Banana Split – a double portion of Kleemar and TRUS! singles

It's almost holiday season and Mr. Moonlee's offering up two singles as a preview of his next release, the »Banana Split«, on which TRUS! and Kleemar will be joining forces! Kleemar, a.k.a. Matej Končan, the enfant terrible of Slovene IDM electro and ex-keyboardist of Lollobrigida, presents his first single, »Made in My Hand«, which brings a subtle, dreamy soundscape bathed in the melancholy of Prekmurje. On the other hand, TRUS! are offering the dynamic and playful »Movie Star«, which proves that this Slovene trio still radiates a special creative energy and freshness, which we've been amazed by since their debut release, First Step. »Banana Split« will be released on 17th December 2013 by Moonlee Records and God Bless This Mess as a 12'' vinyl and free download. The release party will take place on 20th December 2013 at Gromka, Ljubljana, and 21st December at MIKK in Murska Sobota. Also, TRUS! and Kleemar have prepared a special surprise for these occasions, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Mr. Moonlee's next stop – Banana Split with Kleemar and TRUS!

Mr. Moonlee proudly announces his new release - sweet vinyl split album “Banana split” featuring Kleemar and TRUS!. The recipe is simple; take one banana and cut it on the half, one half should be garnished with crushed organic samples and sound bits of an analogue synthesisers, the other half with roasted post-punk and crunchy trash-pop. Serve it on vinyl plate. Kleemar’s reputation of being the enfant terrible of slovenian IDM electronics will finally come at its peak. Waiting it for 10 years, here it is: his debut album! Armed with the mixture of melodic post-rock and electronical dance sound expressions Kleemar (Matej Končan) is ready to occupy clubs as well as your record player. TRUS! suddenly appeared on slovenian music scene as a surprise in 2012 and already in 2013 presented their debut “First step”, an eclectical mixture of different genres, once again defined on the upcoming album as their unique musical expression. Along with their positive energy and striking appearance we are really looking forward to present you their new material. Moonlee Records and God Bless This Mess are warning you: Beware of Banana split - mind the mischievous wordplay and watch your step! There might be some banana peels on the ground this winter!

GO Moonlee! Fest in Nova Gorica

Ta-daaaa! It's time for another episode of Moonlee Records festival! This time we are going back to Nova Gorica, where we had a blast last year. Check out the video report to bring back the memories. Anyway, the past is nice, but let's look into the future – GO Moonlee! Fest will take place on Saturday, October 12th 2013, at Mostovna in Nova Gorica. And who will rock your Saturday night away? Repetitor will show once more how garage post-punk can still be fully energetic experience. Macedonian post-punks Bernays Propaganda, who are still on tour, will mix together danceble, tight and noise tunes. The title of the noisiest and most chaotic band will probably be taken by Nikki Louder, whereas TRUS! will present their charming garage-lo-fi-trash-jazzy-punk mix. Local support will be given by stoner/hardcore Iamdisease. There will be also Moonlee Records and Indie-Grad merch tables, and last but not least - Mr. Moonlee messing around with his irresistible charm. Oh yeah, it will be a hell of a party. Welcome. GO Moonlee! Fest 2013 @ GO Moonlee! Fest 2013 @ Facebook

Bernays Propaganda on the road...again!

As you probably heard Macedonian post-punk combo Bernays Propaganda released their third full length album Zabraneta Planeta in spring, which was accompanied by huge 9-weeks long tour through Europe. And it seems they are still restless regarding promoting their new record, since they are on the road again. Only 6 weeks this time, but on the other hand it will lead them to some unexplored grounds in the eastern Europe. Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia are on the map this time. Impressive...once again. Bernays Propaganda rocks! Check the dates.

New Nikki Louder album «Golden Men» is out!

Today is the day! Day full of noise! Which means Mr. Moonlee is celebrating release of another fine new record – third full length album from slovenian noise-rockers Nikki Louder, entitled «Golden Men». «Golden Men» is available on CD, 12“ vinyl and as a free download. You can get physical copies via the Moonlee Trade Center, whereas downloads should be handled at Bandcamp. The release is a cooperation between Moonlee Records and Založba Radio Študent. Release party is scheduled for friday, April 19th 2013 in Menza pri koritu, Ljubljana, where Barka Tone In Bele Plombe will play along Nikki Louder, while Djane Vaservaga & DJ Augenmas will challenge your dancing skills. It will be a blast. And yes, sure, what does new Nikki Louder album brings? Well, "Golden Men" can still be loosely defined as post-punky instrument-slaughtering noise rock, elements of chaotic wall-of-sound textures are still present, and thundering rhythm section still forms thick and solid base over which noisy guitars and screaming vocals dance wildly. However, new Nikki Louder album sounds a bit more straightforward and less hermetic than before, the songs have a certain ethereal color and are somehow more concrete, and as such the album will probably be a step more digestible to those used to a more "classical" noise-rock approach. But don’t be mislead – "Golden Men" is by no means less heavy and intense from its predecessors. No way. Check it out for yourself at Bandcamp.

