Meet the team: Darko

One more guy behind Moonlee records - Darko. When did you begin working for Mr. Moonlee and what is it that you do, exactly? I guess I was there since the beginning of Moonlee Records in 2004, as Miran and I were roommates back then. What I do? Everything that helps the label, I guess. :) My main obligation is taking care of all printing matters. Sometimes I design the artwork for new releases, sometimes posters for gigs and festivals, sometimes pre-press already designed covers, search for cheap and quality printing plants and so on… Your favourite Moonlee releases. Analena is my fave Moonlee Records artist. It just depends on my emotional state if I'll pick Carbon Based or Inconstantinopolis. If I can pick another artist from the roster - I choose Xaxaxa and their albums Siromašni i bogati and Tango revolucioner. Great bands and great friends. Being friends with the Moonlee people is the biggest paycheck you can get in this universe. Last three gigs that you've enjoyed. Converge @ Močvara, Mission of Burma @ Kset and Peach Pit @ Močvara. All in Zagreb. Looking forward to seeing Metz and JSBX soon in Zagreb too! Vinyl, CD or mp3? Vinyl is my first love, since 1982! My parents got me my first record player and my first record (Divlje jagode - Motori) at the age of 5. Vinyl at home, cd in the car and iPod elsewhere. Interests and activities outside of Moonlee Records. I manage a graphic design studio from 9 am to 5 pm, work as a freelance graphic designer from 5 pm to 9 am, play guitar in Cripple and Casino, cook, cycle, go to shows... just an ordinary life of a 35 year old guy who still refuses to grow up. Give us your few current favorite artists. It is always changing but I'll try to list several of my all time favourite records: The Breeders - Pod, Mega City 4 - Tranzophobia, The Jesus Lizard - Goat, Sepultura - Beneath the Remains, Bad Religion - Suffer, Fugazi - In on the Killtaker, Converge - No Heroes, Entombed - Wolverine Blues, Didjits - Hornet Pinata, The Ex - Starters Alternators, Napalm Death - Smear Campaign, Overflow - Dorothy, Minutemen - The Punch Line, Monochrome - Cache... Ask me again in 10 days and the list will be completely different.

The first single off Cripple and Casino's sophomore album is out!

A while ago, we announced that the next Moonlee release will be the new Cripple And Casino album, but you might still be wondering what these folks from Zagreb, Croatia, are about. Cripple and Casino have been around for five years and their music was once well described by a wise man who said, and we quote, eighties vs. nineties vs. now! If you'd prefer a bit of name dropping, imagine what an amalmagation of Sonic Youth, Fugazi, The Jesus Lizard, Les Savy Fav and even Pretty Girls Make Graves would sound like. Done? Good, you're on the right track. Their second LP, named «With High Regards», is a fruit of collaboration between Moonlee Records and Radio is Down and will be out 12th February 2013 on 12“ vinyl and as a free download. It will also be available on tape through Disposable America. In the meantime, we thought we'd offer you a song off the album as a little preview. The song's called «Et Idéal?» and you can listen to it on Bandcamp or Youtube. Or better yet, just download it off our website. As usual, more info regarding the LP will follow when the time comes, and until then, keep calm and rock out to «Et Idéal?»!

New member of the Moonlee family - TRUS!

New year is here and it's time to introduce brand new band, which joined Moonlee family lately – and kabooom! TRUS! it is! TRUS! is rather fresh trio of experienced performers and musicians from Slovenija, which combine varius musical influences into their sound – from garage and punk, through minimal and pop, all the way to electro and jazz. Škrip Orkestra, Vanilla Riot, Kombo Zlatko Kavčič, The Puzzled are references that say a lot and at the same time nothing about this unpredictable gang. Their musicality boils of mighty and powerful outbreaks, while at the same time, also showing feminine side of the band. Last year they took part in Klubski Maraton of Radio Študent and from there you can listen to TRUS!'s first songs or see them live in their studio. Their debut album will come out on TRESK festival in Kino Šiška, Ljubljana on March 14th 2013. But beware – it won't be released on classic phonogram, but rather in a little more innovative format: comic booklet + silk print scarf/bag/t-shirt + download link of TRUS! songs. This experiment will be collaboration between Moonlee Records, TRUS!, Založba Radio Študent, and comic collective Komikaze. But that's not all at all. Comic booklet will be collection of various artist comics/graphics, which will be selected via open call. This means you can also participate in it with your ideas, your crazy imagination, your art. You can find more information about it via Komikaze or Radio Študent. Grab your chance to step into TRUS! world.

