Bernays Propaganda singing "Laži me, laži me"

In the period of kitschy christmas-newyear euphoria Macedonian danceable post-punk combo Bernays Propaganda, whose name directly refer to Edward L. Bernays, is singing "Laži me, laži me" ("Lie to me, lie to me"). That’s how first single from upcoming, fourth full-length album is called. Their new album "Politika" will be released on March 14th 2016 for slovenian independent record label Moonlee Records. Single "Laži me, laži me" is available for streaming and free download at Moonlee Bandcamp profile, as well as on YouTube channel. After hundreds of concerts, 3 albums and even a tour in USA, we can without a doubt say that Bernays Propaganda is one of the internationally most recognized bands from Macedonia. The danceable post-punk activists are a touring beast, which suffered line-up changes in late 2014, switched the drummer for a machine, and was reborn in summer 2015 with new line-up and new sound – shamelessly flirting with more electro-indie-pop influences. All this makes the excitement about new Bernays Propaganda album even bigger. Quickly after album release Bernays Propaganda will depart on one-month long european tour in April and May. However, already in early February they will perform on MENT Ljubljana, international festival & conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, happening between 3rd – 5th February 2016. Laži me, laži me...

Nikki Louder released »Trout«

Slovenian noise-rock trio Nikki Louder just released »Trout«, their fourth full-length, available both on CD and LP format and also as free download, which is result of cooperation between Moonlee Records and Založbe Radia Študent. »Trout« is already the fourth full-length album by this interesting Slovenian noise-rock trio, which keeps constantly progressing, reenvisioning and reinventing themselves while remaining true to the foundations they've built their sound around. Beginning of the album slowly evolves, creating spacious atmosphere of expectation before gaining momentum and sucking you into Nikki Louder's messy and chaotic guitar/percussion interplay that they are known for. Sometime mid-record, things get more straightforward and vigorous – noisy, rhythmic wall-of-sound textures dominate the soundscape, complemented with carefully integrated feedback and dissonance of an untamed, screaming guitar, and muffled, troubled, shouting vocals on the top of everything. Nikki Louder's new album is simply the beauty of noise. Nikki Louder will promote new album with bunch of shows within the local region, but in mid-January they will also perform on Eurosonic Noorderslag festival in Groningen (NL) on Januray 13th and 14th and build a short tour around that. Nikki Louder's future shows: 18.12.2015 @ Kamnik, Dom kulture (SI) 12.1.2016 @ Schaffhausen, tbc (CH) 13.1.2016 @ Groningen, Eurosonic Noorderslag (NL) 14.1.2016 @ Groningen, Eurosonic Noorderslag (NL) 15.1.2016 @ DE, tba 22.1.2016 @ Klub Gromka, Ljubljana (SI)

Nikki Louder announcing their fourth full-length album »Trout«

Nikki Louder, slovenian noise-rock trio, is announcing their fourth full-length album »Trout«, which will be released on December 15th 2015 in CD and LP format, as well as free download on Moonlee Records and Založbo Radia Študent. To ease the waiting it is possible to stream and download the second single »Para Cargo« at Moonlee Bandcamp. The most impatient ones can already now pre-order the album in physical format through Moonlee webstore. Nikki Louder will have »Trout« premiere on December 18th in Dom Kulture Kamnik, while release party in Ljubljana is set on January 22nd in Klub Gromka. Besides that Nikki Louder will also perform on Eurosonic Noorderslag festival in Groningen (NL) on January 13th and 14th, which will be accompanied with few additional shows through Europe.

Nikki Louder's new single Trout

Slovenian noise-rock trio Nikki Louder are announcing new, their fourth full-length album "Trout", which will be released on December 15th 2015 on Moonlee Records and Založba Radia Študent. Impatient ones can already taste first single "Trout", which is available for streaming and free download on Moonlee Bandcamp. Nikki Louder is a noise rock trio coming from Kamnik area, Slovenia, whose three full-length albums ("Alain, I’m Sorry", 2009; "Our World Died Yesterday", 2011; Golden Men, 2013) were received very positively by critics and audiences. Nikki Louder's past discographic efforts showed their ability to deliver a different, yet consistent signature sound that progressed further with each new release and ultimately made them the most skilled band of the genre in the area. Also their new material is offering usual messy and chaotic guitar/percussion interplay and noisy, rhythmic wall-of-sound textures, which altogether dominate the soundscape. Here comes "Trout" - feel free to serve yourself.

