New Moonlee website!

Believe it or not, Moonlee Records has a new website. We're not gonna go into detail because you can see for yourself, so let's just say that the website was designed by Antonio Karacha and fine-tuned by Dalibor Gvozdano and Rok Pregelj. The site also features an RSS feed, so don't forget to subscribe, kids. Oh, and the infamous new E-Store is in the final stages of completion - stay tuned.

NoFX supported by Debeli Precjednik!

Just to remind you kids that Debeli Precjednik will be supporting NoFX at their first Croatian show ever. Yeah, we've already mentioned this somewhere, but hey, it's not like Moonlee bands support NoFX every day so we've gotta brag about it a bit. The other support band will be Pasi, local and national heroes. All in all, a pretty good punk show. Oh, the location and date? Preluk (near Rijeka, Croatia) on 18th August 2010. See you there. DB/FP @ MySpace | DB/FP @ BandCamp

Fat Prezident's summer plans!

Hey everybody! Here are some news about Debeli Precjednik / Fat Prezident and their plans for the summer! First of all, the boys will be playing Slovenia's ŠklabFest, headlined by some of punk greats such as Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of MedicineDown By Law and... well, just check out the gig poster: And now for the fulfilling of many a young punk's lifelong dream: Debeli Precjednik / Fat Prezident will be one of the support bands at NOFX's first Croatian show ever! That's right, the guys that basically invented melodic punk have finally decided to get their asses to Croatia and play some tunes for the people. This historic event will take place in Opatija on 18th August, be certain not to miss it! That's it for now, stay tuned and see you at the shows. DB/FP @ MySpace | DB/FP @ BandCamp

Bernays Propaganda is out!

It's May 17 and Bernays Propaganda's new album is now officially out! Hooray! Everything's already been said about this Macedonian new wave-dancey-post punk combo, so I'm not going to tell you about how great they are and all that... Their music speaks for themselves. Or itself. Whatever. Anyway, you can get the album through the usual channels, which includes: buying at Bandcamp or by shopping at shows blessed by the presence of the almost-legendary Moonlee distribution Krew. So, buy buy buy from the circle A! Seriously, we'd really appreciate your money because we are B-R-O-K-E, man. Oh yeah, a Bernays Propaganda tour will follow the album release, so check the dates through the usual channels, such as Myspace. buy LP via PayPal 15 EUR postpaid buy CD via PayPal 12 EUR postpaid

Moonlee on Bandcamp!

We've made many announcements about the soon-to-be-opened Moonlee e-store, but there's still no sign of it. Well, this is because setting up a a proper e-store is a task of epic proportions, and we really want to do it right! I mean, there's tons of vinyl, CDs, shirts, pins and various other crap that we have to add to our e-store. It takes time, you know. In the meantime, we've decided to create a Moonlee profile page on Bandcamp because it's: a) less work b) cool! And everybody's doing it. Anyway, the Bandcamp page contains all of the Moonlee releases which can be streamed or downloaded, covers, lyrics, technical details and so on. Some of our bands' releases can even be downloaded for free - but there's also the option of paying as much as you're willing to, so you can support the Scene and retain peace of mind by knowing that you did the right thing. That's it for now, enjoy Bandcamp and we'll go back to working on a real e-store. Spread the word! Or something.

Damir Avdić’s new album out tomorrow!

Heard of Damir Avdić? Yeah, we thought so. Anyway, from this day on, you can listen to his new album, Život je raj in its entirety on Bandcamp... which is also the place where you can download the second single off the album, Umreži se. The album will be physically released on May 5th, and you can order it through... that's right, Bandcamp! If you're too oldschool for that, you can still order it by sending a good old-fashioned e-mail to There will also be an album release gig at Galerija SKUC in Ljubljana, Slovenia on May 4th, which is today! The show begins at 8.30 PM, so don't be late, kids. Since Damir Avdić is becoming more and more popular around these here parts, it would be wise if you'd reserve your ticket, which is something that you can do by sending an e-mail to The ticket price is 12 EUR, which may seem a lot, but you'll also get a copy of Život je raj along with your ticket. We know you want it. Well, that's it, see you at the show. 12EUR postpaid

Bernays Propaganda new album, preorder, tour!

