5.2018 @ Klub Lúč, Trenčín (SK) / FB
31.5.2018 @ Auróra, Budapest (HU) / FB
1.6.2018 @ Grand Café, Szeged (HU) / FB
2.6.2018 @ Slamanje, Osijek (HR) / FB

… see more Seine dates here…

Another 20-days Western European Tour is planned for October 2018, which should lead them through Austria, Czech, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Italy. Watch out.

Seine videos:
Šilo // Ko // Kritika čistog razuma

Moonlee Records Celebrating Record Store Day 2018

This year, Moonlee Records is celebrating Record Store Day 2018 with a unique offer for all the music lovers out there. You can get the whole Moonlee Records discography at once!

The Moonlee Discography Box includes 39 various releases from the bands Repetitor, Debeli Precjednik, Bernays Propaganda, Analena, Žen, Damir Avdić & more.

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Moonlee Records releases included in the Discography Box:
HMRL045 ŽEN “Sunčani ljudi” CD / LP
HMRL044 SEINE “Sno sna” CD / LP
HMRL042 DEBELI PRECJEDNIK / MAŠINKO "Godina majmuna / Majmun godine” CD / LP
HMRL040 WEREFOX "Das Lied der Maschinen” CD
HMRL036 IAMDISEASE "Praznina” CD / 10''
HMRL035 XAXAXA "Sami maži i ženi” CD / LP
HMRL033 KLEEMAR / TRUS! "Banana Split” LP
HMRL031 TRUS! "First Step” free download+merch
HMRL028 REPETITOR “Dobrodošli na okean” CD
HMRL027 XAXAXA “Siromašni i bogati” CD
HMRL023 XAXAXA "Tango Revolucioner" CD
HMRL022 NIKKI LOUDER "Our World Died Yesterday" CD+LP
HMRL021 STORMS "We Are Storms" LP
HMRL019 DAMIR AVDIC "Zivot je raj" CD
HMRL018 IN-SANE "Trust These Hands… Are Worthless." CD
HMRL017 ANALENA "Inconstantinopolis" CD
HMRL016 BERNAYS PROPAGANDA "Happiness Machines" CD
HMRL015 HESUS ATTOR "Sonic Gastronomy Volume 1" CD
HMRL014 DAMIR AVDIC "Mrtvi su mrtvi" CD
HMRL013 PSYCHO-PATH "The Ass-Soul of Psycho-Path" CD
HMRL011 COG "CourseOverGround" CD
HMRL009 DEBELI PRECJEDNIK / FAT PREZIDENT "Through the Eyes of the Innocent" CD
HMRL007 HITCH "We Are Electric!" CD / LP
HMRL006 CHANG FFOS "Trust This Arcane Device" CD
HMRL005 BILK "This Bilk is Radioactive" CD
HMRL004 ENTREAT. "Deincubation" CD
HMRL002 LUNAR "Turbo" CD

Unfortunately, the Moonlee Discography Box does not include the releases that are sold out (Analena - Carbon Based CD/LP, Senata Fox - The Acracy Discourse CD, In-Sane / Despite Everything - split 10").

Explosive post-punk trio Repetitor on european tour

Snow is melting and Serbian post-punk trio Repetitor is heading for another european tour from March 9th to March 17th with shows in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Slovenia. Repetitor will be promoting their latest album 'Gde ćeš' (Moonlee Records, 2016). All five shows in Slovakia and Czech Republic will be together with czech band Ghost of You. After returning home they will prolong the tour with two more shows in Bulgaria on March 22nd and 23rd.

Tour dates:
9.3.2018 @ Szeged, Grand Cafe (HU) / FB event
10.3.2018 @ Prešov, Christiania (SK) / FB event
11.3.2018 @ Krakow, Klub Re (PL) / FB event
13.3.2018 @ Trenčin, Luč (SK) / FB event
14.3.2018 @ Bratislava, British Rock Stars (SK) / FB event
15.3.2018 @ Brno, Fleda club (CZ) / FB event
16.3.2018 @ Prague, Cafe V Lese (CZ) / FB event
17.3.2018 @ Bistrica ob Sotli, Klub Metulj (SI) / FB event
22.3.2018 @ Sofia, Stroeja (BG) / FB event
23.3.2018 @ Plovdiv, Club Void (BG) / FB event

Why to check Repetitor live?