MAJMOON na balkanski turneji

Avantgardni post-rock avdiovizualni kolektiv Majmoon iz Munchena se ponovno odpravlja na turnejo po Balkanu v okviru katere bo med 11. - 18. aprilom 2015 obiskal Slovenijo, Hrvaško, BiH in Srbijo. Majmoon že 11 let raziskuje možnosti eksperimentalnega post-rocka v formi avdiovizualne interakcije. Tisti, ki bolje poznajo njihovo ustvarjalno moč smatrajo Majmoon za umetniški projekt in ne le še eden od preštevilnih bendov. V dobrem desetletju je Majmoon z glasbo opremil večje število filmskih projektov, hkrati pa izdal tudi 6 albumov, med katerimi velja izpostaviti zlasti dolgometražec »Procedure in a Case of Breakdown« (bluNoise, 2012) ter jubilarno CD/DVD izdajo ob desetletnici zasedbe »Ten years of Riot and Thinking Of You..« (bluNoise, 2013). Njihova glasba se definira kot avdiovizualna harmonija trancea, rocka, noisa in avdiokaosa. Datumi turneje: 11.04.2015 @ Beltinci, Ambasada ŠKM (SI) 12.04.2015 @ Bistrica Ob Sotli, Klub Metulj (SI) 13.04.2015 @ Zagreb, Attack (HR) 14.04.2015 @ Banja Luka, DKC Incel (BA) 15.04.2015 @ Beograd, KC Grad (RS) 16.04.2015 @ Niš, Feedback - Stone upon Stone Festival (RS) 17.04.2015 @ Novi Sad, KC Utopia (RS) 18.04.2015 @ Ljubljana, Menza pri koritu (SI) 22.04.2015 @ Unterdeck, München (DE) FB event turneje

Vlasta Popić touring Balkans

Croatian post-punk trio Vlasta Popić started another tour through Balkans, on which they will perform in Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania and Hungary. On tour Vlasta Popić will promote their new album »Kvadrat«, which was released on Moonlee Records in January 2015. Musically Vlasta Popić may be related to quite a few artists such as Repetitor, Sonic Youth, Fugazi, Šarlo Akrobata, Nikki Louder, or even a bit of Bernays Propaganda and Karate. In any case, Vlasta Popić offers a nice mixture of genres that should satisfy a lot of broad and demanding musical tastes. Tour dates: 01.04.2015 @ MKC Kombinat, Zemun (RS) 02.04.2015 @ Kragujevac, SKC (RS) 03.04.2015 @ Niš, Feedback (RS) 04.04.2015 @ Plovdiv, Petnoto (BG) 06.04.2015 @ Kurdžali, Stage (BG) 08.04.2015 @ Istanbul, Arkaoda (TU) 09.04.2015 @ Varna, Usmivka (BG) 10.04.2015 @ Bukurešt, Underworld (RO) 11.04.2015 @ Cluj-Napoca, Yamaodori (RO) 12.04.2015 @ Szeged, TBA (HU)

Repetitor on european tour - from the Balkan to the Baltics

Serbian post-punk trio Repetitor is back on the road, heading far north-east to their final destination Tallinn Music Week in Estonia. On their way back home three concerts will happen in Brno (CZ), Brezno (SK) and Banská Bystrica (SK) as a part of the programme Pohoda in the Clubs. Repetitor is undoubtedly one of the most prominent young bands from the Balkans and perform as highly-energetic live band, so grab the chance to see them on stage if you live nearby! Tour dates: 23.3.2015 @ Szeged, Live Music Club (HU) 24.3.2015 @ Krakow, Klub Re (PL) 25.3.2015 @ Vilnius, XI20 (LT) 26.3.2015 @ Riga, Depo (LV) 27.3.2015 @ Tallinn Music Week, Sinilind / A (EE) 28.3.2015 @ Tallinn Music Week, SFÄÄR Outlet (EE) 30.3.2015 @ PL/LT - searching for a show - help needed 31.3.2015 @ Brezno, Bombura (SK) - Pohoda in Clubs 1.4.2015 @ Banska Bystrica, Zahrada (SK) - Pohoda in Clubs 2.4.2015 @ Brno, Cabinet Muz (CZ) - Pohoda in Clubs 3.4.2015 @ Prague, Klubarna (CZ) 4.4.2015 @ Vöcklabruck, OKH (AT) 5.4.2015 @ Wolfsberg, Container 25 (AT)