Meet the team: Dražen

This installment of "Meet the Team" will introduce you to Dražen, another one of Mr. Moonlee's cronies. When did you begin working for Mr. Moonlee and what is it that you do, exactly? Well, it was about two years ago – somewhere in Winter 2010/2011 when I moved to Ljubljana and started hanging out with Mirkich. I began by managing our social network profiles (mostly Facebook and Twitter) and providing (hopefully) interesting label-related updates for the people. Besides that, I publish news (I will probably publish this one - which is sad), maintain our websites, fix bugs and test new stuff. Every now and then you can also see me behind the Moonlee distro desk. I also have a plan to make a new website for Moonlee records, together with our designer, Karača. But yeah, it's still just a plan. Your favourite Moonlee releases. Hm...tough one. Let's say Xaxaxa – Siromašni i bogati, Debeli Precjednik – Bruto Slavo/VBK, Bernays Propaganda – Happiness Machine and Don’t Mess With Texas – s/t. Last three gigs that you've enjoyed. Both Moonlee festivals in Nova Gorica and Rijeka (I'll consider those a single gig), Godspeed You! Black Emperor at Kino Šiška and Good Riddance, Boysetsfire and A Wilhelm Scream at Punk Rock Holiday. Vinyl, CD or mp3? I love vinyl and I'm trying to get some records that I find really special, I don't have any feelings for CDs and I'm mostly consuming mp3s. Interests and activities outside of Moonlee Records. Still studying at the Faculty of Computer and Information science in Ljubljana, working at Astina as a web developer, cycling to destinations and going to shows. Give us your few current favorite artists. This is changing all the time – but I'll give a shot: Propagandhi, Wipers, Bad Religion, Pygmy Lush, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Bill Callahan, End of a Year, Descendents, Catharsis, Refused, Leatherface, Bob Mould, Japandroids and more and more...

Happy new year with new single from Bernays Propaganda

Tonight, 2012 is coming to an end and it's time to draw the line. And to look back and to look forward. We can say with a smile that 2012 was great for Moonlee Records. We released bunch of great records: Repetitor - Dobrodošli na okean, Xaxaxa - Siromašni i bogati, Debeli Precjednik / Fat Prezident - Bruto Slavo / VBK, In-Sane / Despite Everything – split 10'', and Igraj Slobodno! with various artists doing remixes and covers of Bernays Propaganda songs. Our bands toured a lot and played many awesome shows. We organised few Moonlee festivals and refilled our batteries with good vibes. And sure there was much more, but simply impossible to mention it all. But yes, 2012 treated us nicely. And we hope that upcoming 2013 will be even better. The plans we have make us all thrilled already. Soon we will release new album by post-punkers Cripple And Casino, but let's focus on some other upcoming release. Macedonian danceable post-fpunk combo Bernays Propaganda will release their third album »Zabraneta planeta« in late February 2013. To ease your patience and to offer you a decent new year's present Mr. Moonlee brings you first single off the album. You can listen and download »Pogrešno zname« from Moonlee's Bandcamp. Simply perfect soundtrack for new years party. In any case, Mr. Moonlee and his little helpers wish you all the best in 2013!

