Nikki Louder - MP3 #2, album release party and preorders

Hey everyone! As you may have guessed, there's stuff going on at the Nikki Louder camp, and it's related to their new album, "Our World Died Yesterday"!

So, first of all, the album will be out in a couple of days. It will rule. There will a promo show, so if you're near, come see the guys play/slay on 29th April at Menza pri Koritu, Ljubljana. Here, check a video teaser on Vimeo. In the meantime, head on over to Bandcamp, where you can listen to the album in its entirety and even buy a digital download. And, of course, feel free to download another song off the album, "Hips Like Elvis".

Bernays Propaganda will support Handsome Furs in Balkan area

Just to let you know, Bernays Propaganda will play a couple of regional shows together with the Handsome Furs.

For the ill-informed, the Handsome Furs are an awesome Canadian indie rock duo featuring Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade fame and his wife, Alexei Perry. The dates are listed below, so drop by if you get a chance. Peace out. 26.04.2011 @ KLUB 21, PRIŠTINA (KOSOVO) 27.04.2011 @ SOUL 2 SOUL, PODGORICA (MNE) 28.04.2011 @ ORLANDO, DUBROVNIK (HR) 29.04.2011 @ SLOGA, SARAJEVO (BIH)

XAXAXA - Tango Revolucioner LP/CD is out!

Believe it or not, but XAXAXA's debut album,"Tango Revolucioner", is finally out! In case the name doesn't ring a bell, XAXAXA is three members of Bernays Propaganda playing Rites of Spring, Hüsker Dü and Wipers-influenced punk rock tunes. Sounds good? Well, it actually IS good... no, great! Anyways, if you'd like to hear the album, head on over to Moonlee Bandcamp - that's where you can listen to it and even buy it in various digital formats. Wheee! In case you're old school and prefer physical copies of albums, no problem, "Tango Revolucioner" is also available on CD and vinyl. Buy a CD via PayPal (10 EUR postpaid) or buy an LP via PayPal (15 EUR postpaid). If you happen to live in the Balkans, just send an e-mail with your order to By the way, this release was a joint operation: the vinyl version was produced by Moonlee Records (SI/HR), Prügelprinz Records (D), Thrashbastard Records (D), Gaphals (S), Napravi Zaedno (MK), Doomtown Records (CRO) and DHP AK47 (HR). The CD version was done by just Moonlee Records and Napravi Zaedno. There. Oh, and expect a huge XAXAXA European tour very soon, so stay tuned 'cause more info will follow... 15 EUR postpaid 10 EUR postpaid

Bilk and Diyala Upgraded...

Rembember Bilk? Well, as that old Thin Lizzy song says, the boys are back in town! Not only that Bilk are an active band again, but two members of Bilk have also teamed up with Diyala, the.. uh, the Queen of the Balkan alternative underground, and formed a new band! The name of this band is Diyala Upgraded and they sure sound good. Well, at least if you like drum & bass or breakbeat. Here, check this Youtube video for reference. Bilk and Diyala Upgraded will play some regional shows together, but who knows, maybe they'll do some touring abroad in the future... Anyway, the dates and places are listed below, so drop by. 21.04. @ Mochvara Zagreb 22.04. @ Gala Hala Ljubljana 23.04. @ Club MC Celje 28.04. @ Klub DF Banja Luka 29.04. @ Balkan caffe, Sarajevo 30.04. @ Stereo Dvorana Rijeka 14.05. @ MMC kugla, Koprivnica 20.05. @ Akademija Beograd 21.05. @ Route 66 Novi Sad Oh yeah, if you miss the music of Bilk, head on over to Moonlee Bandcamp, 'cause that's the place where you can listen to their album, "This Bilk Is Radioactive". You can even download it for free (or a donation, your choice), and if you're a real fan, feel free to buy a physical copy of the album.

Moonlee contest #1 winner is...

The first Moonlee contest is over and the lucky winner is Lovro Kramer. Thank you all for participating and see you next month.

Nikki Louder - Free MP3 #1 and preorder

Hey! We just wanted to let you know that Nikki Louder's new album, "Our World Died Yesterday", will be out on 3rd May! These Slovene noise rock heroes' album is a collaboration of three labels: Založba Radio Študent, Cheap Tunes Records and yours truly - Moonlee Records. It will be released as a CD/vinyl combo, which means that you get both. Cool, huh? All in all, the album pretty much rules, so take note, all you noise rockers out there! In the meantime, head on over to Moonlee Bandcamp and hear one song off the album, "Attacked". Also, you download song in mp3 format. What else... ah, preorders! Preorder via PayPal or by sending an e-mail to The price is 10 EUR + shipping. There, any other questions?