New album by Vlasta Popić – Kvadrat

Psychadelic post-punk trio Vlasta Popić released its second full-length album »Kvadrat« today, on 28th January 2015, for Moonlee Records. It is released in CD format as well as free download via Bandcamp. 12“ vinyl will come out in March 2015 as a coproduction between Moonlee Records, Numavi Records from Austria and Vox Project from France. Second album by croatian trio Vlasta Popić brings more of their beloved signature indie-punk-noise-nowave-pop expression, but this time with a darker, more sinister edge to it. The record sounds more ambitious, thought-out and coherent compared to the earlier release, and it does so by utilizing much dirtier, distorted and noisier playing and production. The combined female/male singalongs and shouts add true energy to occasionally melodic, oftentimes jangly atmosphere created by the underlying instrumental psychedelia. As far as similarities and influences go, “Kvadrat” may be related to quite a few artists such as Repetitor, Fugazi, Shellac, Nikki Louder, etc. Live promotion of new Vlasta Popić album will happen on Thursday, 5th February 2015 in Gromka in Ljubljana, as a part of MENT Ljubljana – showcase festival & conference (4th-6th February 2015). It will be followed by bunch of shows in Slovenia & Croatia and Balkan tour in April: 5.2.2015 @ Ljubljana, Gromka – MENT Ljubljana (SI) 12.2.2015 @ Maribor, Gustaf – MARŠ 25 (SI) 20.2.2015 @ Murska Sobota, MIKK (SI) 21.2.2015 @ Kranj, Trainstation Squat (SI) 28.2.2015 @ Koprivnica, Kooglana (HR) 13.3.2015 @ Zagreb,Tvornica Kulture (HR) 27.3.2015 @ Varaždin, Green Bay (HR) 4.4.2015 @ Plovdiv, Petnoto (BG) 8.4.2015 @ Istanbul, Arkaoda (TR) 10.4.2015 @ Bucharest, Underworld (RO) 7.6.2015 @ Skopje, tba (MK) 10.7.2015 @ Bažant Pohoda Festival, Trenčin (SK)

"Ako nisam dobra" – new single from Vlasta Popić

End of the year is too often full of questioning about the passing year. Instead of moralising, Slovenian independent label Moonlee Records rather offers you first single »Ako nisam dobra« (And If I'm Not Good) from Croatian post-punk trio Vlasta Popić, whose new album »Kvadrat« will be released late January 2015. You can listen to loudy and noisy »Ako nisam dobra« on Moonlee Bandcamp profile, where it is available also for free download. New album by Vlasta Popić entitled «Kvadrat» will be released late January 2015 on Moonlee Records as CD and 12“ vinyl, as well as free download via Bandcamp. Vinyl will be released in coproduction with Numavi Records (Austria) and Vox Project (France). Christmas-newyear's period is supposed to be the gifting time. But what if one wasn't good enough throughout the year and didn't deserve the gifts? F**k it, listen to »Ako nisam dobra«, given away by Moonlee Records, and bravely jump into 2015. Cheers!

»Praznina« - new slovenian hardcore classic by Iamdisease

Slovenian hardcore veterans Iamdisease released their new album entitled »Praznina« today, December 16th 2014, for slovenian independent label Moonlee Records. It is released as a CD and also as free download via Bandcamp, where each music fan can (ab)use “name-your-price” option and support the band and the label. Iamdisease, hardcore veterans from Slovenia with members of acts such as Man In The Shadow, Low Punch, The Hoax Problem & Elodea, released their second album entitled »Praznina«, on which they continue where they left off with their previous album. The tradition of metallized hardcore of the early 90's is here further extended and combined with Black Flag's proto-sludge and the hybrid application of various extreme metal subgenres, predominantly black and death metal. Clocking just under 25 minutes, these 7 new tracks offer a consistent execution of fast-paced rhythms, jangly, dark guitar riffs with discordant melodic passages and precise bass lines under a rasp, angry vocal that delivers engaged messages to the listener. Release parties will be set in Ljubljana (Klub Gromka) on Thursday, 18.12.2014, and in Nova Gorica (Mostovna) on Friday, 19.12.2014.