15 years of In-Sane

These days, In-Sane are celebrating their 15th anniversary. Most folks would give up after 15% of a century, but not these guys, who are putting on a three day celebration dedicated to... err, themselves. The central part of the celebration will take place in Murska Sobota on 22nd December at the MIKK club, where In-Sane will play a bunch of new and old songs. See the event on Facebook for additional info. There will also be a warmup show in Gornja Radgona (SI) and an afterparty show in Bad Radkersburg (A) with their friends' bands. And now, here's what In-Sane had to say about all of this: INxSANE are celebrating 15 years of playing music together. It all happened on a cold December evening in 1997 when we first hit some chords together in the basement of THE FAT NUNS. 15 years later we have travelled Europe and USA and made hundreds of friends all around the world, playing shows for people in countries we wouldn't have even imagined we would be playing some day. On December 22nd 2012 it's time to celebrate a decade and a half of meeting people, playing music, travels, sleeples nights and wasted days. A day to meet up with all our friends for a great celebration of punk rock and a belief in a better world. A day to celebrate the days passed and the days yet to come. We want all of you to share the moment with us and have a night to remember. We are gonna play songs so embarassing and old you will laugh your asses off. Songs that we will all sing along and stage dive to until we cannot feel our feet anymore. A feast for the heart and soul. Be there, it's gonna be rad! With Love, INxSANE Well, that sums it up. Massive respect to In-Sane and see you there!

Meet the team: Petar

This time, we're presenting you a ... another guy, of course. Ladies and gentleman, this is Petar. When did you begin working for Mr. Moonlee and what is it that you do, exactly? In April 2010, when one of the helpers lied to Mr. Moonlee about my "writing talent". I've been doing release one-sheets ever since, starting with Život Je Raj by Damir Avdić. Less often, I get hired to write something else, and that's about it. Your favourite Moonlee releases. Both Analena albums, Lunar - Turbo, self-titled by Don't Mess With Texas, Cog - Course Over Ground and Storms - We Are Storms. Last three gigs that you've enjoyed. For various reasons, gigs got less enjoyable for me a few years ago, and now I'm rarely seen at any unless my band is playing. If I really had to answer, then I'd say Jean-Michel Jarre last year, Igra Staklenih Perli / Šumovi Protiv Valova this March and just about any Peach Pit gig, anytime. Vinyl, CD or mp3? Vinyl and mp3 - records to satisfy my collecting (hoarding) urges, and when I want to spend some quality time with music only; mp3 for being portable and, well, "free". I've got boxes of CDs waiting to change hands, you know how to find me... Interests and activities outside of Moonlee Records. Mainly playing guitar in Moraines, handling my own record label Dare the Divine, being Mrs. Geenger's page boy at Moonlee's sister label, Geenger Records, and cataloging ex-Yu releases on Discogs. Oh yes, and working on my master's thesis, which somehow always gets mentioned at the end of the list. Give us your few current favorite artists. According to, those are Dubravko Detoni & Acezantez, Neurosis and Ha Det Bra. There's more, but to keep it short I'll just mention my current and also all-time favorites, Juno.

New Repetitor album is here. Dobrodošli na okean!

Back in the days, in former Yugoslavia, 29th November was celebrated as Republic Day. From now on, the same date will be celebrated as the release date of Repetitor's new album, "Dobrodošli na okean". Repetitor's sophomore album, "Dobrodošli na okean" (Welcome To The Ocean), delivers nine tracks of cross-genre ecstasy, packed in a powerful, rocking-your-guts-out interplay of instruments, vocals and the distinctive wall of sound they create together. Heavy and high-energy blend of garage rock, post-punk, stoner and everything in between. The album is available for free download at Bandcamp, where you can also choose your own price and directly support Repetitor and Moonlee Records. True fans can get it also in physical formats - CD and LP in a rich, deluxe gatefold sleeve which makes the nice artwork really stand out. Unfortunately, there is a small delay with the LP, which should arrive around December 15th, but you can still pre-order it at the Moonlee Trade Center. As usually, Repetitor will promote new album with bunch of shows, starting with a short tour through The Netherlands. See the dates below and check them out if they play nearby. It's an experience you won't forget that easily. 04.12.2012 @ Leiden, SUB071 (NL) 05.12.2012 @ Utrecht, ACU (NL) 06.12.2012 @ Eindhoven, PopEi (NL) 07.12.2012 @ Amsterdam, Occii (NL) 08.12.2012 @ Groningen, Lepel Concerts (NL) 14.12.2012 @ Ljubljana, Gala Hala (SI) 15.12.2012 @ Novo Mesto, Lokal Patriot (SI) 20.12.2012 @ Zagreb, Mochvara (HR) 21.12.2012 @ Škofja Loka, Rdeča Ostriga (SI) 22.12.2012 @ Celje, Kino Metropol (SI)

The first single off the new Repetitor album is here!

