New Xaxaxa album hits the streets

So, today is the day – „Siromašni i Bogati“, Xaxaxa's new album, is officially out! The album does not disappoint the least – on the contrary, it's an excellent followup to their first LP, „Tango Revolucioner“. The Rites of Spring/ Hüsker Dü/ Dag Nasty influences are still here, and yet again they're backed with lyrics about social injustice, imposed social norms and carelessness of those in power. The overall sound is actually somewhat more progressive when compared to the first LP and the approach is slightly different, yet Xaxaxa still stick to their guns and deliver sincere and powerful punkrock tunes. But hey, since the album is available for streaming and free download on Bandcamp, forget what we're saying, give the album a listen and find out for yourself. For those of you who like owning physical copies of albums, „Siromašni i Bogati“ is available on CD and vinyl, both of which can be bought at the good ol' Moonlee Trade Center, i.e. our webstore. The last but not least piece of info regarding the new LP, it was released as a joint effort of a number of different independent labels – so, except for Moonlee Records, labels that take responsibility for „Siromašni i Bogati“ are Napravi Zaedno (MK, the band's own label), Prügelprinz Records (DE), DHP AK47 (HR) and Gaphals (SE). As mentioned in earlier installments of Moonlee Records news, Xaxaxa will embark on a European tour to promote the album, and they'll be sharing the van with their friends and fellow countrymen known as SIZ. The dates are below and you know the drill. 08.09.2012 @ Klub Fest, Beograd (RS) 09.09.2012 @ Klub Attack, Zagreb (HR) 11.09.2012 @ Klub Gromka, Ljubljana (SI) 12.09.2012 @ MC Pekarna, Maribor (SI) 13.09.2012 @ Sub, Graz (AT) 14.09.2012 @ tba, Vienna (AT) 15.09.2012 @ Boogie Bar, Trenčin (SK) 16.09.2012 @ Boro club, Brno (CZ) 18.09.2012 @ Cafe na Pul Cesty, Prague (CZ) 19.09.2012 @ Szabad As A, Budapest (HU) 20.09.2012 @ Hafenklang, Hamburg (DE) 21.09.2012 @ AZ Conni, Dresden (DE) 22.09.2012 @ Zoro festival, Leipzig (DE) 23.09.2012 @ Koma F, Berlin (DE) 25.09.2012 @ Black Fleck, Potsdam (DE) 27.09.2012 @ Glockenbachwerkstatt, Munich (DE) 28.09.2012 @ Desert, Lausane (CH) 29.09.2012 @ tba (CH) 30.09.2012 @ tba (CH) 02.10.2012 @ L’Aquil, Casematte (IT) 03.10.2012 @ tba, Rietti (IT) 04.10.2012 @ MKC, Koper (SI) 05.10.2012 @ Channel Zero, Ljubljana (SI) 06.10.2012 @ CK13, Novi Sad (RS)

The new XAXAXA album is ready!

The new XAXAXA album, entitled «Siromašni i Bogati», is ready, believe it or not. Even though the official release date is set to September 8th, the album is already available for streaming and download through Bandcamp, where you can also name-your-own price and show support. Also, you can preorder the album on CD or vinyl through the almighty Moonlee Trade Center, so don't hesitate to do so and become the first in your hood to own a phsyical copy of the album. As usual, the album release will be accompanied by a European tour and the dates will be announced pretty soon.