Debeli Precjednik / Fat Prezident has released new EP - Povijest bolesti (History of Illness)

Moonlee Records released new EP by croatian punkrockers Debeli Precjednik / Fat Prezident entitled "Povijest bolesti" (History of Illness) to celebrate 20th-anniversary of band's existance. They keep it simple - 4 new songs, 4 new punkrock hits. EP "Povijest bolesti" is available only as free download at Bandcamp platform, where each music fan can use »name-your-price« option and support the label and the band. However, we decided to make one step more. Even though "Povijest bolesti" EP is currently released as a free download, with your help it can appear also on 7'' vinyl. If we manage to collect enough money abusing »name-your-price« option at Moonlee Records and Debeli Precjednik Bandcamp, Moonlee Records will press 500 copies of "Povijest bolesti" 7'' EP. The idea is simple: --> If we manage to collect 1200 € via Bandcamp, Moonlee Records will release "Povijest bolesti" as a 7" vinyl in 500 copies. --> Those who will donate 5 € or more, will automatically receive 7" when it comes out (shipping costs are included). --> To make it as transparent as possible, we will post how much we gathered on a weekly basis. --> If we won't make it in the end, too bad, but keep in mind that you still supported Debeli Precjednik & Moonlee Records. And we appreciate it! But hey, together we can make it!

Xaxaxa have a new album – «Sami maži i ženi»

The restless Macedonian punk rockers known as Xaxaxa have a new album out! It's entitled «Sami Maži i Ženi» and will be released 8th September as a split release between Moonlee Records and Prügelprinz Records! Although Xaxaxa have retained their signature, Revolution Summer-influenced sound, «Sami maži i ženi» sounds a bit different than before – slightly slower, more melancholic and definitely more melodic, a change in sound also influenced by the addition of Deni Krstev from Fonija on second guitar. Nevertheless, it's an amazing record and possibly the best Xaxaxa album so far! The album will be available on CD and 12“vinyl and as a free download on Bandcamp, as usual. Also, they'll be embarking on a European tour these days, so check the dates and come see Xaxaxa if they play anywhere near you!

Vlae Salep - first single off new Xaxaxa album

It's perfect time to sit back, drink some 'salep' (google it) and listen to first single from new Xaxaxa album, entitled «Vlae Salep», which you can listen and download at Moonlee Bandcamp. Third Xaxaxa album «Sami maži i ženi» will be out on September 8th 2014 on Moonlee Records and Prügelprinz Records on 12“ and CD. As usually, it will be followed by another European tour in September/October. But already next week Xaxaxa and Bernays Propaganda will do mini-tour along the Adriatic coast. Here are the dates: 31.07.2014 - Xaxaxa @ Attack, Zagreb - Monte Paradiso pre-party (HR) 01.08.2014 - Xaxaxa @ Monte Paradiso Fest, Pula (HR) 03.08.2014 - Bernays Propaganda @ Hangar Bar, Izola (SI) 05.08.2014 - Bernays Propaganda @ Super Uho fest, Šibenik (HR) 06.08.2014 - Bernays Propaganda @ Kapetanski, Zadar (HR)

New XAXAXA album is due!

So, as you've probably guessed, XAXAXA have recorded a new album and it'll be out sooner than you think! On their new record, entitled «Sami maži i ženi», the songs are somewhat slower and more melancholic than usual, but the band are still loyal to their Revolution Summer meets Hüsker Dü sound. They've also recruited a new member – Fonija's Deni Krstev is on the second guitar now, making XAXAXA a four-piece. Anyway, «Sami maži i ženi» will be out in September 2014 on Moonlee Records and Prügelprinz Records on 12“ and CD. As usual, XAXAXA will also do a European tour in September/October, but more information will be provided timely, so keep watching this space.