Finally, Repetitor's new album, “Dobrodošli na okean“, is more or less ready! Today, just at the right time, we are offering you the first single off the album, “U pravom trenutku“, which you can listen to and download at Bandcamp. Hopefully it will ease the wait for the whole album a little bit. Such a great song deserves to be accompanied with a music video – and here it is. It can be viewed on Youtube or Vimeo, your choice. The video was made by Miodrag Cicović (directing & editing) and Ivan Todorovski (camera), while special thanks go to Belgrade's Digimedia studio. The rest will have to wait a bit, as the album will be released on 29th November and available on CD, vinyl and as a free download. As usual, the album release will be followed and promoted by numerous shows in December – a short tour through Holland, and a bunch of shows in Slovenia, Croatia and know the drill. 16.11.2012 @ Banja Luka, Duka Fest (BH) 04.12.2012 @ Leiden, SUB071 (NL) 05.12.2012 @ Utrecht, ACU (NL) 06.12.2012 @ Eindhoven, PopEi (NL) 07.12.2012 @ Amsterdam, Occii (NL) 08.12.2012 @ Groningen, Lepel Concerts (NL) 14.12.2012 @ Ljubljana, Gala Hala (SI) 15.12.2012 @ Novo Mesto, Lokal Patriot (SI) 20.12.2012 @ Zagreb, Mochvara (HR) 21.12.2012 @ Škofja Loka, Rdeča Ostriga (SI) 22.12.2012 @ Celje, Kino Metropol (SI)

Xaxaxa are on the road again!

Shortly after one-month tour through central Europe where Xaxaxa was promotion their new album "Siromašni i bogati", they decided it's time to hit the road again. This time macedonian punkrock trio decided to make a short tour through Serbia, Croatia and Slovenija. As part of the tour they will play also on both Moonlee Records festivals we already rumbled about – Go Moonlee! Fest in Nova Gorica and Moonlee ide na more fest in Rijeka, where they will perform together with some other Moonle buddies (Debeli Precjednik, In-Sane, Nikki Louder and Cripple And Casino). At this point we will just repeat it once again. Xaxaxa has a great new record out and they are brilliant live band, so everyone should know what to do if they rock nearby. Check the dates below. 13.11.2012 @ Niš, Feedback (RS) 14.11.2012 @ Vinkovci, Walkow (HR) 15.11.2012 @ Zabok, Zelena Dvorana (HR) 16.11.2012 @ Nova Gorica, Mostovna (SI) – Go Moonlee! Fest 17.11.2012 @ Rijeka, Klub Place (HR) – Moonlee ide na more fest 18.11.2012 @ Pula, Monteparadiso (HR)

Moonlee festivals in Nova Gorica and Rijeka

You know how those legendary Moonlee festivals always take place in Ljubljana or Zagreb? The big cities? Well, things will be different this time as Mr. Moonlee has decided to go local and set similar fests up also in smaller cities. So, without further ado, we present to you two local Moonlee festivals: The first one, GO Moonlee! Fest, will take place in club Mostovna in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. The date is 16th November. The bands playing are Debeli Precjednik / Fat Prezident, Xaxaxa, In-Sane and the latest addition to our roster, Cripple and Casino. Also, Pigs Parlament will offer some local support. And yes, you are right – this Moonlee fest is pretty much punkrock orientated. Thanks goes to 13. Brat for making it possible. The day after, on 17th November, a somewhat similar lineup will play in Klub Place in Rijeka, Croatia at the Moonlee ide na more (or: Moonlee goes to the Seaside) fest. Once again, the mic will be passed to Debeli Precjednik / Fat Prezident and Xaxaxa, as well as Nikki Louder. And although the mic won't be passed to them as they play instrumental post rock and therefore don't need one, Asheraah will be the local support band. Huge respect for this one goes to Distune Promotion. All in all, do come. The lineup is rad, Mr. Moonlee will show you some new dancing moves, the Moonlee distro will be there, the fun is guaranteed, and all in all, it will be a weekend to remember. Hopefully someone survives to talk about it!

