Moonlee Records Celebrating Record Store Day 2018

This year, Moonlee Records is celebrating Record Store Day 2018 with a unique offer for all the music lovers out there. You can get the whole Moonlee Records discography at once!

The Moonlee Discography Box includes 39 various releases from the bands Repetitor, Debeli Precjednik, Bernays Propaganda, Analena, Žen, Damir Avdić & more.

Don’t miss the chance to improve your health & lifestyle with all the Moonlee juice you need in your life!

(shipping costs is already included in price)

Moonlee Records releases included in the Discography Box:
HMRL045 ŽEN “Sunčani ljudi” CD / LP
HMRL044 SEINE “Sno sna” CD / LP
HMRL042 DEBELI PRECJEDNIK / MAŠINKO "Godina majmuna / Majmun godine” CD / LP
HMRL040 WEREFOX "Das Lied der Maschinen” CD
HMRL036 IAMDISEASE "Praznina” CD / 10''
HMRL035 XAXAXA "Sami maži i ženi” CD / LP
HMRL033 KLEEMAR / TRUS! "Banana Split” LP
HMRL031 TRUS! "First Step” free download+merch
HMRL028 REPETITOR “Dobrodošli na okean” CD
HMRL027 XAXAXA “Siromašni i bogati” CD
HMRL023 XAXAXA "Tango Revolucioner" CD
HMRL022 NIKKI LOUDER "Our World Died Yesterday" CD+LP
HMRL021 STORMS "We Are Storms" LP
HMRL019 DAMIR AVDIC "Zivot je raj" CD
HMRL018 IN-SANE "Trust These Hands… Are Worthless." CD
HMRL017 ANALENA "Inconstantinopolis" CD
HMRL016 BERNAYS PROPAGANDA "Happiness Machines" CD
HMRL015 HESUS ATTOR "Sonic Gastronomy Volume 1" CD
HMRL014 DAMIR AVDIC "Mrtvi su mrtvi" CD
HMRL013 PSYCHO-PATH "The Ass-Soul of Psycho-Path" CD
HMRL011 COG "CourseOverGround" CD
HMRL009 DEBELI PRECJEDNIK / FAT PREZIDENT "Through the Eyes of the Innocent" CD
HMRL007 HITCH "We Are Electric!" CD / LP
HMRL006 CHANG FFOS "Trust This Arcane Device" CD
HMRL005 BILK "This Bilk is Radioactive" CD
HMRL004 ENTREAT. "Deincubation" CD
HMRL002 LUNAR "Turbo" CD

Unfortunately, the Moonlee Discography Box does not include the releases that are sold out (Analena - Carbon Based CD/LP, Senata Fox - The Acracy Discourse CD, In-Sane / Despite Everything - split 10").

Explosive post-punk trio Repetitor on european tour

Snow is melting and Serbian post-punk trio Repetitor is heading for another european tour from March 9th to March 17th with shows in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Slovenia. Repetitor will be promoting their latest album 'Gde ćeš' (Moonlee Records, 2016). All five shows in Slovakia and Czech Republic will be together with czech band Ghost of You. After returning home they will prolong the tour with two more shows in Bulgaria on March 22nd and 23rd.

Tour dates:
9.3.2018 @ Szeged, Grand Cafe (HU) / FB event
10.3.2018 @ Prešov, Christiania (SK) / FB event
11.3.2018 @ Krakow, Klub Re (PL) / FB event
13.3.2018 @ Trenčin, Luč (SK) / FB event
14.3.2018 @ Bratislava, British Rock Stars (SK) / FB event
15.3.2018 @ Brno, Fleda club (CZ) / FB event
16.3.2018 @ Prague, Cafe V Lese (CZ) / FB event
17.3.2018 @ Bistrica ob Sotli, Klub Metulj (SI) / FB event
22.3.2018 @ Sofia, Stroeja (BG) / FB event
23.3.2018 @ Plovdiv, Club Void (BG) / FB event

Why to check Repetitor live?