Moonleejada 2014 – celebrating the 10th anniversary of Moonlee Records

This year, Mr. Moonlee is marking the 10th anniversary of Moonlee Records. To be honest, we never expected all this to happen. However, being surrounded by great bands and inspiring music, the only reasonable thing was to keep on. In 2014, we are still here and excited about the future! Thanks to all the bands, »little helpers«, co-labels, journalists & media, promoters, fans and everyone else interested and supportive of what Moonlee Records is doing. We appreciate it. This special occasion will be celebrated on Saturday, June 28th 2014 at the Moonleejada 2014 festival at Gala Hala in Ljubljana. Repetitor, Debeli Precjednik, Lunar, TRUS! & kleemar will share the stage and invade your ears, whilst the special guests, DJ/VJ Samo Sloga Sound System, will take care of the afterparty. As always with Moonleejada, it will be an awesome show and a hell of a party, and you're all invited!

Bernays Propaganda on US tour!

We will keep it short and simple, since the dates below speak the best for themselves. Bernays Propaganda are restless. And they are back in the van for their first US tour. Impressive 44 shows in 44 days. Bernays Propaganda will share the van with folk-punks Ghost Mice and indy-pop-punks High Dive. Check them out if you have a chance. Bernays Propaganda & Ghost Mice 07.04.2014 @ The Hose, NYC 08.04.2014 @ The Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ 09.04.2014 @ Freedom 52, Philadelphia, PA 10.04.2014 @ Washington, DC 11.04.2014 @ Baltimore, MD 12.04.2014 @ 1300 Bainbridge St, Richmond, VA 13.04.2014 @ 2615 Farthing St, Durham, NC 14.04.2014 @ The Additorium, Asheville, NC 15.04.2014 @ Garaj Mahal, Greenville, SC 16.04.2014 @ Area 15, Charlotte, NC 17.04.2014 @ Savannah, GA 18.04.2014 @ Rain Dogs, Jacksonville, FL 19.04.2014 @ Shanghai Nobby's, St. Augustine, FL 20.04.2014 @ The Space, Orlando, FL 21.04.2014 @ Epic Problem, Tampa, FL 22.04.2014 @ The CMC, Gainesville, FL 23.04.2014 @ WonderRoot, Atlanta, GA 24.04.2014 @ Sluggo's North Vegetarian cafe, Chattanooga, TN 25.04.2014 @ Bloomington, IN 26.04.2014 @ live on WFHB radio 27.04.2014 @ The Black Sheep Cafe, Springfield, IL 28.04.2014 @ Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, St. Louis, MO 29.04.2014 @ Peste De Merde, Columbia, MO 30.04.2014 @ Kansas City, MO 01.05.2014 @ Public Space One, Iowa City, IA 02.05.2014 @ Galesburg, IL 03.05.2014 @ The Seventh Street Space, Dekalb, IL 04.05.2014 @ The Free Space, Milwaukee, WI 05.05.2014 @ Chicago, IL 06.05.2014 @ The House of Pancakes, Grand Rapids, MI 07.05.2014 @ Kalamazoo, MI 08.05.2014 @ Grumpton Manor, Ann Arbor, MI 09.05.2014 @ Indianapolis, IN 10.05.2014 @ Rhino's All Ages, Bloomington, IN Bernays Propaganda & High Dive 11.05.2014 @ Nashville, TN 12.05.2014 @ Rake's End, Cincinnati, OH 13.05.2014 @ Athens, PA 14.05.2014 @ Detroit, MI 15.05.2014 @ Cleveland, OH 16.05.2014 @ Pittsburgh, PA 17.05.2014 @ Collective A Go Go, Worcester, MA 18.05.2014 @ Boston, MA 19.05.2014 @ NYC

Support Saša Relić - Reljo

Some of you probably know Saša Relić - Reljo as a member of Storms, Don't Mess With Texas and Lunar, but first and foremost, he is a friend of many. A good one. And he could use some help. In early 2014, Saša suffered a severe stroke. He's currently in therapy and recovering well, but still has a long way to go, and the medical costs just keep increasing. Since we at Moonlee also want to help ease our friend's ordeal, we've decided that from now on, all the proceeds from Storms and DMWT record and merch sales will go to Saša. This is where you step in. If you want to contribute, do some shopping here and here. If you buy some Storms or DMWT albums from our Bandcamp page, all of the money will go to Saša as well. Also, there'll be a benefit show for Saša on 12th April – try not to miss it if you find yourself near Zagreb. The lineup is stellar and more info is available on the event page. Support this great guy on his road to recovery! Thanx! benefitzarelju