Looking forward to My Personal Holiday, the new Bernays Propaganda album? Well, from this day on you can listen to it in its entirety on our Bandcamp profile page. Bandcamp is also the place where you can download the second single from the album, entitled Ovoj den da pomine, even though that option is well-hidden behind the pop up window that asks for your money, but just enter 0 and download away. And now, the real thing - the album will officially be out on May 17th, on both CD and vinyl. In case you feel the urge to be the first in town to own it, send an email to and tell him that you'd like to see your name on the people-who-are-preordering list. As usual, a lot of touring will ensue after the album's release, which means you'll be able to catch these folks at shows across Europe in May and June. Check their MySpace page for dates and stuff. And seriously, go see them if you get a chance, they sure won't disappoint. 15 EUR postpaid 12 EUR postpaid

First single from Bernays Propaganda’s upcoming album!

New album from Macedonian political new wavey post-punx Bernays Propaganda, entitled 'My Personal Holiday', will be released by Moonlee on May 17th. Expect the possibility of preordering soon, and in the meantime, you can download Buldožer, a song from the new album, and dance away. You can also jump to their Bandcamp and do the same there. As usual, they'll be doing a lot of touring after the album's release, so expect them rockin' out in Western Europe during May and June. And at some festivals in the Summer. Be there, and check the dates on their MySpace page.

Radio 101 loves Moonlee and vice versa!

In case you like Bernays Propaganda and/or Damir Avdić, you might wanna listen to Radio 101 this weekend. "Why?", you may ask. Well, one of the songs from the new Bernays Propaganda album will be this Friday's Powerplay song on Radio 101, which means that it'll be played many times through the day. Afterwards, the song will be a new entry at the Top 40 Countdown show, which is aired on Saturdays at 2 P.M. Also on Radio 101, of course. However, we still don't know which song they will choose, so don't ask. And in Damir Avdić's case, Bratstvo i jedinstvo, a song from his upcoming album Zivot je raj, will get its radio debut this Saturday on Radio 101's show named Cener. Due to the song's really offensive and not-heard-often lyrical content, we doubt that it will get much airplay, so this will be your chance to be one of the first (and maybe last) people to hear it on the radio and witness history. Anyway, set your radio dial to 101 MHz this weekend or listen to the shows on the internetz.

Damir Avdić’s new single and album!

Ummm... hi. Just to let you all know, Damir Avdić's new record, entitled Život je raj, will be released on Moonlee at the beggining of May, and you can also expect the option of pre-ordering very soon! In the meantime, you can listen to a song from the album over at Bandcamp or download it from the Moonlee download section. This might also be the only way to hear it - due to its offensive content, I doubt that it'll be played on the radio very often. Punk! |

Ten years of Senata Fox!

Senata Fox, the beardiest (is that even a word?) hardcore punk band in the Balkans, are celebrating their 10th anniversary of thrashin', so they decided to put on a gig featuring every band they've done a split record with. And themselves, of course. Anyway, the gig will be on 17th April at the Mocvara club in Zagreb. Be there. Oh, the lineup? Here it is: SENATA FOX (hardcore punk, dude!) UNISON (hardcore punk) AK47 (anarcho hc/punk) NO ABUSE (grind/hardcore) BRIVIDO (hardcore punk) Just like the good old days.

Analena giveaway!

The troubles of Analena fans have finally come to an end! No need to search for various blogs and rapi-media-mega links anymore - the band has decided to make their entire discography available for you kids to download. And not only that you can download the stuff, you can even choose the format, be it FLAC or mp3. Besides, sitting there next to the releases are a detailed info, covers, lyrics and even streaming. All in one, just like at a supermarket!

"Do I have to pay for this?", you may ask. Well, the answer is "Nah". I mean, it's up to you. You can either download it for free, or you can pay us some money for the download. You know what they say, to download is to explore, to buy is to support. But yeah, we'd appreciate your money, we've got a whole Scene to support! And some families also. Anyway, head on over to Bandcamp to pick up the goods. And while you're out there, feel free to buy the new and still scorching hot Analena album that they call Inconstantinopolis. But wait, that's not all! On the first day of Spring (i.e. 21st March), Analena will be playing a show at the Močvara club in Zagreb, along with Auxes, a band featuring the legendary Dave Laney of Milemarker fame, and Storms, a new post-rock outfit formed by members of the late Don't Mess With Texas. It's the Storms' first show ever and the last Analena show until Summer, so don't miss it. You've been warned. | | buy  LP via PayPal 15 EUR postpaid buy  CD via PayPal 12 EUR postpaid

New In-Sane tour!