In-Sane - Endless Summer Tour 2012

Hmm, this sounds as if we've seen it before. Anyway, after having a blast at Punk Rock Holiday, In-Sane are touring Europe for the who-knows-which time. This tour will take them to Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and even the UK, where they will play all shows alongside some English gentlmen known as Pure Graft. Since In-Sane have really made a name for themselves, we're not going to waste time and space writing about what they're like and what they play, so let's just say that if you like energetic and heartfelt punk rock, definitely check these guys out. Here are the dates: 24.08. Ajdovscina(SI) @ Baza 25.08. Ravne Pri Cerknem(SI) @ KUD Zora 28.08. Ravensburg(D) @ Cafe Balthes 29.08. Mannheim(D) @ JUZ 30.08. Eindhoven(NL) @ Kafee Aloys 31.08. Le Havre(F) @ Le Mac Daids 01.09. Cambridge(UK) @ The Cornerhouse * 02.09. London (UK) @ The Black Heart * 03.09. Gateshead(UK) @ The Central * 04.09. Sheffield(UK) @ The Red House * 05.09. Southsea(UK) @ TBA. * 06.09. Swansea (UK) @ Mozarts * 07.09. Lille(F) @ L'Imposture 08.09. Geluwe(B) @ Randomfest 09.09. Mechelen(B) @ Panique D'o * - with Pure Graft

Meet the team: Mirkich

"Meet the team" is a new section on our website and it's here for one simple reason - to prove you that there's no robots behind Moonlee Records. We're going to introduce you with our team members by asking them few simple and interesting questions that you can read below. This is first part of "Meet the team" and of course, it's reserved for one of Moonlee Records founder - the one and only Mirkich. When did you begin working for Mr. Moonlee and what is it that you do, exactly? I'm one of the founders of Moonlee Records (back in 2004) and the main engine behind everything around Moonlee world. Brains, muscles and everything else. And my question to answer your second question is - Is there anything that I don't do at Moonlee? :) Your favourite Moonlee release's. I heard every mother should love all its children the same. Therefore it's hard/impossible to pick the favourite one. But still, if I need to I would pick Analena - Carbon Based, simply because you cannot forget the first one, even more if it is from your own band. Huh, those were times..... :D Last three gigs that you've enjoyed. Fluff Fest in Czech Rep (too many bands to mention), Pandamonium Fest in Koper (Nikki Louder, Graf Orlock, Deer In The Headlights, It’s Everyone Else), Incurabili and Inner Terrestrial in Ljubljana.... Funny mix. :) Vinyl, CD or mp3? Funny question. Vinyl, of course. But mp3 can be handy as well. Interests and activities outside of Moonlee Records. To earn for a living I work in a small company, mostly preparing strategic environmental assessment studies for various spatial plans. Sounds weird I know. Playing guitar in Analena. Music. Cooking. Music. Chess. Laughting at my own jokes. Being always in action. Not sleeping enough. Music. Make a mixtape based on your current favourites. Mixtape? What's that?! Ah, you mean compilations to charm girls. Being happily married for years I guess I will skip this.... :) Ok ok, got it. It's not a secret - Envy is my favourite, so you can just shuffle their discography.... Ok ok, maybe, just maybe, I will try to prepare the fixtape one day. As a surprise.

First single from new Xaxaxa album

We announced new Xaxaxa's album "Siromašni i bogati" already some time ago. It will be a blast. Now it's time to show some proof, therefore we present you first single from their new album - "Probav da se isklučam". You can download it from our site or from Moonlee Bandcamp, which offers you also streaming option. There's also a Youtube link that you can stream above. Check it out. Xaxaxa's "Siromašni i bogati" will be released on September 8th as a CD and LP, as cooperation of bunch of European labels. Album will be available also as a free download, of course. And as usually, Macedonian punkrock trio will promote their new record with month-long tour through Central Europe. We will give you more info about that on time. Stay tuned, and soon you will be able to enjoy the whole album. As we said before – it will be a blast!

New Xaxaxa album is in print!

Believe it or not, but the Macedonian punkrock trio known as Xaxaxa have recorded a new LP and it's at the pressing plant as we speak. The new album, entitled "Siromašni i Bogati", will officially be released September 8th on Moonlee Records and a number of other labels. As for the music, not much is new - Xaxaxa still play driving and emotional punk rock in the vein of Hüsker Dü, Rites of Spring and Dag Nasty. Fans of such bands, take note. As usual for these road warriors, a European tour will follow the album release. More info will follow soon and you'll also be able to listen to the first single off the album. Until then, take care and stay tuned.