'They make you fall in love with guitar rock all over again and are arguably the best guitar band on the planet right now. They are the 21st Century Nirvana who have come to save rock.' (John Robb, Louder Than War)

'Easily the most exciting band I saw during the whole festival were Serbia’s Repetitior, a noise-core trio in the METZ mould, only rawer, louder and five times as furious...' (Marc Burrows, Drowned In Sound)

'It's chaotic, and they are angry – not in a faking it for the music kind of way, they are really fucking angry.' (Lauren Down, The Line of Best Fit)

Suženi snovi
Ako te ikada
U pravom trenutku
Biću bolji
Opet jak

ŽEN promoting new album on European Tour

Croatian all-girl post-rock/shoegaze/dreampop collective ŽEN, who released their new album 'Sunčani ljudi' in November 2017 (Moonlee Records, Vox Project, Unrecords) are heading on another European tour. Tour will lead them through Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and the Netherlands, where ŽEN will perform also at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2018 festival.

Tour Dates:
10.1.2018 @ Vienna, Fluc (AT)
11.1.2018 @ Brno, Kabinet Muz (CZ)
12.1.2018 @ Prague, Klub FAMU (CZ)
13.1.2018 @ Wroclaw, Black Moon (PL)
14.1.2018 @ Poznan, Pod Minoga (PL)
15.1.2018 @ Berlin, Schokoladen (DE)
17.1.2018 @ Münster, Baracke (DE)
18.1.2018 @ Groningen - Eurosonic Noorderslag, Huis de Beurs (NL)

Sunčani ljudi – new album by ŽEN

Slovenian independent record label Moonlee Records presents new, third full-length album by psychedelic post-rock collective ŽEN entitled 'Sunčani ljudi', which is released today, November 22th 2017 in CD, LP and digital format on Moonlee Records, Vox Project and Unrecords.

'Sunčani ljudi' (english: 'Sunny people') comes as the gist of all their releases with some moderate upgrades. It sounds like a manifest of their passion for meticulously intertwined genre tropes – from hypnotic repetitions of post rock to atmospheric guitar layering in the vein of shoegaze, all characterized by a genuine openness to experimentation and infused with a heartfelt vocal delivery typical of 90s alt rock. The girls have conserved the psychedelic and dreamy nature of their musical expression, which resembles the output of bands as Warpaint, Vinyl Williams, Lush or Pinkshinyultrablast. The record's sonic character with its texturally lush guitar arrangements and vocal harmonies coquettes with the golden age of guitar music and shoe-gazing, notably with epochal releases like 'Loveless' (My Bloody Valentine) or 'Souvlaki' (Slowdive). As you may assume by looking at the cover, tracks are permeated by an air of sweet melancholy that evokes images of natural motifs associated with fluctuation, oscillation and flotation. Images of summits, breaking waves and currents… images of the island of Brač, the Promised Land mentioned in the overture 'A gdje su staze?'. 'Sunčani ljudi' is like a sonic mirror-image of a long trip on the D8, the picturesque route that runs 640 km along Croatia's Adriatic coastline, evoking awe of the sublime and reminding us of humanity’s insignificance in respect to the Universe.

Release party of Žen’s new album will happened in Ljubljana on December 16th 2017 as part of festival Moonleejada 2017, where they will perform together with other Moonlee’s acts – Seine, Debeli Precjednik / Fat Prezident and Mašinko.

In January 2018 Žen are heading on european tour through Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy. As part of the tour Žen will also perform at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2018 festival.

Tour Dates:
10.1.2018 @ Vienna, Fluc (AT)
11.1.2018 @ Brno, Kabinet Muz (CZ)
12.1.2018 @ Prague, Klub FAMU (CZ)
15.1.2018 @ Berlin, Schokoladen (DE)
19.1.2018 @ Groningen - Eurosonic Noorderslag, Huis de Beurs (NL)
23.1.2018 @ Paris, La Comédia (FR)
More dates TBA.

Sonic Tactic - new Žen's single/video to announce their new album

Croatian all-girl post-rock band ŽEN revealed video for brand new song 'Sonična taktika', first single from upcoming album 'Sunčani ljudi', which will be released on November 22nd 2017 on Moonlee Records, Vox Project and Unrecords.

Žen explained background story of the video:
''A video for the song is a sort of a homage to those games of light, shadows and colours which our dear VJ Tanja Minarik used to form and shape our music in live performances. After seven colourful and animated years, because of her moving to another continent, Tanja unfortunately won't be performing with us live on concerts anymore - but our collaboration continues across the ocean. For this song, Tanja has recorded and documented long-lasting processes, such as germination and icing, which we often do not have the time and patience to follow from start to finish, and fine details, like the human eye, or diffusion of colour in microscopic bubbles of liquids.

In the spirit of this idea, an Israeli filmmaker, cameraman and photographer Senny Rapoport directed and filmed the second layer of this video, using a DIA projector to create active patterns that were merging and dissolving, projected on our bodies / faces and moving objects in space. The video was filmed in the rooms of Film Studio, AKC Medika, and was designed and edited by Senny Rapoport.''