XAXAXA - Album preview pt. 2 and preorders

XAXAXA's debut album, "Tango Revolucioner" is bound to hit the streets on 20th April! But hey, you already know that. In the meantime, download another song off the album - it's called "Vrati go toj proklet dan", and you can download it in mp3 format. Also, you can stream the entire album on Bandcamp. Now, about those preorders... You can preorder in two ways: either via PayPal (if you're from abroad, 15 EUR postpaid), or by sending an e-mail to if you're from the Balkans. The postage is cheaper, that's why. Oh, and the album is currently available only on vinyl, but hopefully this will change in the future. That's all, folks. 15 EUR postpaid

Moonlee contest #1

Hey everyone, we've got something for you - a series of contests where you can win some fine Moonlee releases! The plan is to have a different prize every month, but we'll see if it works out, heheh. So, the contest...

This month's million dollar question is: What's the name of the new band that features members of Bernays Propaganda? If you need a hint, just remember that their debut album is one of the upcoming Moonlee releases. Easy, huh?

Send your answer (together with your name) to by noon, 15th April. The lucky winner gets Bernays Propaganda's latest album, "My Personal Holiday", on CD. We'll send it by mail, cool?

Anyway, now that you know everything, start shooting those answers at us. Good luck!

Oh, and participating in this contest will get you added to the Moonlee Records mailing list, but you can unsubscribe at any time. Hope you don't mind.

Nikki Louder tourin' the UK

Looks like Nikki Louder are gonna hit the road in April. Here's what they had to say: "We are going to play some shows through the UK with the amazing blues-punk progs Shield Your Eyes, who made everything possible. 5 days in a right steering van, ale/lager nights and some rock'n'roll! Continental Europe dates were planned as well, but it seems Western Europe is a hefty mess to book." If everything works out, they'll also have their new album and Moonlee Record debut for sale, so you know what to do. *wink* Anyways, the dates are below and check Nikki Louder out if you get the chance, will you? 06.04.2011 @ THE UNICORN, LONDON (UK) 07.04.2011 @ MANCHESTER UNIVERSITY, MANCHESTER (UK) 08.04.2011 @ BAR UP, HALIFAX (UK) 09.04.2011 @ SANTIAGOS, LEEDS (UK) 10.04.2011 @ DON'T DROP THE DUMBELLS, LIVERPOOL (UK)

XAXAXA - Album preview pt. 1

As you may have already heard, XAXAXA's debut album, "Tango Revolucioner", will hit the streets on 20th April 2011! For the ill-informed, here's XAXAXA's story in a few words: 3 members of Bernays Propaganda playing awesome Hüsker Dü, Rites of Spring and Wipers-influenced tunes. Good shit, like the old folks say. Preorders will be available real soon, and in the meantime, download a song off the album in mp3.

In-Sane touring Europe

This should come as no surprise, but In-Sane are touring Europe again. Since the boys tour a lot, chances are that you've at least heard of them, but just in case you haven't, In-Sane play melodic hardcore and they're really good at it! They have two albums out, with the last one being entitled "Trust These Hands... Are Worthless." and released by Moonlee Records. Streaming @ Bandcamp. Oh, the tour? It's a month long and will take them to far off places such as the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, France, Poland and so on... Check the dates below or on their MySpace page. See you at the show! 25.03.2011 @ STEREO, KLAGENFURT (AT) 26.03.2011 @ TRIEBWERK, WR.NEUSTADT (AT) 27.03.2011 @ OHO, OBERWART (AT) 28.03.2011 @ CAFE NA PUL CESTY, PRAGUE (CZ) 29.03.2011 @ BARRANDOFF, LIBEREC (CZ) 30.03.2011 @ KAWIARNIA NAUKOWA, KRAKOW (PL) 31.03.2011 @ JASZCZUR. ELBLAG (PL) 01.04.2011 @ POMPA, SZCZYTNO (PL) 02.04.2011 @ PERON, PILA (PL) 03.04.2011 @ NEED HELP (D) 04.04.2011 @ STUMPF, HANNOVER (D) 05.04.2011 @ HEMPERIUM, ULM (D) 06.04.2011 @ PRACTICEROOM, ZWIESEL (D) 07.04.2011 @ DAS ZENTRUM, MENDEN (D) 08.04.2011 @ PROBERAUM, LUDWIGSBURG (D) 09.04.2011 @ DE ONDERBROEK, NIJMEGEN (NL) 10.04.2011 @ KAFEE ALOYS, EINDHOVEN (NL) 11.04.2011 @ LE CHEMINOT, MONS (B) 12.04.2011 @ TBA, LEUVEN (B) 13.04.2011 @ T' VERDRIET, ZELE (B) 14.04.2011 @ FRONTLINE, GENT (B) 15.04.2011 @ LA CHIMERE, LILLE (F) 16.04.2011 @ MAC DAID'S, LE HAVRE (F) 17.04.2011 @ LE COMBUSTIBELS, PARIS (F) 18.04.2011 @ L'HERETIC, BORDEAUX (F) 19.04.2011 @ BLACKHAWK, TOURS (F) 20.04.2011 @ RAYMOND BAR, CLERMONT FERRAND (F) 21.04.2011 @ NEED HELP (F) 22.04.2011 @ PUZZLE CLUB, ORBASSANO (I) 23.04.2011 @ SHELTER, COMO (I) 24.04.2011 @ TOVARNA ROG - MODRI KOT, LJUBLJANA (SI)