'They make you fall in love with guitar rock all over again and are arguably the best guitar band on the planet right now. They are the 21st Century Nirvana who have come to save rock.' (John Robb, Louder Than War)

'Easily the most exciting band I saw during the whole festival were Serbia’s Repetitior, a noise-core trio in the METZ mould, only rawer, louder and five times as furious...' (Marc Burrows, Drowned In Sound)

'It's chaotic, and they are angry – not in a faking it for the music kind of way, they are really fucking angry.' (Lauren Down, The Line of Best Fit)

Suženi snovi
Ako te ikada
U pravom trenutku
Biću bolji
Opet jak

ŽEN promoting new album on European Tour

Croatian all-girl post-rock/shoegaze/dreampop collective ŽEN, who released their new album 'Sunčani ljudi' in November 2017 (Moonlee Records, Vox Project, Unrecords) are heading on another European tour. Tour will lead them through Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and the Netherlands, where ŽEN will perform also at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2018 festival.

Tour Dates:
10.1.2018 @ Vienna, Fluc (AT)
11.1.2018 @ Brno, Kabinet Muz (CZ)
12.1.2018 @ Prague, Klub FAMU (CZ)
13.1.2018 @ Wroclaw, Black Moon (PL)
14.1.2018 @ Poznan, Pod Minoga (PL)
15.1.2018 @ Berlin, Schokoladen (DE)
17.1.2018 @ Münster, Baracke (DE)
18.1.2018 @ Groningen - Eurosonic Noorderslag, Huis de Beurs (NL)

Sunčani ljudi – new album by ŽEN

Slovenian independent record label Moonlee Records presents new, third full-length album by psychedelic post-rock collective ŽEN entitled 'Sunčani ljudi', which is released today, November 22th 2017 in CD, LP and digital format on Moonlee Records, Vox Project and Unrecords.

'Sunčani ljudi' (english: 'Sunny people') comes as the gist of all their releases with some moderate upgrades. It sounds like a manifest of their passion for meticulously intertwined genre tropes – from hypnotic repetitions of post rock to atmospheric guitar layering in the vein of shoegaze, all characterized by a genuine openness to experimentation and infused with a heartfelt vocal delivery typical of 90s alt rock. The girls have conserved the psychedelic and dreamy nature of their musical expression, which resembles the output of bands as Warpaint, Vinyl Williams, Lush or Pinkshinyultrablast. The record's sonic character with its texturally lush guitar arrangements and vocal harmonies coquettes with the golden age of guitar music and shoe-gazing, notably with epochal releases like 'Loveless' (My Bloody Valentine) or 'Souvlaki' (Slowdive). As you may assume by looking at the cover, tracks are permeated by an air of sweet melancholy that evokes images of natural motifs associated with fluctuation, oscillation and flotation. Images of summits, breaking waves and currents… images of the island of Brač, the Promised Land mentioned in the overture 'A gdje su staze?'. 'Sunčani ljudi' is like a sonic mirror-image of a long trip on the D8, the picturesque route that runs 640 km along Croatia's Adriatic coastline, evoking awe of the sublime and reminding us of humanity’s insignificance in respect to the Universe.

Release party of Žen’s new album will happened in Ljubljana on December 16th 2017 as part of festival Moonleejada 2017, where they will perform together with other Moonlee’s acts – Seine, Debeli Precjednik / Fat Prezident and Mašinko.

In January 2018 Žen are heading on european tour through Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy. As part of the tour Žen will also perform at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2018 festival.

Tour Dates:
10.1.2018 @ Vienna, Fluc (AT)
11.1.2018 @ Brno, Kabinet Muz (CZ)
12.1.2018 @ Prague, Klub FAMU (CZ)
15.1.2018 @ Berlin, Schokoladen (DE)
19.1.2018 @ Groningen - Eurosonic Noorderslag, Huis de Beurs (NL)
23.1.2018 @ Paris, La Comédia (FR)
More dates TBA.

Sonic Tactic - new Žen's single/video to announce their new album

Croatian all-girl post-rock band ŽEN revealed video for brand new song 'Sonična taktika', first single from upcoming album 'Sunčani ljudi', which will be released on November 22nd 2017 on Moonlee Records, Vox Project and Unrecords.

Žen explained background story of the video:
''A video for the song is a sort of a homage to those games of light, shadows and colours which our dear VJ Tanja Minarik used to form and shape our music in live performances. After seven colourful and animated years, because of her moving to another continent, Tanja unfortunately won't be performing with us live on concerts anymore - but our collaboration continues across the ocean. For this song, Tanja has recorded and documented long-lasting processes, such as germination and icing, which we often do not have the time and patience to follow from start to finish, and fine details, like the human eye, or diffusion of colour in microscopic bubbles of liquids.