«Golden Men» - first single off new Nikki Louder album

Sure, Mr. Moonlee keep on rolling and delivering new records! Next week Moonlee will release new album from slovenian chaotic noise-rockers Nikki Louder entitled «Golden Men», which will come out as CD and LP, as well as free download. You know the deal. Already today you can check the first single «Golden Men» at Youtube or Bandcamp, where you can also download it. Get yourself a good dose of eclecticism and noise. What else to say? Let's just give you a hint. «Golden Men» is so similar, and yet so different than the previous albums, and it reminds us why we love Nikki Louder so much and gives a good perspective on how a band progresses smoothly and naturally when its members are packed with inexhaustible energy and creativity. For more you have to wait few more days. Stay tuned!

Storms & Cripple And Casino touring Europe

Well, the title is pretty self-explanatory – these two Moonlee bands are about to embark on a joint European tour, the first and hopefully not the last. The nine-day tour will take Storms and Cripple Casino through Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and Slovenia, so if you're anywhere near, feel free to drop by and see this post-rock vs. noise-rock battle live!

05.04.2013 @ Budapest, Szféra Klub (HU) 06.04.2013 @ Linz, Kapu (AT) 07.04.2013 @ Brno, Boro (CZ) 08.04.2013 @ Prag, Cafe na pul cesty (CZ) 09.04.2013 @ Heilbronn, Mobilat (DE) 10.04.2013 @ Mannheim, JUZ (DE) 11.04.2013 @ Freiburg, White Rabbit (DE) 12.04.2013 @ Vienna, Fluc (AT) 13.04.2013 @ Bled, Kult (SI)

TRUS! debut album is out!

Tresk! Trusk! TRUS! Debut album »First Step« from slovenian trio TRUS! was released in an experimental format on March 14th 2013 by Moonlee Records and Založba Radio Študent. “First Step” is conceived as an experiment and isn’t available as a classic phonogram, but as a free download only, which makes their music available to everyone. Since this by itself isn’t that special, TRUS! also attacks on the visual front – with an interesting booklet featuring drawings by twelve different artists. The booklet, which includes a download link and lyrics, is nicely packed by TRUS! merchandise (t-shirt, cotton bag or scarf), and all this presents TRUS!’s debut album. But TRUS! is not only a conceptual band, since along with an interesting form, they also offer exciting musical content. The diversity of their musical backgrounds is obvious in their songs, where they flow between hectic powerful outbursts, calm sensual atmospheres, joyful exuberance and back. In this enigmatic sound wall you can recognise influences from bands such as Deerhoof, Bilk, Milemarker, Stereolab and Trans Am, but it still doesn’t cover all the aspects and richness of their music. Ironically, TRUS! like to keep things concrete and describe themselves with this formula: TRUS! = 45% Alter, 20% Garage, 17% Punk, 10% SynthRock, 8% Electro New Wave. As already said »First Step« by TRUS! is available for free download via Bandcamp,but you can also get yourself it in the form of t-shirt, cotton bag or scarf at Moonlee Trade Center. You know the deal and the drill. TRUS!