Bernays Propaganda to support The Ex

As you probably know by now, Bernays Propaganda are restless! After 2 LPs, 1 EP and more than 300 shows in the last 3 years, they’re waiting for their new split EP with Norway’s Modern Love, which will be out really soon on French Stonehenge and their own Napravi Zaedno label. So, the offer from the legendary The Ex to play 4 shows with them on their Balkan tour came as a great opportunity to promote the forthcoming split EP live. Try to catch this awesome macedonian post-punk combo on the dates listed below and brace yourself for Bernays Propaganda's new album, scheduled for release sometime in 2013. 22.10.2012 @ Box Club, Sofia (BG) - Alarma jazz punk fest 23.10.2013 @ Control, Bucharest (RO) 25.10.2012 @ KC Rex, Beograd (RS) - Free zone festival 26.10.2012 @ Mochvara, Zagreb (HR)

Moonlee Records' future plans

The end of the world is near and Moonlee Records still shows no signs of stopping! Actually, we've even got plans for the future. So, what will the future bring to the Moonlee camp? Well... stuff. In record releasing-related future, we've got new LPs by Repetitor and Cripple and Casino. Long awaited Repetitor's second album, entitled «Dobrodošli na okean», is currently in mastering process and it should be out in early December – just in time to make everyone's yearly top lists. It will be a blast, we promise. The latest addition to the Moonlee roster, Cripple and Casino, have also recently finished recording their new album, «With High Regards», which will hopefully be out in January 2013. If the world doesn't end by then, of course. More info on both releases soon, and just so you know, other releases are being planned for Winter/Spring 2013, but that's enough info for now. Stay tuned. In late Autumn we will also deliver some Moonlee Records festivals, spread out through the region. The first one, Go Moonlee! Fest, will take place at Mostovna in Nova Gorica, Slovenija on 16th November. A day later, on 17th November, similar fest entitled Moonlee ide na more will take place at Klub Place in Rijeka, Croatia. Oh, the lineups? Well, we always try to present bands that recently released new albums on Moonlee, which means we will see Debeli Precjednik / Fat Prezident, Xaxaxa, In-Sane, Nikki Louder and newcomers Cripple And Casino on stage. As we always say, always have and always will, more info soon. And finally, some of you may ask about the cult Moonleejada fest in Ljubljana. Don't worry, it's still around – expect it sometime in Spring 2013 and brace yourself for some new releases. All in all, if we all make it through, 2013 is going to rule. Until then, take care.

Meet the team: Badanjak

Last time we introduced Mirkich, and now it's time for our little helper Badanjak. When did you begin working for Mr. Moonlee and what is it that you do, exactly? Started in 2006. Stuff i do: PR, handling the Moonlee distribution at gigs/festivals, webshop-mailorder, web stuff, etc. Your favourite Moonlee release's. Analena "Carbon Based" & Lunar "Turbo". Last three gigs that you've enjoyed. Atari Teenage Riot @ Kino Šiška (LJ, SI), Guts Pie Earshot @ AKC Attack! (Zagreb, HR), Bolesno Grinje @ MonteParadiso festival (Pula, HR). Vinyl, CD or mp3? Vinyl & online streaming (Deezer, Bandcamp, Soundcloud,...). Interests and activities outside of Moonlee Records. Working at club Mochvara 24/7. I was part of Geenger Records crew, but I left a few months ago. Listening to music. Riding a bike. Reading comix. Deleting e-mails. I don't watch telly (don't even own one). From 2008. I've been making music (Disbreakz; sounds like rhythmically complex dadaist breakbeat armageddon mixed with everything. Imagine Cher singing with Converge. chaotic, subvert & dissonant az fuck). Sometimes I DJ. Etc. Give us your few current favorite artists. Too many to mention but here it goes: Venetian Snares, Guts Pie Earshot, Ratos De Porao, Tajči, His Hero Is Gone, AOS3, Citizen Fish, Madonna, Bong-Ra, Rotator, Headjam, Atari Teenage Riot, Stacy Q, Botch, Jingo De Lunch, Duško Lokin, Brkovi, Drumcorps, Broken Note, Rachel Wallace, Altern 8, Urban Hype, Run-DMC, Cher,... -> Something to add? I'm young, single and I love to mingle.