In the spirit of this idea, an Israeli filmmaker, cameraman and photographer Senny Rapoport directed and filmed the second layer of this video, using a DIA projector to create active patterns that were merging and dissolving, projected on our bodies / faces and moving objects in space. The video was filmed in the rooms of Film Studio, AKC Medika, and was designed and edited by Senny Rapoport.''

Moonlee koncert: Analena + Hella Comet // 15.9.2017 @ Klub Gromka, Ljubljana

Moonlee Records predstavlja koncert:

(screamo post-punk, HR/SI)

(noise-rock/post-punk, AT)

Hrvaško-slovenska screamo/post-punk zasedba ANALENA letos praznuje 20-letnico delovanja. Spodobi se, da se častitljivo okroglo obletnico ustrezno proslavi - s koncertom! Slavnostno ozračje bo segreval avstrijski noise-rock/post-punk četverec HELLA COMET.

Klub Gromka, Ljubljana
petek, 15. september 2017
Vrata: 20:00, koncert: 20:30
Vstopnina: 8€

FB event



Leta 1997 se v Zagrebu pojavi zasedba Analena, ki ima dvajset let kasneje status kultnega post-punk screamo benda. Čeprav je v tem obdobju izdala zgolj tri dolgometražne plošče 'Arhythmetics', 'Carbon Based' in 'Inconstantinopolis', je po drugi strani odigrala par stotin koncertov širom Evrope in si tako na terenu s svojo energično, strastno in brezkompromisno d.i.y. godbo ustvarila številčno in zvesto fanovsko bazo.

Glasbeno je Analenino ustvarjanje težko ujeti u kalup, zato naj nas ne zapeljejo zmedene skovanke novega časa, ki segajo od postpunka in indie power popa čez galaksijo hrupa do rocka in hardcora. At The Drive-In, Red Monkey, Life But How To Life It, Yaphet Kotto, Submission Hold, Hole, dEUS, Envy, Pretty Girls Makes Graves so le nekatere asociacije in primerjave, ki jih je (bila) deležna Analena. Ampak pustimo naštevanja. Prepustite se raje udarnemu vreščanjanju pevke Ane, ki ga ostri disciplinirano kitarsko rezanje, debeli že tako dobro podmazan bas, in ki ne pade iz fokusa natančnega, a več kot ponosnega bobnanja. Ne spreglejte niti plovbe po nekoliko bolj melodičnih napevih, niti lucidnih kitarskih prepletov in vragolij. Prepustite se udarnosti in atmosferičnosti, brezkompromisnosti in zasanjanosti, natančnosti in kaotičnosti, razigranosti in napetosti, temu zgoščenemu in uravnoteženemu prepletu.

Četudi je Analena v zadnjih letih zaradi razseljenosti med Zagrebom, Ljubljano in Veliko Britanijo močno reducirala koncertno in diskografsko aktivnost, je dvajsetletnica benda odlična priložnost, da bend ponovno obišče Ljubljano, kjer je nazadnje nastopila na Moonleejadi 2013. Člani Analene so namreč tudi ustanovitelji založbe Moonlee Records, katere prva izdaja je ravno album 'Carbon Based' (2004).

Analena bo svojo dvajsetletnico koncertno obeležila brez posebnih gostov in nepotrebne patetike - glavno besedo bo imela glasba, igrajo se samo stari hiti!


Live in Exclamation Marks
Metaphorical approach


Avstrijska zasedba Hella Comet ima veliko podobnosti z Analeno – ženski vokal in bas, soroden glasbeni izraz, brezkompromisno raziskovanje hrupno-rockerskih pokrajin – zato se ponuja kot idealen izbor predskupine, ki bo ogrela praznično ozračje.

Graški četverec Hella Comet je do sedaj »objavil tri dolgometražne albume – Celebrate Your Loss (2010), Wild Honey (2013) in Locust Valley (2016) – in ščepec krajših izdaj ter sodeloval z drugimi zasedbami. Na odličnem zadnjem albumu Locust Valley (Noise Appeal) se je bend otresel vplivov postrocka in shoegazea ter se osredotočil na krajšo formo pesmi in strumno zakoračil v nove zvočne eksperimente. V pesmih se poigravajo s klasično formo udarnega postpunkovskega rocka, ki jo odevajo v abstraktne meglice hrupa, a obenem ohranjajo melodičnost in zapomljivost popa. Slišati je tudi navezave na psihedelijo in estetiko angažiranega feminističnega rocka v slogu Riot Grrrl. .« (Mario Batelič)