Bernays Propaganda's 9-week Euro tour

Yeah, it's not a typo – in few days Bernays Propaganda are really embarking on a 9-week tour through Europe, on which they'll be promoting their third and brand new LP, «Zabraneta Planeta». Anyway, dates speak more than words so check those below and go see Bernays Propaganda if they come near your town, which they probably will. 14.03.2013 @ Thessaloniki, Micropolis (GR) 15.03.2013 @ Larissa (GR) 16.03.2013 @ Athens (GR) 17.03.2013 @ Patras, Prokat35 (GR) 19.03.2013 @ Polignano a Mare (IT) 20.03.2013 @ Napoli, Perditempo Dante (IT) 21.03.2013 @ Roma, Ateneo (IT) 22.03.2013 @ L’Aquila, Casematte (IT) 23.03.2013 @ Castiglione delle Stiviere, Arci Dallň (IT) 24.03.2013 @ Bologna, Atlantide (IT) 26.03.2013 @ Torino, Asilo (IT) 27.03.2013 @ Geneva, L'ecurie (CH) 28.03.2013 @ Lausanne, Desert (CH) 29.03.2013 @ St. Etienne, Bar le Misanthrope (FR) 30.03.2013 @ Grenoble, La Baf (FR) 31.03.2013 @ Lyon, Grrnd Zero (FR) 02.04.2013 @ Marseille, La Salle Gueule (FR) 03.04.2013 @ Toulose (FR) 04.04.2013 @ Barcelona, Blokes Fantasma (ES) 05.04.2013 @ Zaragoza (ES) 06.04.2013 @ Madrid (ES) 07.04.2013 @ Lisboa (PO) 08.04.2013 @ Porto, Casa Viva (PO) 09.04.2013 @ Cantabria, Astrurias (ES) 10.04.2013 @ Cantabria (ES) 11.04.2013 @ Zarautz, Putzuzulo gaztetxea 12.04.2013 @ Bordeaux, L'Athenee Libertaire (FR) 13.04.2013 @ Marmande, Le Buffet De La Gare (FR) 14.04.2013 @ Paris, Le Chinois (FR) 16.04.2013 @ Deux-Acren, Le Batiment (BE) 17.04.2013 @ Gent, Kinky Star (BE) 18.04.2013 @ Brussels, La Compilothčque (BE) 19.04.2013 @ Amsterdam, Vrankrijk (NL) 20.04.2013 @ Nijmegen, Deonderbroek (NL) 21.04.2013 @ Manheim, JUZ (DE) 23.04.2013 @ Giessen, AK44 (DE) 24.04.2013 @ Bremen, Sielwallhaus (DE) 25.04.2013 @ Hamburg (DE) 26.04.2013 @ Leipzig, Gießer (DE) 27.04.2013 @ Aarhus, Backstage (DK) 28.04.2013 @ Aalborg, 1000Fryd (DK) 30.04.2013 @ Oslo, Blitz (NO) 01.05.2013 @ Bergen (NO) 02.05.2013 @ Oslo, Endless Tinnitus Studios (NO) (Xaxaxa) 03.05.2013 @ Stockholm (SE) 04.05.2013 @ Umea, Verket (SE) 05.05.2013 @ Lulea, FG7 (SE) 06.05.2013 @ Oulu (FI) 07.05.2013 @ Tampere, Vastavirta (FI) 08.05.2013 @ Helsinki, Lepakkomies (FI) 09.05.2013 @ Tallin, Ylase 12 (ET) 10.05.2013 @ Riga, Nabaklav (LV) 11.05.2013 @ Vilnius (LT) 12.05.2013 @ Warsawa, Przychodnia (PL) 13.05.2013 @ Lublin, Tectura (PL) 14.05.2013 @ Krakow, Kawarnia Naukova (PL) 15.05.2013 @ Brno, Boro (CZ) 16.05.2013 @ Bratislava, Obluda (SK) 17.05.2013 @ Vienna, AU (AT) 18.05.2013 @ Zagreb, Mochvara (HR) 19.05.2013 @ Zrenjanin, KC (RS)

Moonleejada 2013 – Moonlee Records Festival

Hooray, Moonleejada is back! This time, the Moonlee Records festival will take place on Saturday, March 9th, at Gala Hala, Ljubljana. Who’s gonna play, you might ask and we’ll tell you: Macedonian post-punks Bernays Propaganda will present their new album, “Zabraneta Planeta”. After a long break, the mighty screamers known as Analena will hit the stage once again. Another new album (“With High Regards”) will be promoted by Cripple And Casino, noise/post-punks from Zagreb. The title of the noisiest and most chaotic band will probably be taken by Nikki Louder, whereas Trus! will present their charming garage-lo-fi-trash-jazzy-punk mix. DJ Brat in Sestra will take care of the afterparty, which will last until the wee hours of the morning, and Mr. Moonlee will be there as well, dancing, screaming and cheering everyone up! To sum it up, we expect it to be a blast, as always. Word. Moonleejada 2013 @ Moonleejada 2013 @ Facebook

TRUS! launch their first single «Calling For Reason»