Summer holidays vs. punkroutine 2012

Summer pretty much sucks. It's scorching hot and there's no one to hang out with as everyone goes travelling or whatever. Still, there are two things that keep Summer from sucking completely and those are: a) school's out and b) music festivals! Some of these fests will actually feature a number of bands endorsed by Mr. Moonlee, and some of his lil' helpers will also be there. So, without further ado, here's what will be going on this Summer: Debeli Precjednik/Fat Prezident, who just released new album, will have the busiest schedule and will play the following fests: Sick As We Are (SAWA) festival in Županja (HR), Dirty Old Fest in Požega (HR), Rocklive in Koprivnica (HR), Treca Smjena in Šibenik (HR), Breka in Slovenska Bistrica (SLo) and finally, Punk Rock Holiday in Tolmin (SLO). Man, that's some list. Onto other artists now... In-Sane will also play Punk Rock Holiday, as well as the Pandamonium fest in Koper (SLO). The second part of Pandamonium will feature Nikki Louder! Damir Avdić will be spreading the Word at Hartera in Rijeka (HR), whereas Bernays Propaganda and Xaxaxa will be playing at Open Air fest in Kraljevo, Serbia - the dates are 20th and 21st July. There's more, but we don't want this thing overflowing with information, so just check the "upcoming events" parts of our website, ok? By the way, as mentioned earlier, Mr. Moonlee's minions will also attend some fests, so if you happen to come to Punk Rock Holiday, Monte Paradiso in Pula, Fluff Fest in Czech and probably some others, stop by our distro, flip through the records, have a chat with us and offer us some beer (or vise verca). Let's have fun. Until then, take care.

All Moonlee Records releases available for free download

Wow, what a night!? Summer heat, full moon and crazy Mr. Moonlee jumping around and screaming "Music to the people!!!"

What does it mean? Well, radical times ask for radical solutions. Therefore Moonlee Records offers all Moonlee releases for free download, and we will keep this practice with all future releases as well. No more rapidmegasharesenduploadspam mumbo jumbo, no more so called "illegal downloads". Simply go to Moonlee Bandcamp and serve yourself. There is also a “name-your-price” option if you still want to support. The choice is yours. However, if you still prefer/dig physical releases, Moonlee Trade Center is open 24/7. It's fast, simple and easy. Spread the word. Share.

Debeli Precjednik/Fat Prezident's New Album is Out!

The day has come - the long awaited "Bruto Slavo/VBK" by Debeli Precjednik/Fat Prezident is finally out! Lots has been said already, so we'll keep it short. No surprises here - Debeli Precjednik/Fat Prezident's new album brings 15 catchy, hook-filled and heartfelt melodic hardcore punk hymns, something they've been playing for ages and still doing right. Anyway, "Bruto Slavo/VBK" is available on CD and vinyl, which you can order via Moonlee Trade Center, but bear in mind that the LPs will be shipped cca. 15th May as there's been a fuck-up at the pressing plant. Oh well, nobody's perfect. The album's also available as a free download at Bandcamp, but there's also a "name-your-price" option, so you can decide on your own if you want to support the band and the label. It will be greatly appreciated. Radical times, radical solutions. So yeah, that's it. Stay punk... oh, and they've made videos for two songs off the album, so check them out on You-Tube. OK, there's still more - it's confirmed that Debeli Precjednik/Fat Prezident will also play this year's Punk Rock Holiday alongside punk rock greats such as Good Riddance, Sick of it All, 7 Seconds, The Toy Dolls and others. Cool. Download @ Bandcamp

A new member of the Moonlee family - Cripple and Casino

The Moonlee Records family has expanded by a new member - Cripple and Casino. You're surely wondering who Cripple and Casino are, so here's a bit of info: A girl and three guys from Zagreb, Croatia. Started out in 2007., played numerous shows since then and released a self-titled debut album on Radio Is Down in 2009. Influenced by bands such as Fugazi, The Jesus Lizard, Sonic Youth or Jawbox, but sounding unlike any of those, as they've created a very fresh and energetic sound of their own. Cripple and Casino are currently working on a new album, and judging by their live shows, the album's gonna be RAD! It will be out in Autumn 2012, co-released by Moonlee Records and Radio Is Down. More info will follow, and until then, stay tuned.