»Koncerti zasedbe Hella Comet so nabiti z energijo, obenem pa glasbeniki znotraj posamičnih skladb poskrbijo za krhke momente in zvočne eksperimente. Njihov izraz je nekje med čutnostjo in duhovnostjo, med klasično rockovsko pesmijo in zvočnem eksperimentiranju z le-to. Ne bojijo se vračanja k preprosti, bazični formi rockovskih komadov, a se pri izvedbi, ne meneč se za pričakovanja poslušalcev (ali pa samih glasbenikov!), močno naslanjajo na mogočne zvočne zidove. S takimi postopki dosegajo pretanjeno poigravanje s protislovnimi dvojicami oziroma različnimi skrajnostmi rockovske glasbe: večslojnost in jasnost, umirjenost in hrupnost, pop in punk, preprosta všečnost in drzna zvočna invencija.« (Mario Batelič)


No Buzz

Koncertni cikel Moonleenizacija podpira Mestna občina Ljubljana

Seine announcing debut album 'Sno sna'

Dreamy folk-punk Croato-Serbian trio Seine launched another new single 'Svog' to announce release of their debut album 'Sno sna', which is coming out on September 14th 2017 on Moonlee Records and Vox Project.

Seine started in 2007 by Ivan Ščapec but it only got the deserved attention after the hiatus of his former band Vlasta Popić in 2015. Beginning as a singer-songwriter project, Seine later developed into a full-fledged band with Dimitrij Mekotanović Petrović (Vlasta Popić, Radost) on drums, percussions and back vocals and Boško Mijušković (Straight Mickey and the Boyz, Škrtice) on the bass. In 2016 they played at Nektar Demo Fest in Banja Luka (BIH) and won the largest band competition in the region. The award was a chance to record their debut. After playing MENT Ljubljana 2017, Seine joined forces with Moonlee Records and result is their debut full length abum 'Sno Sna' (The Dream of a Dream).

‘Sno sna’ is a showcase of dreamy acoustic strumming, psychedelic bass lines and minimalistic though hearty drum patterns interwoven into a tale of love and longing. 'Sno Sna' may be listened to as a punk’s tale in the disguise of a folk record, or vice versa, a heartfelt folk album gone punk.

To get a hint on 'Sno sna', check out also first three Seine singles:
Šilo // Ko // Kritika čistog razuma

In late September / early October Seine is heading on European tour. Dates will be announced soon.

New european tour for Žen – Den Tour 2017

Psychedelic-shoegaze-post-rockish all-girl collective Žen from Croatia is starting another European tour today. Den Tour 2017 will take them to Germany, Netherlands, France and Slovenija, so grab the chance to see thm live if they play nearby.

Just before leaving on tour Žen recorded material for their upcoming full-lenght album, which will be released in autumn on Moonlee Records, Vox Project and Unrecords.

Den tour dates:
31.05.2017 @ Jena, Inselplatz (DE)
01.06.2017 @ Arnhem, Brigant (NL)
02.06.2017 @ Amsterdam, OCCII (NL)
03.06.2017 @ Groningen, VERA downstage (NL)
04.06.2017 @ Rotterdam, WORM (NL)
07.06.2017 @ Rennes, Tavarn Roazhon (FR)
08.06.2017 @ Bordeaux, El Chicho (FR)
09.06.2017 @ Lyon, Bar des Capucins (FR)
10.06.2017 @ Chadron, Le Pakebot (FR)
11.06.2017 @ Marseille, Les 9 Salopards (FR)
13.06.2017 @ Ljubljana, Kino Siska (SI)

New European tour by explosive post-punk trio Repetitor

Serbian post-punk trio Repetitor is heading on another European tour in April 2017, which will lead them to Hungary, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. They will promote their latest album 'Gde ćeš', released by Moonlee Records in October 2016.