Some time ago we introduced TRUS!, the latest band on Moonlee Records, and now it's time to launch their first single, «Calling For Reason», from their debut album, entitled »First Step«, which will be out on March 14th 2013. You can listen to «Calling For Reason» on Youtube or Bandcamp, where you can also download the song. For free, of course. Don't forget to turn up your stereo and jump all over the place, as it's time to surprise your neighbours once again. Wake up, wake up! As we've already announced, TRUS!'s debut album won't be released as a classic phonogram, but in an experimental and innovative format: comic booklet + screen printed scarf/bag/t-shirt + a download link of TRUS! songs. It will be released on March 14th 2013 by Moonlee Records and Založba Radio Študent during the TRESK festival at Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, where TRUS! will play along with Moveknowledgement, Dežurni krivci, Incurabili, Coma Stereo, It's Everyone Else and DJ Borka. Last but not least - on March 9th TRUS! will also play at Moonleejada 2013 – the Moonlee Records Festival at Gala Hala, where they will play together with label comrades Analena, Bernays Propaganda, Nikki Louder and Cripple And Casino.

Bernays Propaganda's Zabraneta Planeta is out there!

Well, looks like Bernays Propaganda's new and third LP, «Zabraneta Planeta», is now officially out. On the new album, Bernays Propaganda still cling to their charming danceable post-punk formula, but unlike their previous two records, «Zabraneta Planeta» («Forbidden Planet«) is somewhat less «disco» and more post punkish and noisy. It's basically a more mature record, that will grow on you more and more every time you listen to it. The record is available on CD, 12“ vinyl and as a free download. You can get physical copies via the Moonlee Trade Center, whereas downloads should be handled at Bandcamp. And, as usual with Bernays Propaganda, their new album is a collaboration of different labels - this time, it's Moonlee Records, Napravi Zaedno, MKC and Prügelprinz Records that have joined forces. «Zabraneta Planeta» will be promoted by a couple of shows in the region, and afterwards, these road warriors will embark on a 9-week (!) European tour. Beat that! More info about the tour soon.

New Cripple and Casino album is out

We are happy to announce that the new album by Croatians post-punkers Cripple And Casino, entitled «With High Regards», is finally released. Cripple and Casino base their sound upon the rich legacy of American independent rock, with influences ranging from Sonic Youth to Jawbox and Girls Against Boys, to name a few. However, they're not the ones to wear these influences on their sleeve as they've developed a very unique sound of their own, and «With High Regards» is a prime example of that. Noisy post punk aesthetics is obvious - half-spoken, half-shouted and half-sung female vocals, a strong blend of caustic, angular riffing around rumbling bass lines and plenty of spacious rhythm breaks. Kinda like their friends Analena. The ten songs on this album act as little stories with abstract yet spot-on and thought-out lyrics, backed by noisy, dischordant and loud music. A document of sophisticated audio violence, if you will. «With High Regards» is released on 12“ vinyl only and as a joint effort by Moonlee Records and Radio is Down. As usually the album is also available for free download via Bandcamp, with name-your-price option for true supporters. But please note, that the great artwork, which was done by Tim Harrington of Les Savy Fav fame, shows its whole beauty on physical release. Last but not least, Cripple and Casino will hold release party in Zagreb on February 22nd in Polukružna dvorana Teatra &TD, while release party in Ljubljana is scheduled for March 9th on Moonleejada – Moonlee Records Festival 2013 in Gala Hala, where they will play together with label comrades Analena, Bernays Propaganda, Nikki Louder and Trus!

The second single off Bernays Propaganda's upcoming album is out!

That's right! The new Bernays Propaganda song is called «Bar Kultura» and will appear on their third full-length album, «Zabraneta Planeta», the release of which is scheduled for 26th February. You can listen to and download «Bar Kultura» either on Bandcamp or the Moonlee website. Oh, and in case you've missed the first single off the album, «Pogrešno Zname», give it a listen on, say, Youtube. And last but not least, we'll soon start taking pre-orders for «Zabraneta Planeta». Expect Bernays Propaganda's signature new wave/post-punk sound with a strong danceable basis, firm drum beats accompanied by groovy bass lines, upon which layers of noisy and disharmonic guitar chords are played, although less funky and herky-jerky than before. Stay tuned!