In-Sane / Despite Everything split 10" is out!

As we've announced last week, today is the official release date of the INxSANE / DESPITE EVERYTHING split 10''. Nice joint effort from Slovenian and Greek punks which will be enjoyed by those who like melodic, energetic and emotional punk rock in the vein of Hot Water Music, Propagandhi, Against Me! etc. The record is also a joint effort of various European and US independent record labels: Moonlee Records (Slovenia), Jump Start Records (USA), Fond Of Life Records (Germany), No Reason Records (Italy), Not Shy Of The DIY Records (UK), Laserlife Records (Austria) and Poutana Ola Records (Greece). The record is available as a 10” vinyl at the Moonlee Trade Center, as well as a free download via Bandcamp, but you can also pay what you want and show support. The choice is yours. INxSANE and DESPITE EVERYTHING will promote their split record with a European tour, which will take them to Croatia, Italy, france, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovenia. Check the dates listed below and be sure not to miss them when they play in your town. The new record is out today, the tour starts tomorrow, which coincides with Record Store Day! To celebrate it properly, INxSANE will play an exclusive afternoon show at the one and only Dirty Old Shop in Zagreb. Don't miss the chance to start drinking beer early, meet the In-Sane guys and buy their record in the afternoon, drink more beer and then go to their show in AKC Medika in the evening. Insane, man, insane. 04.21.12 - HR - Zagreb@Attack 04.22.12 - IT - Caselle Torinese@Rock In Farm w/ Despite Everything 04.23.12 - FR - St. Etienne@L'assommoir w/ Despite Everything 04.24.12 - FR - Chambery@Brin De Zinc w/ Despite Everything 04.25.12 - FR – Paris@Le Rigoletto w/ Despite Everything 04.26.12 - FR - Tours@The Choupi Fest w/ Despite Everything 04.27.12 - BE - Brussels@Kiko Phonie w/ Despite Everything 04.28.12 - D - Hamburg@GartenKunstNetz w/ Despite Everything 04.29.12 - D - Manheim @TBA. w/ Despite Everything 04.30.12 - D - Langenau@Kaos Keller w/ Despite Everything 05.01.12 - D - Berlin@TBA. w/ Despite Everything 05.02.12 - PL - Swinoujscie@Jaz Club 05.03.12 - PL - Wielun@Crash 05.03.12 - A - Graz@Sub - Only Despite Everything 05.04.12 - PL - Szczytno@Pompa 05.05.12 - PL - Lipowo@Punx Picknik 05.06.12 - PL - Lodz@Miejsce 05.07.12 - CZ - Praha@Cafe na Pul Cesti 05.08.12 - CZ - Ostrava@Plan B Hardcore Cafe 05.09.12 - A - WR. Neustadt@Triebwerk w/ Despite Everything 05.10.12 - A - Graz@Sub 05.11.12 - SLO - Maribor@Mc Pekarna 05.12.12 - SLO - Murska Sobota@Mikk

The In-Sane / Despite Everything split 10" is ready!