European tour dates:
08.4.2017 @ Beograd, Božidarac (RS)
10.4.2017 @ Szeged, Grand Café Vármúzeum (HU)
11.4.2017 @ Budapest, Instant (HU)
12.4.2017 @ Krakow, Klub Re (PL)
13.4.2017 @ Poznan, Meskalina (PL)
14.4.2017 @ Berlin, Kantine am Berghain (DE)
15.4.2017 @ Hamburg, Westwerk (DE)
16.4.2017 @ Groningen, De Spieghel (NL)
18.4.2017 @ Aalst, Cosa Nostra (BE)
20.4.2017 @ Amsterdam, OT301 (NL)
21.4.2017 @ Leiden, De WW (NL)
22.4.2017 @ Rotterdam, Worm (NL)
24.4.2017 @ Bremen, Schwankhalle (DE)
25.4.2017 @ Oberhausen, Druckluft (DE)
26.4.2017 @ Schaffhausen, Tap Tab (CH)
27.4.2017 @ Munchen, Glockenbachwerkstatt (DE)
28.4.2017 @ Vienna, Fluc (AT)
29.4.2017 @ Maribor, MC Pekarna (SI)

Žen heading on Balteek tour

Croatian all-girl band Žen is heading on Balteek tour, which will take them from the Balkans to the Baltics and back. Žen offers unique audio-visual shoegaze/post-rock live experience, not to be missed if they play nearby.

Final destination of the tour is performance on Tallinn Music Week, where they will perform on April 1st, as part of Manka Boutique Pop Festival Night at Kultuuriklubi Kelm. Besides Tallinn Žen will play additional 12 shows through Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Balteek tour dates:
25.3.2017 @ Passau, Tabakfabrik (DE)
27.3. 2017 @ Bratislava, British Rock Stars (SK) - FB event
28.3. 2017 @ Lublin, Galeria Labirynt (PL) - FB event
29.3. 2017 @ Warszaw, Chmury (PL) - FB event
30.3. 2017 @ Vilnius, Kirtimu KC (LT) - FB event
31.3. 2017 @ Cesis, Mala (LV) - FB event
1.4. 2017 @ Tallinn Music Week, Kultuuriklubi Helm (EE) - FB event
3.4. 2017 @ Ikškile, Ikškile Free School (LV) - FB event
4.4. 2017 @ Riga, Cafe Leningrad (LV)
5.4. 2017 @ Kaunas, Kultura Kavine (LT) - FB event
6.4. 2017 @ Liepaja, Fontaine Palace (LV)
7.4. 2017 @ Olszytn, Rewolwer (PL) - FB event
8.4. 2017 @ Nowy Targ, Ksiazkawiarnia Rezerwat (PL) - FB event

And to sum it up with teasing quotes:
"...powerful post-rock release" (The Needle Drop)
"This is a perfect modern pop post-rock, math-rock, prog-indie, synthwave – very well thought out and hypnotic to watch and listen to... Zen are a beatiful misty treasure and a real find!" (Louder Than War)
"Croatia’s Zen are three stylish girls playing stadium-sized shoegaze and drone-rock with nods to Spacemen 3, My Bloody Valentine and The Cure. Their set was watertight, melodic, heavy and accompanied by unrelenting, psychedelic visuals only adding to the mind-meld and pleasing disorientation." (Clash Magazine / Top picks from MENT Festival 2017)

Borghesia meets poetry of Srečko Kosovel and releases new single 'Rodovnik'

Rodovnik / A Genealogy
Slave the Servant.
Slave Servantich the Servant.
Slave Slavetich Servantich the Humble.
Slave II.
Slave Humblich III.
Servantich IV.
Janez the Humble, the Craven, the Grandiose.
(Srečko Kosovel,1926; translation by Nike Kocjančič Pokorn)

On March 18, 2017 (the 113th birthday of the renowned Slovene poet Srečko Kosovel), the legendary Slovene electro-rock band Borghesia presents their brand new song ‘Rodovnik’ (‘A Geneaology’; YouTube / Bandcamp). On the new song Borghesia used Kosovel’s lyrics, which presents the poet’s confrontation with the nature of the petit bourgeoisie, and it is still relevant today.

With the new single Borghesia announces their upcoming full-length album ‘Proti kapitulaciji’, on which the formation of Aldo Ivančić, Dario Seraval, Irena Tomažin, Jelena Rusjan and Ivo Poberžaj will tackle with Srečko Kosovel’s poetry. Selection of twelve Kosovel’s poems, still relevant to this very day, is the basis for Borghesia’s new musical adventure.

Srečko Kosovel (1904–1926) was a Slovene post–World War I avantgarde poet and is considered to be one of Central European major modernist poets. He has been labelled as an impressionist poet of his native Karst region, a political poet, an expressionist, a dadaist, a satirist, and as a voice of international socialism, using avant-garde constructivist forms. But most importantly, his poems are timeless, still relevant 90 years later and could have easily been written today. Srečko Kosovel died at an early age of 22, but not without leaving a legacy - an impressive collection of 1400+ poems!