Meet the team: Darko

One more guy behind Moonlee records - Darko. When did you begin working for Mr. Moonlee and what is it that you do, exactly? I guess I was there since the beginning of Moonlee Records in 2004, as Miran and I were roommates back then. What I do? Everything that helps the label, I guess. :) My main obligation is taking care of all printing matters. Sometimes I design the artwork for new releases, sometimes posters for gigs and festivals, sometimes pre-press already designed covers, search for cheap and quality printing plants and so on… Your favourite Moonlee releases. Analena is my fave Moonlee Records artist. It just depends on my emotional state if I'll pick Carbon Based or Inconstantinopolis. If I can pick another artist from the roster - I choose Xaxaxa and their albums Siromašni i bogati and Tango revolucioner. Great bands and great friends. Being friends with the Moonlee people is the biggest paycheck you can get in this universe. Last three gigs that you've enjoyed. Converge @ Močvara, Mission of Burma @ Kset and Peach Pit @ Močvara. All in Zagreb. Looking forward to seeing Metz and JSBX soon in Zagreb too! Vinyl, CD or mp3? Vinyl is my first love, since 1982! My parents got me my first record player and my first record (Divlje jagode - Motori) at the age of 5. Vinyl at home, cd in the car and iPod elsewhere. Interests and activities outside of Moonlee Records. I manage a graphic design studio from 9 am to 5 pm, work as a freelance graphic designer from 5 pm to 9 am, play guitar in Cripple and Casino, cook, cycle, go to shows... just an ordinary life of a 35 year old guy who still refuses to grow up. Give us your few current favorite artists. It is always changing but I'll try to list several of my all time favourite records: The Breeders - Pod, Mega City 4 - Tranzophobia, The Jesus Lizard - Goat, Sepultura - Beneath the Remains, Bad Religion - Suffer, Fugazi - In on the Killtaker, Converge - No Heroes, Entombed - Wolverine Blues, Didjits - Hornet Pinata, The Ex - Starters Alternators, Napalm Death - Smear Campaign, Overflow - Dorothy, Minutemen - The Punch Line, Monochrome - Cache... Ask me again in 10 days and the list will be completely different.

The first single off Cripple and Casino's sophomore album is out!

A while ago, we announced that the next Moonlee release will be the new Cripple And Casino album, but you might still be wondering what these folks from Zagreb, Croatia, are about. Cripple and Casino have been around for five years and their music was once well described by a wise man who said, and we quote, eighties vs. nineties vs. now! If you'd prefer a bit of name dropping, imagine what an amalmagation of Sonic Youth, Fugazi, The Jesus Lizard, Les Savy Fav and even Pretty Girls Make Graves would sound like. Done? Good, you're on the right track. Their second LP, named «With High Regards», is a fruit of collaboration between Moonlee Records and Radio is Down and will be out 12th February 2013 on 12“ vinyl and as a free download. It will also be available on tape through Disposable America. In the meantime, we thought we'd offer you a song off the album as a little preview. The song's called «Et Idéal?» and you can listen to it on Bandcamp or Youtube. Or better yet, just download it off our website. As usual, more info regarding the LP will follow when the time comes, and until then, keep calm and rock out to «Et Idéal?»!

New member of the Moonlee family - TRUS!

New year is here and it's time to introduce brand new band, which joined Moonlee family lately – and kabooom! TRUS! it is! TRUS! is rather fresh trio of experienced performers and musicians from Slovenija, which combine varius musical influences into their sound – from garage and punk, through minimal and pop, all the way to electro and jazz. Škrip Orkestra, Vanilla Riot, Kombo Zlatko Kavčič, The Puzzled are references that say a lot and at the same time nothing about this unpredictable gang. Their musicality boils of mighty and powerful outbreaks, while at the same time, also showing feminine side of the band. Last year they took part in Klubski Maraton of Radio Študent and from there you can listen to TRUS!'s first songs or see them live in their studio. Their debut album will come out on TRESK festival in Kino Šiška, Ljubljana on March 14th 2013. But beware – it won't be released on classic phonogram, but rather in a little more innovative format: comic booklet + silk print scarf/bag/t-shirt + download link of TRUS! songs. This experiment will be collaboration between Moonlee Records, TRUS!, Založba Radio Študent, and comic collective Komikaze. But that's not all at all. Comic booklet will be collection of various artist comics/graphics, which will be selected via open call. This means you can also participate in it with your ideas, your crazy imagination, your art. You can find more information about it via Komikaze or Radio Študent. Grab your chance to step into TRUS! world.