TRUS! delivered Seven Words in a video

The Slovene multi-genre trio TRUS! launched a video for “Seven Words”, a song off their new album, “Banana split”. The video was made in cooperation with AVA – Academy of Visual Arts Ljubljana and you can view it here. At the beginning of 2013 TRUS! were still searching for the right sound, which they eventually found and recorded on their debut, “First Step” (Moonlee Records, ZARŠ). By the time their sophomore record, “Banana split” (Moonlee Records, God Bless This Mess Records, 2013) was out that same year, they were already lauded as one of the most pleasant surprises in the Slovenian independent music scene, as both records got a lot of praise from music critics and fans. The video for song “Seven Words” proves that TRUS!'s exploration of musical and social curiosities won't stop in 2014! This time, they've embarked on a search for solitude and emptiness and wrote “Seven Words”, in which Jelena's voice subtly intertwines with keyboard tunes and free jazz-like drum acrobatics, oscillating wildly between playful and tranquil parts. Altough it's gentle and uplifting upon first listen, »Seven Words« is actually inspired by an urban myth about seven words that should be said to tollbooth attendants, in order to cheer them up, prevent the depression and discourage them from suicide. Alongside the presentation of the video, TRUS! actually are starting a campaign of cheering tollbooth attendants up and they're inviting all their fans to join! Altough the problem may seem marginal, it seems to us that rain feels more gentle and sounds nicer with »Seven Words«. The video was produced by AVA – Akademija za vizualne umetnosti from Ljubljana (Academy of Visual Arts Ljubljana), where it was made by Pepi Sekulich (directing and camera) and Matija Jakin (editing and post-production), continuing the collaboration started at Klubski maraton Radia Študent 2012, which was also the first time TRUS! presented themselves to the public.

Repetitor visiting Netherlands (again)

Serbian post-punk trio Repetitor is heading north again. They will perform twice at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2014 festival in Groningen, Netherlands, and on their way back they will play couple of shows in Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland on their way back. As most of you already know, Repetitor is fantastic live band, so grab the chance to see them on stage if you live nearby.

15.1.2013 @ De Spieghel (Up), Groningen, Eurosonic (NL) 16.1.2013 @ Shadrak (Floor), Groningen, Eurosonic (NL) 17.1.2013 @ surprise gig ! (NL) 18.1.2013 @ Vrankrijk, Amsterdam (NL) 19.1.2013 @ Neustadt52, Schaffhausen (CH) 20.1.2013 @ Glockenbachwerkstatt, Munchen (DE)

It's time for Banana Split with TRUS! and kleemar!

Mr. Moonlee has joined powers with God Bless This Mess, a record label from Prekmurje (a region in Slovenia), and proudly announces a double nice surprise - a second release this year by TRUS!, and kleemar's eagerly awaited debut album, which we’ve been waiting for the last decade. These nice guys joined forces, peeled the banana, threw the peel in front of your legs, sliced the banana in half, served it in the form of a collaborative vinyl record, and named it “Banana Split”. “Banana Split” brings a double exciting dose of an insightful musical expression. Full of energy and curiosity, TRUS! fill their side of vinyl with post-punk playfulness, indie-electronic mischief and seductiveness of trashy pop. Therefore, it's simply impossible to put their musical expression inside the usual genre compartments and pull up obvious comparisons with other bands, which is just one more reason to cock our ears and simply spin the music. On the other side of the disc, kleemar took care of sentimental ethereal electronics which explore the subtle melancholic microambients and invokes a delightful atmosphere. Kleemar remains indefinable by genre, as well, as he draws influence from very diverse artists such as Mount Kimbie, Dan Deacon, Gold Panda, Four Tet, Album Leaf, Caribou … ”Banana Split” will be released on 17th December 2013 as a 12'' vinyl and free download where each can also decide about the amount of the support. For those dying to know how Banana Split tastes like, vinyl pre-orders are already available, and music is also ready to listen and download on Bandcamp. The release parties will take place on 20th December 2013 at Gromka, Ljubljana, and 21st December at MIKK in Murska Sobota. Also, TRUS! and kleemar have prepared a special surprise for these occasions, but we'll just have to wait and see.