Even though they've just returned from a successful more-than-a-month-long European tour, In-Sane are already working on a new one. This tour will be a bit shorter, taking them to Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia, and they'll be touring together with Atlas Losing Grip, comprised of ex-Satanic Surfers members. Nice, huh? As you can see, In-Sane are obviously insane (pun intended) with all this touring, but isn't that what punk rock is all about? Oh yeah, they'll be promoting their new album, Trust These Hands... Are Worthless., and you can buy it from them or from the good people of Moonlee. The tour dates are below. You know the drill. 23.03.2010 @ CENTRO GIOVANI, LODI (I) 24.03.2010 @ O’BUNDIES, MARSEILLE (F) 25.03.2010 @ WARM AUDIO, LYON (F) 26.03.2010 @ LES ARCADES, BESANCON (F) 27.03.2010 @ TIKI’S, GENEVA (CH) 28.03.2010 @ URBANKELLER, SALZBURG (A) 29.03.2010 @ SUB, GRAZ (A) 30.03.2010 @ ENTRO P’S, PAYERBACH (I) 31.03.2010 @ CHANNEL ZERO, LJUBLJANA (SLO) 01.04.2010 @ UNITED CLUB, TORINO (I) 02.04.2010 @ CA DE MANDORLI, BOLOGNA (I) 03.04.2010 @ LATE, BRESCIA (I) |

Damir Avdić in studio!

The Bosnian psycho known as Damir Avdić sure doesn't waste time. After completing his novel Enter DŽehenem and putting on a monodrama, entitled Most na krvi (The Bridge Over Blood), he decided it's time to return to the studio and record a new album.

That's exactly what he did, so expect Život je raj (Life Is Paradise) sometime during Spring. Out on Moonlee Records, of course. Stay tuned for more info and some MP3s.. |

New Fat Prezident… umm, “video”

The undisputed winners of every drinking contest are still very much alive and kicking! And yes, we're talking about Debeli Precjednik, or Fat Prezident, as they are known internationally. Anyway, someone's recently pieced together a video for their song Waste Of My Time, which is basically a bunch of video clips filmed at the Pannonian Challenge contest back in 2009. View it in high definition of Vimeo. Since the song in question was on their album Through The Eyes Of The Innocent, released by Moonlee Records, we thought it'd be cool to remind you that we still have copies of said album in stock, so buy buy buy from the circle A! And in case you'd like to see them live, hop a plane/train and come to Zagreb, Croatia on 27th March, where they will play their first show at the Mochvara club in six years!

New Bernays Propaganda album!

Macedonian post-punx Bernays Propaganda have recorded a new album.

The album, My Personal Holiday, will contain 9 songs, some in English, some in Macedonian, and the mastering will be taken care of by the almost legendary Carl Saff. Just like the vinyl version of their debut album, this will also be a collaboration of a few indie labels, Moonlee Records included. If everything works out, you can expect the album sometime in May. Oh, and being the road warriors that they are, Bernays Propaganda will definitely do some touring in support of My Personal Holiday, so, as we like to say, stay tuned for more info! |

In-Sane tour diary

Even though they're currently touring their asses off somewhere in Western Europe, In-Sane still managed to find some time to keep a tour diary - you can read it here, on their "temporary" website. It may not be updated on a daily basis, but hey, touring and keeping a diary at the same time is hard work! Anyway, check it out. Oh, and speaking of In-Sane, they're touring because they have a new album, entitled Trust These Hands... Are Worthless. and released by Moonlee Records (that's us!). The reviews are pretty much positive - this one, for example. And in case you were wondering, yes, you too can buy the album! In-Sane would also appreciate it - they have families to feed! 12 EUR postpaid CD also available at: BandCamp.Com Discogs.ComAmazon.Co.Uk Plastic Head, UKInterpunk, US Ha-Ko Bastards, SRB BCore Disc, E | 31.01.2010 @ Club Pozytywka, Zgorzelec (PL) 01.02.2010 @ Kukaff, Mainz (D) 02.02.2010 @ Ulenspiegel, Giesen (D) 03.02.2010 @ TBA., Kortrijk (B) 04.02.2010 @ Peylkoker, Leuven (B) 06.02.2010 @ TBA., Lincoln (UK) 07.02.2010 @ The Croft, Bristol (UK) 08.02.2010 @ Dollshouse, Abertillery (UK) 09.02.2010 @ The Edge Of The Wedge, Portsmouth (UK) 10.02.2010 @ The Scream Lounge, Croydon (UK) 11.02.2010 @ TBA., Brighton (UK) 12.02.2010 @ Le Maic Daids, Le Havre (FR) 18.02.2010 @ Le Thunderbird Lounge, Saint Etienne (FR) 19.02.2010 @ Padiglione 14, Torino (ITA) 20.02.2010 @ Arcidalo, Castiglione (ITA)

Hesus Attor have a new video!