Meet the team: Dražen

This installment of "Meet the Team" will introduce you to Dražen, another one of Mr. Moonlee's cronies. When did you begin working for Mr. Moonlee and what is it that you do, exactly? Well, it was about two years ago – somewhere in Winter 2010/2011 when I moved to Ljubljana and started hanging out with Mirkich. I began by managing our social network profiles (mostly Facebook and Twitter) and providing (hopefully) interesting label-related updates for the people. Besides that, I publish news (I will probably publish this one - which is sad), maintain our websites, fix bugs and test new stuff. Every now and then you can also see me behind the Moonlee distro desk. I also have a plan to make a new website for Moonlee records, together with our designer, Karača. But yeah, it's still just a plan. Your favourite Moonlee releases. Hm...tough one. Let's say Xaxaxa – Siromašni i bogati, Debeli Precjednik – Bruto Slavo/VBK, Bernays Propaganda – Happiness Machine and Don’t Mess With Texas – s/t. Last three gigs that you've enjoyed. Both Moonlee festivals in Nova Gorica and Rijeka (I'll consider those a single gig), Godspeed You! Black Emperor at Kino Šiška and Good Riddance, Boysetsfire and A Wilhelm Scream at Punk Rock Holiday. Vinyl, CD or mp3? I love vinyl and I'm trying to get some records that I find really special, I don't have any feelings for CDs and I'm mostly consuming mp3s. Interests and activities outside of Moonlee Records. Still studying at the Faculty of Computer and Information science in Ljubljana, working at Astina as a web developer, cycling to destinations and going to shows. Give us your few current favorite artists. This is changing all the time – but I'll give a shot: Propagandhi, Wipers, Bad Religion, Pygmy Lush, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Bill Callahan, End of a Year, Descendents, Catharsis, Refused, Leatherface, Bob Mould, Japandroids and more and more...

Happy new year with new single from Bernays Propaganda

Tonight, 2012 is coming to an end and it's time to draw the line. And to look back and to look forward. We can say with a smile that 2012 was great for Moonlee Records. We released bunch of great records: Repetitor - Dobrodošli na okean, Xaxaxa - Siromašni i bogati, Debeli Precjednik / Fat Prezident - Bruto Slavo / VBK, In-Sane / Despite Everything – split 10'', and Igraj Slobodno! with various artists doing remixes and covers of Bernays Propaganda songs. Our bands toured a lot and played many awesome shows. We organised few Moonlee festivals and refilled our batteries with good vibes. And sure there was much more, but simply impossible to mention it all. But yes, 2012 treated us nicely. And we hope that upcoming 2013 will be even better. The plans we have make us all thrilled already. Soon we will release new album by post-punkers Cripple And Casino, but let's focus on some other upcoming release. Macedonian danceable post-fpunk combo Bernays Propaganda will release their third album »Zabraneta planeta« in late February 2013. To ease your patience and to offer you a decent new year's present Mr. Moonlee brings you first single off the album. You can listen and download »Pogrešno zname« from Moonlee's Bandcamp. Simply perfect soundtrack for new years party. In any case, Mr. Moonlee and his little helpers wish you all the best in 2013!

15 years of In-Sane

These days, In-Sane are celebrating their 15th anniversary. Most folks would give up after 15% of a century, but not these guys, who are putting on a three day celebration dedicated to... err, themselves. The central part of the celebration will take place in Murska Sobota on 22nd December at the MIKK club, where In-Sane will play a bunch of new and old songs. See the event on Facebook for additional info. There will also be a warmup show in Gornja Radgona (SI) and an afterparty show in Bad Radkersburg (A) with their friends' bands. And now, here's what In-Sane had to say about all of this: INxSANE are celebrating 15 years of playing music together. It all happened on a cold December evening in 1997 when we first hit some chords together in the basement of THE FAT NUNS. 15 years later we have travelled Europe and USA and made hundreds of friends all around the world, playing shows for people in countries we wouldn't have even imagined we would be playing some day. On December 22nd 2012 it's time to celebrate a decade and a half of meeting people, playing music, travels, sleeples nights and wasted days. A day to meet up with all our friends for a great celebration of punk rock and a belief in a better world. A day to celebrate the days passed and the days yet to come. We want all of you to share the moment with us and have a night to remember. We are gonna play songs so embarassing and old you will laugh your asses off. Songs that we will all sing along and stage dive to until we cannot feel our feet anymore. A feast for the heart and soul. Be there, it's gonna be rad! With Love, INxSANE Well, that sums it up. Massive respect to In-Sane and see you there!