That's right, In-Sane and Despite Everything's joint effort is about to hit streets! In case you've missed them, In-Sane are a Slovenian melodic punk rock trio that's been going strong for 15 years now. If you like your punk rock melodic, energetic and emotional (but not cheesy), In-Sane might be up your alley. Fans of Hot Water Music, Propagandhi or Against Me!, take note! As for Despite Everything, these Greek punks play punk rock in a somewhat similar vein. They've released two 7'' EPs by now and did more than a hundred shows across Europe and the USA, which speaks for itself. Check them out, we say! So, about the record... it will be out 20th April and available as a 10'' vinyl and free download. In case you want to preorder, do so at our webstore. The download is completely free, but if you feel like supporting the Scene, pay what you can. Anyway, head on over to Bandcamp and get some! By the way, this record is actually the result of result of cooperation between various European and US independent record labels: Moonlee Records (Slovenia), Jump Start Records (USA), Fond Of Life Records (Germany), No Reason Records (Italy), Not Shy Of The DIY Records (UK), Laserlife Records (Austria) and Poutana Ola Records (Greece). Okay, that's that. As usual, the bands will do a European tour in support of the records, so check the dates listed below and come see a show! 04.21.12 - HR - Zagreb@Attack 04.22.12 - IT - Orbassano@Puzzle w/ Despite Everything 04.23.12 - FR - St. Etienne@L'assommoir w/ Despite Everything 04.24.12 - FR - Barberaz@Brin De Zinc w/ Despite Everything 04.25.12 - FR – Paris@Le Rigoletto w/ Despite Everything 04.26.12 - FR - Tours@The Choupi Fest w/ Despite Everything 04.27.12 - BE - Brussels@Kiko Phonie w/ Despite Everything 04.28.12 - D - Hamburg@TBA. w/ Despite Everything 04.29.12 - BE/NL/D - NEED HELP! w/ Despite Everything 04.30.12 - D - Langenau@Kaos Keller w/ Despite Everything 05.01.12 - D - Berlin@TBA. w/ Despite Everything 05.02.12 - PL - Swinoujscie@Jaz Club 05.03.12 - PL - Wielun@Crash #05.03.12 - A - Graz@Sub / Despite Everything# 05.04.12 - PL - Szczytno@Pompa 05.05.12 - PL - Lipowo@Punx Picknik 05.06.12 - PL - Lodz@Miejsce 05.07.12 - CZ - Praha@Cafe na Pul Cesti 05.08.12 - CZ - Ostrava@Plan B Hardcore Cafe 05.09.12 - A - WR. Neustadt@Triebwerk w/ Despite Everything 05.10.12 - A - Graz@Sub 05.11.12 - SLO - Maribor@Mc Pekarna 05.12.12 - SLO - Murska Sobota@Mikk

Fat Prezidents new single and video

We've already said that Debeli Precjednik/Fat Prezident's new album, "Bruto Slavo / VBK", is absolutely smashing, and now we're gonna unveil some proof! Without further ado, here's "Moja su Koljena Umorna od Moljenja", the first single off their new album. The video was conceived by the guys from the band, shot by Igor Milčić and edited by Vjeran Marijašević. See/hear the video on Youtube or Vimeo, and download the song on Bandcamp. Also, the album will be out in May 2012 and will be available on vinyl, CD and as a free download. Stay alert!

Punk Rock Spring 2012

Spring is coming and there's no better soundtrack to warm Spring days than punk rock! Of course, Moonlee Records will also make a contribution and deliver some fine new punk rock records. So, the first release on the list is Debeli Precjednik/Fat Prezident's new album. The master recording is in the hands of Mr. Moonlee who is absolutely stoked and claims that the album rules, but that was expected as Debeli Precjednik can do no wrong. The album will be entitled "Bruto Slavo / VBK" and will be out in May if everything goes as planned. It'll be available on vinyl, CD and as a free download, which means that it's legal and no person who downloads it will end up in jail. The first single (and video) off the album will be out next week, so stay alert. Next up, Moonlee will co-release (alongside a number of other labels) In-Sane's split 10'' record with Greek punks Despite Everything. For the ill-informed, In-Sane are a pretty awesome Slovenian melodic hardcore trio. They tour HARD and recently did an East Coast tour of the USA, which also featured a performance at THE FEST, the legendary (and we mean it!) punk rock festival in Gainesville, FL. The record will be out in the last days of April and promoted via European tour with Despite Everything, of course. Stay tuned! Also, there were rumors that Repetitor's new album will be out this Spring, but it's been postponed until Autumn. There's a number of reasons for that, but the main and most important reason is that getting things done right takes time, and we didn't want to do a half-assed job here, so we're taking our time, okay? The album will be worth the wait, we promise. Well, guess that wraps it up for now. Don't forget to brush and hey, check our webstore out - it's updated regularly and full of stuff you might need