New Xaxaxa album hits the streets

So, today is the day – „Siromašni i Bogati“, Xaxaxa's new album, is officially out! The album does not disappoint the least – on the contrary, it's an excellent followup to their first LP, „Tango Revolucioner“. The Rites of Spring/ Hüsker Dü/ Dag Nasty influences are still here, and yet again they're backed with lyrics about social injustice, imposed social norms and carelessness of those in power. The overall sound is actually somewhat more progressive when compared to the first LP and the approach is slightly different, yet Xaxaxa still stick to their guns and deliver sincere and powerful punkrock tunes. But hey, since the album is available for streaming and free download on Bandcamp, forget what we're saying, give the album a listen and find out for yourself. For those of you who like owning physical copies of albums, „Siromašni i Bogati“ is available on CD and vinyl, both of which can be bought at the good ol' Moonlee Trade Center, i.e. our webstore. The last but not least piece of info regarding the new LP, it was released as a joint effort of a number of different independent labels – so, except for Moonlee Records, labels that take responsibility for „Siromašni i Bogati“ are Napravi Zaedno (MK, the band's own label), Prügelprinz Records (DE), DHP AK47 (HR) and Gaphals (SE). As mentioned in earlier installments of Moonlee Records news, Xaxaxa will embark on a European tour to promote the album, and they'll be sharing the van with their friends and fellow countrymen known as SIZ. The dates are below and you know the drill. 08.09.2012 @ Klub Fest, Beograd (RS) 09.09.2012 @ Klub Attack, Zagreb (HR) 11.09.2012 @ Klub Gromka, Ljubljana (SI) 12.09.2012 @ MC Pekarna, Maribor (SI) 13.09.2012 @ Sub, Graz (AT) 14.09.2012 @ tba, Vienna (AT) 15.09.2012 @ Boogie Bar, Trenčin (SK) 16.09.2012 @ Boro club, Brno (CZ) 18.09.2012 @ Cafe na Pul Cesty, Prague (CZ) 19.09.2012 @ Szabad As A, Budapest (HU) 20.09.2012 @ Hafenklang, Hamburg (DE) 21.09.2012 @ AZ Conni, Dresden (DE) 22.09.2012 @ Zoro festival, Leipzig (DE) 23.09.2012 @ Koma F, Berlin (DE) 25.09.2012 @ Black Fleck, Potsdam (DE) 27.09.2012 @ Glockenbachwerkstatt, Munich (DE) 28.09.2012 @ Desert, Lausane (CH) 29.09.2012 @ tba (CH) 30.09.2012 @ tba (CH) 02.10.2012 @ L’Aquil, Casematte (IT) 03.10.2012 @ tba, Rietti (IT) 04.10.2012 @ MKC, Koper (SI) 05.10.2012 @ Channel Zero, Ljubljana (SI) 06.10.2012 @ CK13, Novi Sad (RS)

The new XAXAXA album is ready!

The new XAXAXA album, entitled «Siromašni i Bogati», is ready, believe it or not. Even though the official release date is set to September 8th, the album is already available for streaming and download through Bandcamp, where you can also name-your-own price and show support. Also, you can preorder the album on CD or vinyl through the almighty Moonlee Trade Center, so don't hesitate to do so and become the first in your hood to own a phsyical copy of the album. As usual, the album release will be accompanied by a European tour and the dates will be announced pretty soon.