Against sterile parliamentarism, secret diplomacy and Nero in a red executioner's cloak! (S. Kosovel – Before Capitulations)

Žen joining forces with Moonlee Records

We are excited to announce that the Croatian all-girl band Žen is joining forces with Moonlee Records for their upcoming third album, which is scheduled for autumn 2017.

Formed in Zagreb (Croatia), in 2010, the audio-visual band Žen combines intricate arrangments and immersive live visuals to create a fully authentic shoegaze, post-rock experience. Žen playfully dissects gender stereotypes and connects the boundaries of audio and visual art, evoking journeys through vocal harmonization submerged in a progressive symbiosis of guitar, bass, drums and synths. If we were to try to define them by genre, the closest we would get is a complex form of indie-rock, informed by various style and genre characteristics ranging from post-rock to shoegaze, math-rock, vintage synthwave and experimental electronics. Žen has played numerous concerts and gained a loyal audience in the broader European region.

Last but not least, Žen are playing at MENT Ljubljana on Friday, February 3rd in Menza pri koritu at 22:45. Do not miss them.

Moonlee website is open sourced

Recently, we have announced our new website and it's the one you are looking at the moment.

But, what we haven't mentioned back then, is that our website is open source. For developers and geeks, this is probably a well known term - but in case you are not familiar with it, it means that all of our website's code is publicly available and anyone can contribute to it or use it on their own.

That's right - and if you don't believe it, you can check the code at our Github profile.

Why have we decided to open source our website?

Well, there are more reasons, but we can summarize it to most important ones. Moonlee website is a project that has been built in-house, by people (Dražen Perić and Antonio Karača) who are assisting Moonlee already for some time now. It was not built by some random agency, everything has been transparent since the beginning and there was no restriction about which technology should we use or that we should finish it in shortest time possible. So yes, for website you’re looking at the moment, it is definitely over-engineered but we are also not limited if we want to build anything more from this - which we definitely will do.

Because it has became quite custom solution, we thought it could be useful to a similar labels like us. So, for example, if SubPop wants decides to build a new website, they can use our solution as a skeleton for their own thing. Or they can just grab some ideas from it. At the end - it depends on how you will find it useful.

And by giving it to the public, we also give people an opportunity to contribute to it by either coding or fixing a specific thing, or just by reporting us an issue that we need to take care of.

What’s the most interesting thing in here?

You can find examples of how to fetch latest images from your Instagram account, how to get shows from a Songkick API, how to get latest Youtube videos, Twitter posts, how to subscribe to an existing Mailchimp list and so on.

What are the technologies used to build Moonlee website?

Ruby on Rails (current version 5.0.1) as a framework for backend development, Active Admin as an administration for RoR, ES6 and SCSS on the frontend, CircleCI for continious integration, Sentry for error tracking, Code climate, Rubocop, couple of tests with Rspec (there should be more) and so on.

What's the current website status?

We are currently doing bugfixes and visual fixes in current version and then we will add some smaller functionalities and enhancements. After that, we have a plan to build another page section, which will be related to Moonlee booking. This will be ready in next few months.

Dälek remixes a Werefox song 'Orange Red', transforming it into a hypnotic mantra!

A Slovenian alternative rock band Werefox joined forces with the U.S. experimental hip-hop group Dälek, who remixed their song ‘Orange Red’ from their latest album ‘Das Lied der Maschinen’ (2016, Moonlee Records). Dälek transformed the original song into a transcendental, meditative 8+ minute odyssey, taking you on a sonic drone journey through an orange red landscape. As the song’s reverb slowly fades out into oblivion, one can’t help but wonder how Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine would have liked the hypnotic sonic mantra you’ve just experienced.

By blending hip-hop with noise, industrial and shoegaze in the late 90’s, Dälek were way ahead of time or their peers, inadvertently “mapping nev continents” for future acts such as Death Grips, Shabazz Palaces, Run The Jewels, etc. Since the group’s beginnings, they have been touring the world extensively, sharing stages with such giants as Tool, Melvins, De La Soul, Isis, Mastodon, The Young Gods, etc., and they were signed by Mike Patton’s label Ipecac. One of Dälek’s more notable collaborations came with the album ‘Derbe Respect, Alder’ (2004, Staudgold), for which they collaborated with the German kratu rock legends Faust – in the same year, Dälek also appeared on the song ‘Weapon of Opportunity’ by the Slovene alternative rock band Psycho-Path, released on the album ‘Désinvoltura’ (2004, More Noise Less Music). Dälek went on a hiatus in 2011, but returned this year with the new album ‘Asphalt for Eden’ (2016, Profound Lore Records).