The second one, to be precise. The video (for the song "Nelson"), which is a symbolic farewell to Sonic Gastronomy Vol. 1, was done by Saša Đuračić a.k.a. Salelived, a guy who's been making bizzare Monty Python/Southpark-styled cartoons for some time now.

Anyway, check out the video - it's viewable at various places on the internetz: YoutubeVimeoMyspace and even Facebook! And while you're at it, say hi! to Salelived and his Undertoon productions.

In-Sane on European tour promoting their new album!

In-Sane are hard at work promoting their new album "Trust These Hands... Are Worthless."! On the morning of 29th December, they played live on the Afterparty show at Radio Študent, a Slovenian radio station that's very supportive of the local scene, plays good music and has more than 40 years of tradition. The session was captured on tape and you can view it on Vimeo. Beside that, the guys will soon embark on a really HUGE European tour, and I'm talking 35-day kind of huge. Anyways, try to catch them if you can, chances are you won't regret it. The tourdates are listed below, obviously. Oh, and speaking of tourdates, you might notice a couple of gaps in the list, so if you can help with putting on a show, feel free to write to or . Your assistance will be greatly appreciated! 15.01.2010 @ Raumstation Roedelheim, Frankfurt (D) 16.01.2010 @ Traube, Sindelfingen (D) 17.01.2010 @ The Viking, Luxembourg (LU) 18.01.2010 @ De Rots, Antwerp (B) 19.01.2010 @ La Chimere, Lille (FR) 20.01.2010 @ ACU, Utrecht (NL) 21.01.2010 @ Aloys, Eindhoven (NL) 22.01.2010 @ De Groote Weiver, Wormerveer (NL) 23.01.2010 @ De Onderbroek, Nijmegen (NL) 26.01.2010 @ Bycze Oko, Lodz (PL) 27.01.2010 @ Jaszczur, Elblag (PL) 28.01.2010 @ Molotov Cafe, Olsztyn (PL) 29.01.2010 @ Pilon, Torun (PL) 30.01.2010 @ Pompa, Sczcytno (PL) 31.01.2010 @ Club Pozytywka, Zgorzelec (PL) 01.02.2010 @ Kukaff, Mainz (D) 02.02.2010 @ Ulenspiegel, Giesen (D) 03.02.2010 @ TBA., Kortrijk (B) 04.02.2010 @ Peylkoker, Leuven (B) 06.02.2010 @ TBA., Lincoln (UK) 07.02.2010 @ The Croft, Bristol (UK) 08.02.2010 @ Dollshouse, Abertillery (UK) 09.02.2010 @ The Edge Of The Wedge, Portsmouth (UK) 10.02.2010 @ The Scream Lounge, Croydon (UK) 11.02.2010 @ TBA., Brighton (UK) 12.02.2010 @ Le Maic Daids, Le Havre (FR) 18.02.2010 @ Le Thunderbird Lounge, Saint Etienne (FR) 19.02.2010 @ Padiglione 14, Torino (ITA) 20.02.2010 @ Arcidalo, Castiglione (ITA)

News from the Hesus Attor camp!

Hesus Attor have a new member on board - a second guitarist! The new guy, called Gorgonzol Matadores, has shown that he's capable of cracking the Code of Hesus and thereby became a new member of the band. These days will also be marked by the release of breakcore remixes of their two songs from the "Sonic gastronomy vol.1", released in 2008. on Moonlee Records. The songs are "Cahracack" and "Guatemala dreaming", remixed by a breakcore maniac that goes by the name of Disbreakz. The title of the remix is "Chaotic, Dadaist & Dissonant Mathbreak Raving", and that's exactly how it sounds. Breakcore, man! Disbreakz has combined both songs into an unbelieveable mashup that goes on for 2.45 minutes. The remix will be officially released as a free download in January on the Various Artist: Distorted Mind international breakcore compilation by the 10-year strong hardcore/breakcore label D-Trash Records. You can listen to it on the Hesus Attor and Disbreakz myspace pages. And since we've mentioned "Sonic Gastronomy vol. 1", you can listen to it in its entirety on Moonlee's Virb profile page. We still have some CDs, so get your copy. Today! Oh, and another thing absolutely worth mentioning is that the guys are spending time @ da studio and recording songs for their upcoming EP, entitled "Senorai". It should be out by spring 2010. (download format only) on Geenger Records, a new label featuring members of the Moonlee clan. More information will follow. |