In-Sane - Endless Summer Tour 2012

Hmm, this sounds as if we've seen it before. Anyway, after having a blast at Punk Rock Holiday, In-Sane are touring Europe for the who-knows-which time. This tour will take them to Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and even the UK, where they will play all shows alongside some English gentlmen known as Pure Graft. Since In-Sane have really made a name for themselves, we're not going to waste time and space writing about what they're like and what they play, so let's just say that if you like energetic and heartfelt punk rock, definitely check these guys out. Here are the dates: 24.08. Ajdovscina(SI) @ Baza 25.08. Ravne Pri Cerknem(SI) @ KUD Zora 28.08. Ravensburg(D) @ Cafe Balthes 29.08. Mannheim(D) @ JUZ 30.08. Eindhoven(NL) @ Kafee Aloys 31.08. Le Havre(F) @ Le Mac Daids 01.09. Cambridge(UK) @ The Cornerhouse * 02.09. London (UK) @ The Black Heart * 03.09. Gateshead(UK) @ The Central * 04.09. Sheffield(UK) @ The Red House * 05.09. Southsea(UK) @ TBA. * 06.09. Swansea (UK) @ Mozarts * 07.09. Lille(F) @ L'Imposture 08.09. Geluwe(B) @ Randomfest 09.09. Mechelen(B) @ Panique D'o * - with Pure Graft

Meet the team: Mirkich

"Meet the team" is a new section on our website and it's here for one simple reason - to prove you that there's no robots behind Moonlee Records. We're going to introduce you with our team members by asking them few simple and interesting questions that you can read below. This is first part of "Meet the team" and of course, it's reserved for one of Moonlee Records founder - the one and only Mirkich. When did you begin working for Mr. Moonlee and what is it that you do, exactly? I'm one of the founders of Moonlee Records (back in 2004) and the main engine behind everything around Moonlee world. Brains, muscles and everything else. And my question to answer your second question is - Is there anything that I don't do at Moonlee? :) Your favourite Moonlee release's. I heard every mother should love all its children the same. Therefore it's hard/impossible to pick the favourite one. But still, if I need to I would pick Analena - Carbon Based, simply because you cannot forget the first one, even more if it is from your own band. Huh, those were times..... :D Last three gigs that you've enjoyed. Fluff Fest in Czech Rep (too many bands to mention), Pandamonium Fest in Koper (Nikki Louder, Graf Orlock, Deer In The Headlights, It’s Everyone Else), Incurabili and Inner Terrestrial in Ljubljana.... Funny mix. :) Vinyl, CD or mp3? Funny question. Vinyl, of course. But mp3 can be handy as well. Interests and activities outside of Moonlee Records. To earn for a living I work in a small company, mostly preparing strategic environmental assessment studies for various spatial plans. Sounds weird I know. Playing guitar in Analena. Music. Cooking. Music. Chess. Laughting at my own jokes. Being always in action. Not sleeping enough. Music. Make a mixtape based on your current favourites. Mixtape? What's that?! Ah, you mean compilations to charm girls. Being happily married for years I guess I will skip this.... :) Ok ok, got it. It's not a secret - Envy is my favourite, so you can just shuffle their discography.... Ok ok, maybe, just maybe, I will try to prepare the fixtape one day. As a surprise.

First single from new Xaxaxa album

We announced new Xaxaxa's album "Siromašni i bogati" already some time ago. It will be a blast. Now it's time to show some proof, therefore we present you first single from their new album - "Probav da se isklučam". You can download it from our site or from Moonlee Bandcamp, which offers you also streaming option. There's also a Youtube link that you can stream above. Check it out. Xaxaxa's "Siromašni i bogati" will be released on September 8th as a CD and LP, as cooperation of bunch of European labels. Album will be available also as a free download, of course. And as usually, Macedonian punkrock trio will promote their new record with month-long tour through Central Europe. We will give you more info about that on time. Stay tuned, and soon you will be able to enjoy the whole album. As we said before – it will be a blast!

New Xaxaxa album is in print!

Believe it or not, but the Macedonian punkrock trio known as Xaxaxa have recorded a new LP and it's at the pressing plant as we speak. The new album, entitled "Siromašni i Bogati", will officially be released September 8th on Moonlee Records and a number of other labels. As for the music, not much is new - Xaxaxa still play driving and emotional punk rock in the vein of Hüsker Dü, Rites of Spring and Dag Nasty. Fans of such bands, take note. As usual for these road warriors, a European tour will follow the album release. More info will follow soon and you'll also be able to listen to the first single off the album. Until then, take care and stay tuned.