New Moonlee band - XAXAXA

That's right, XAXAXA are yet another new band on the Moonlee roster. XAXAXA hail from Skopje, Macedonia, and you've probably seen these guys before as they play in the almighty Bernays Propaganda. Oh, they also played in xFxPxOx! Unlike Bernays Propaganda, they play faster and in a more melodic manner, so comparisons to Hüsker Dü, Rites of Spring and even Dag Nasty wouldn't be too far off. Here's a live video on YouTube - see/hear for yourself. As you may have guessed, an album is in the works and will be released in April 2011 by a couple of different record labels, Moonlee included. XAXAXA will also be going on a European tour in May/June, so watch this space for more info. That's it for now.

New Moonlee band - Nikki Louder

Everyone, say hi to the new member of the Moonlee Records family - Nikki Louder! This Slovenian trio has been rockin' around for some time now, and their second LP, "Our World Died Yesterday", will be out on Moonlee Records in April 2011! In case you were wondering what they sound like, let's just say that they remind of certain Ebullition bands that were big in the 90s. Ahh, the good old days. Anyway, no pop tunes here, just punk rock! Oh, and a European tour will follow the album release, so stay tuned for more info.

Post-rock megapack!

Hey kids, we've got a new special offer for you! Rembember the Damir Avdić Bag-O-Joy? The bundle of CDs and a book we were selling for not much money? Well, this time we're offering something similar - two CDs by Don't Mess With Texas and one CD by Radio Free Isaac. Here's what you get: 1X Don't Mess With Texas - S/t CD 1X Don't Mess With Texas - Los Dias de Junio CD 1X Radio Free Isaac - Broken Hearts and Other Mortal Wounds CD In case you were wondering who these bands are, here's some quick info: Don't Mess With Texas were a mighty fine Croatian post-rock band which is now broken up, but three members went on to form the Storms, a band which will yet be heard of, especially after Moonlee Records releases their first album in April 2011. Don't Mess With Texas were actually formed from the ashes of Radio Free Isaac, another great band whose members were also in Nikad, Chang Ffos and Lunar. Everything makes sense now, eh? Anyway, you can get this at a next-to-nothing price of 10 EUR (postage included), so order away via PayPal!

New Moonlee band - Storms

We have heard rumors that not much happened at the Moonlee camp in 2010, since we released only new Bernays Propaganda and Damir Avdić albums, but then again, both albums were pretty great and received much critical acclaim. We're going to continue this winning streak in 2011 by releasing Storms' debut album. In case you were wondering who these Storms are... well, you've seen those guys before, but in another band. That's right, Storms are actually three members of the late great Don't Mess With Texas! Unsurprisingly, the new band sounds similar to Don't Mess With Texas, but rocks much more and there's no piano this time. Who needs pianos anyway? The album will be out on Moonlee sometime during Spring 2011 and available on vinyl or as a digital download. Who needs CDs anyway? They will also tour Europe after the album's been released, so watch out for the Storms!

"Život je raj" is the album of the year!

Here's some local news - looks like Damir Avdić's "Život je raj" is the album of the year, according to VIP Music. Massive kudos to Damir, he totally deserves it. Also, the album was released by Moonlee Records, which we are really proud of. Kudos to us, too! Anyway, check the VIP Music website for info on the album and an interview with Damir. It's in Croatian, but if you're really interested in what Damir had to say, Google Translate is always at hand. And speaking of VIP Music, its editor, Anđelo Jurkas, has just published "Bez Rocka Trajanja", a book about, you've guessed it, the rawk scene of the Balkans. The book comes with a CD and a graphic music map, so if you feel like learning Croatian, this book might help you. Oh, the CD also contains a Damir Avdić song. Just sayin'.