Dälek (photo by Eric Kjensrud)

Debeli Precjednik and Mašinko searching for the monkey of the year

Croatian punkrockers Debeli Precjednik / Fat Prezident and Mašinko joined forces in the year of the monkey to find the monkey of the year – the result is split album 'Godina Majmuna / Majmun godine' (in english: 'The Year of the Monkey / The Monkey of the Year'), which was released on October 25th 2016 in CD, LP and digital format for slovenian record label Moonlee Records and croatian Dirty Old Label and Dostava Zvuka.

With their new songs, Debeli Precjednik continue where they left off with last EP ‘Povijest bolesti’ (Moonlee Records, 2014). Fast, energetic and catchy punk-rock songs, with hookable guitar riffs and recognizable vocals, jumping between Croatian and English languages, once again prove that Debeli Precjednik are a world-class band. Their side of the album is finished with a surprising remix, shedding new light on the band… This is followed by a blast-off from Mašinko, with their humorous and anthemic melodic punk-rock, sung in Croatian, making sure their melodies stay stuck in your head for the entire day, night, morning. Their songs echoes the best part of bands such as Pasi, Atheist Rap or even Hladno pivo, making their upcoming popularity rise after this album no surprise at all.

The quest for the monkey of the year is now officaly open, and it sadly seems like there are more candidates with each passing year. But at least we now have a perfect soundtrack for it.

Serbian post-punk trio Repetitor on European tour

Two weeks after the release of their new, third album ''Gde ćeš'' (english: Where will you go; Moonlee Records, 2016) serbian garage-postpunk-noise-rock trio Repetitor is heading on european tour which will lead them to Slovakia, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Germany. They will also perform at Le Guess Who Festival in Utrecht on November 10th. Check them out if they play nearby.

Repetitor tour dates:
2.11.2016 @ Trenčin, Luč (SK) - FB event
3.11.2016 @ Brno, Kabinet Muz (CZ) - FB event
4.11.2016 @ Bratislava, tba (SK) - FB event
5.11.2016 @ Rožnov, T Klub (CZ) - FB event
6.11.2016 @ Prague, Klub Famu (CZ) - FB event
7.11.2016 @ Maastricht, Muziekgieterij (NL) - FB event
9.11.2016 @ Amsterdam, OT301 (NL) - FB event
10.11.2016 @ Utrecht, Le Guess Who? (NL) - FB event
11.11.2016 @ searching for a show - help needed!
12.11.2016 @ Pegnitz, Boheim Brewery (DE) - FB event

'Gde ćeš' - New album by serbian post-punk trio Repetitor

Slovenian independent record label Moonlee Records presents new album by serbian garage-postpunk-noise-rock trio Repetitor entitled ''Gde ćeš'' (english: Where will you go) which is released today, on 18th October 2016 as CD, LP and digital format. Possible answer to above question is offering by itself – with invitation to some of Repetitor's performances in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Czech, Slovakia, Netherlands...

Repetitor announced the upcoming third album with the single Beskraj at the end of 2015 and proved the trio simply refuses to depart from their mapped path. Their strongest weapon are their live shows, which influenced also the recording of this album as these 8 new songs were practically recorded in one take, again proving Repetitor's »all or nothing« stance. This also gives the album a primal drive and garage scent. The listener is thundered by a high-voltage wall of sound, bursts of rage, fear, violence, pain and anxiety. On one side, we have Boris Vlastelica psychotically grinding his guitar strings and shredding chords with a punk attitude, soon to twist them into hurricane heavy riffs. On other side, there's playful and bouncy Ana-Marija Cupin, fused with her bass guitar working on cooking a post-punk balm. All of this is glued together by the untamable beast on drums, Milena Milutinović, bittery drumming away like if it's the end of time. In the noisy range of their guitar-based rock echoes The Stooges, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Dead Moon, Suicide, Bikini Kill, Swans, and more – however, Repetitor are so genuine and unique that you can describe their music just by saying »Repetitor«. Together with Savages, Metz, Thee Oh Sees, Girl Band, Future of the Left, A Place To Bury Strangers, Fat White Family, they are plunging on the transversal of the most dangerous rock bands of the moment.