Bernays Propaganda remix by Mark Heaney!

Well, what do you know: Gang of Four's drummer Mark Heaney likes Bernays Propaganda so much that he decided to remix one of their songs. The song in question is "Buldozer", and you can download it right here. If you like it, consider getting Bernays Propaganda's new album, "My Personal Holiday", which also contains the original version of the song. And, as you may know, originals are usually better than remixes. Just sayin'.

Damir Avdić Bag-O-Joy!

Hello, foreign friends! You might find the following information uninteresting, but news in English about everything we at Moonlee Records do are still mandatory. Anyway, we're starting a new tradition of offering you bundles of great stuff dirt cheap, so this is what we're selling this month: The Damir Avdić Bag-O-Joy! OK, it's not really a bag. In fact, it's a couple of CDs and a book by this guy Damir Avdić, who is pretty big over here in the Balkans. Since the music is just him and his guitar, you might want to call him a singer-songwritter, but believe me, he's pissed off far more than any other singer-songwriter you've heard. Anyway, if you're into exotic stuff, consider acquiring the Damir Avdić Bag-O-Joy, which contains the following items: "Život je raj" CD "Mrtvi su mrtvi" CD "Enter Dzehenem" book The price, including postage, is 25 EUR worldwide. Buy it via PayPal!

Hitch split up

After 15 years of rocking out, looks like Hitch have decided to call it quits. Here's what they had to say: Friends, It tooks us a while to figure some things out - sorry about that - but I think we're there... We decided to call it quits but we wanna thank you, our friends and families, our labels, etc .... and everyone who helped us out and appreciated our music during all these years , by playing one FINAL and LAST show. I guess that's the least we can do ... It has been an amazing ride. This band has been a part of who we are. It's not just something we abandon. we will treasure this band for the rest of our lives. This band took us to places we thought we'd never go, through this band we have made friends for life all over the globe. Unfortunately all good things come to an end. But we don't necessarely think of this as a negative thing. We are gratefull for this experience and we felt we took everything out of it we could...Undoubtably there will be other stuff going on sooner or later, keep your eyes and ears open for new musical projects of all members of HITCH. We can stop this band, but hell...we can not stop playing music. thank you. The aforementioned final show will take place in Kortrijk, Belgium on 18th December, so you lucky Western Europeans can go see them playin' live for the very last time. Oh, and since band breakups are often good for cashing in on record sales, we ought to remind you that we still have some copies of their album, "We Are Electric!", for sale. The album was released by Moonlee Records - that's us! If you want to, check out the appropriate section of our website and acquire your copy today. Or any day you like. Peace. HITCH RIP 1995-2010

Bernays Propaganda on tour!

To whom it may concern: Macedonian road warriors Bernays Propaganda will spend the next few weeks touring Europe. This is basically a promotional tour for their recent album, "My Personal Holiday", which was released on Moonlee Records back in May. Everything regarding Bernays Propaganda is well-known, and constantly writing about how much they rule (and they do!) is getting really tiring, so just go check them out if they pass through your town, OK? It'll be great, we promise! 16.09.2010 @ TEATAR, OSIJEK (HR) 17.09.2010 @ MKNŽ, ILIRSKA BISTRICA (SI) 18.09.2010 @ ANARCHIST BLACK CROSS FESTIVAL, PRAGUE (CZ) 24.09.2010 @ ZORO FESTIVAL, LEIPZIG (DE) 26.09.2010 @ GLOCKENBACHWERKSTAT, MUNICH (DE) 28.09.2010 @ JUZ, MANNHEIM (DE) 29.09.2010 @ AUTHONOMES CENTRUM, KOLN (DE) 30.09.2010 @ AZ, MULHEUM (DE) 01.10.2010 @ HAFENKLANG, HAMBURG (DE) 02.10.2010 @ KOMA F, BERLIN (DE) 03.10.2010 @ AJZ, BIELEFELD (DE) 05.10.2010 @ RADIO ŠTUDENT, LJUBLJANA (SI) 06.10.2010 @ GUSTAF(PEKARNA), MARIBOR (SI) 07.10.2010 @ KINO ŠIŠKA, LJUBLJANA (SI) 08.10.2010 @ KSET, ZAGREB (HR) 09.10.2010 @ KC GRAD, BEOGRAD (RS) 10.10.2010 @ FEEDBACK, NIŠ (RS)