Repetitor live shows:
20.10.2016 @ Ljubljana, Kino Šiška (SI)
21.10.2016 @ Rijeka, Pogon kulture (HR)
29.10.2016 @ Sarajevo, Sloga (RS)
2.11.2016 @ Trenčin, Luč (SK)
3.11.2016 @ Brno, Kabinet Muz (CZ)
4.11.2016 @ Bratislava, tba (SK)
5.11.2016 @ Rožnov, T Klub (CZ)
6.11.2016 @ Prague, Klub Famu (CZ)
9.11.2016 @ Amsterdam, OT301 (NL)
10.11.2016 @ Utrecht, Le Guess Who? (NL)
18.11.2016 @ Krško, MC Krško (SI)
2.12.2016 @ Zagreb, Tvornica Kulture (HR)
3.12.2016 @ Beograd, Dom omladine (RS)
15.12.2016 @ Linz, Stadtwerkstatt (AT)
16.12.2016 @ Nova Gorica, Mostovna (SI)
17.12.2016 @ Kranj, Trainstation (SI)
23.12.2016 @ Skopje, MKC (MK)

Serbian post-punk trio Repetitor presents a new single 'Suženi snovi'

Garage-postpunk-noise-rock trio Repetitor from Belgrade, Serbia, just released a brand new single ‘Suženi snovi’ and announces their upcoming album 'Gde ćeš', to be released in CD and LP format on 18th of October 2016 by the slovenian independent label Moonlee Records.

The single ‘Suženi snovi’ is available for streaming / free download at the Moonlee Bandcamp, as well as at Moonlee's YouTube channel. The new album, containing eight brand new songs, can already be pre-ordered at Mr. Moonlee’s online store.

The previous album 'Dobrodošli na okean' (Moonlee Records, 2012) may have been released already 4 years ago, however, Repetitor were not resting – thanks to their wild and explosive live shows rumors of the untameable rock trio rapidly spread outside the Balkans borders. Through European tours and notable shows at numerous bigger European festivals (Sziget, Exit, Eurosonic, Pohoda, Europavox, Rock For People, Loftas, Stereoleto, INmusic...), performances in Russia and even China, the band confidently gained »must-see« status and jumped at the very top of the bands, which are returning the faith in (punk)rock. In the midst of the touring madness, Repetitor also found the time to record 8 brand new songs for the album 'Gde ćeš', of which some songs you may have already heard at their concerts.

Repetitor’s strongest weapon is their live shows. That is why the band will jump back on stages right after the album's release. After few release parties in ex-YU region, they are heading on short European tour, featuring an appearance at the Le Guess Who? festival in Netherlands, where they will perform alongside such fine bands as Savages, Swans, Dinosaur Jr., Deerhof, Tortoise and many more.

Repetitor live dates:
20.10.2016 @ Ljubljana, Kino Šiška (SI)
21.10.2016 @ Rijeka, Pogon kulture (HR)
29.10.2016 @ Sarajevo, Sloga (RS)
2.11.2016 @ Trenčin, Luč (SK)
3.11.2016 @ Brno, Kabinet Muz (CZ)
4.11.2016 @ Bratislava, tba (SK)
5.11.2016 @ Rožnov, T Klub (CZ)
6.11.2016 @ Prague, Klub Famu (CZ)
9.11.2016 @ Amsterdam, OT301 (NL)
10.11.2016 @ Utrecht, Le Guess Who? (NL)
18.11.2016 @ Krško, MC Krško (SI)
2.12.2016 @ Zagreb, Tvornica Kulture (HR)
3.12.2016 @ Beograd, Dom omladine (RS)
15.12.2016 @ Linz, Stadtwerkstatt (AT)
16.12.2016 @ Nova Gorica, Mostovna (SI)
17.12.2016 @ Kranj, Trainstation (SI)
23.12.2016 @ Skopje, MKC (MK)

Debeli Precjednik announce new album with new video

Croatian punkrockers Debeli Precjednik / Fat Prezident launched a new video/single ''Subotom Kićo, nedjeljom Slabinac'' to announce a new split album Debeli Precjednik / Mašinko (croatian punkrock band), which will be released in autumn in cooperation between slovenian and croatian independent labels Moonlee Records and Dirty Old. Debeli Precjednik produced the video in D.I.Y. manner - they recorded and edited it on their own in their rehearsal room in the company of their friends, t.i. comrade-in-arms in their Saturday-Sunday adventures, which are also inspiration for the song (unfortunately it is not possible to adequately translate song title in English).