Tresk #3

Unless something more important happens, 8th and 9th March 2012 in Ljubljana, Slovenia will forever be marked by Tresk #3, a clash of music and music publishing. Since "a clash of music and publishing" is a somewhat vague term, here's what will actually be going on at Tresk #3: promotions of new releases by Slovene record labels, all sorts of workshops and round tables on the current state of music publishing in Slovenia and last but not least, live music in the evenings. All this is organized by Radio Student and will take place at Kino Siska. Speaking of live music, 9th March at Tresk #3 will feature the performances of two Moonlee bands - Repetitor and Nikki Louder! Nikki Louder will be promoting their new tape (!) release, which will be out on their very own label, Rnka Rnka. Repetitor, on the other hand, won't be promoting their new release because it's not finished yet (for those who forgot, it will be out on Moonlee Records), but they're bringing some new t-shirts with them, so don't miss out. Other Moonlee-related things at Tresk are probably the fact the the Moonlee distro crew will be there and you'll be able to acquire some stuff that would normally have to be bought from either our webstore... or elsewhere. Expect special offers, discounts and the like. Consumerism and stuff... Also, Mr. Moonlee's most loyal henchman, Mirkich, will sit at one of the round tables and participate in the discussions PLUS there are rumors that Mr. Moonlee himself might show up, who knows... All in all, Tresk #3 sounds like loads of fun, so be there!

Bernays Propaganda mini-tour of the Balkans

It's been 5 years since Bernays Propaganda's first show, so they decided to celebrate it by doing a couple of regional shows. But it's not only that - they have a new EP out, entitled "Igraj Slobodno!" and they'll be promoting it on tour! For the ill-informed, "Igraj Slobodno!" is a compilation of Bernays Propaganda remixes by various individuals, and the download is free, so go get it from Bandcamp. Also, if you feel like buying some physical copies of Bernays Propaganda stuff, why not take a peek at our newly opened online shop? So yeah, that's it. See you at the shows! 01.02.2012 @ Feedback, Niš (SRB) 02.02.2012 @ Gala Hala (Metelkova), Ljubljana (SLO) + Paperplanecrash 03.02.2012 @ Tvornica, Zagreb (HR) + Cripple & Casino 04.02.2012 @ Hi-Fi, Ruma (SRB) + Gymnastics 05.02.2012 @ KC Grad, Beograd (SRB) + While + Gymnastics 17.02.2012 @ MKC, Skopje (MKD) +Hipnopolis+Mindless Violence+Green Fuzz

Igraj Slobodno! is up for free download

Looks like we've got the first ever download-only Moonlee Release at our hands! Yay! Of course, we're talking about the Igraj Slobodno! EP, co-released by Moonlee Records and Napravi Zaedno. The Igraj Slobodno! EP is a collection of Bernays Propaganda song remixes and covers, done by the likes of Mark Heaney (Gang of Four), Zea (the singer of The EX), Bei the Fish ft. Ida Lollobrigida, Sethstat, Anomalia Nativa, Fresh (ex-Suns, Bernays Propaganda), Duke B. and Mindless Violence. Genre-wise, this is a pretty diverse compilation which shows Bernays Propaganda's work in a totally new perspective, and a great one! Also, the download of Igraj Slobodno! is free of charge, believe it not. OK, we'll cut the chit-chat now and let the music do the talking - download the compilation on Bandcamp and play freely! free download @ bandcamp

Moonlee Trade Center is online!

Believe it or not, but the Moonlee webstore is finally operational! We've been announcing the grand opening of the store for ages and now it has finally become reality. So yeah, stop at our webstore for all... well, some of your punk rock shopping needs. By the way, Christmas is coming and you surely know some people who deserve presents, so buy buy buy from circle A!

In-Sane touring the USA

That's right, after years of touring Europe, Slovenian punks that go by the name of In-Sane are taking it to the next level and touring the USA! We're really proud of our boys, as In-Sane are one the two Moonlee bands (the first one being Hitch) that managed to arrange a tour of the Land of the Free. Anyhoo, this is a decent-sized tour of (mostly) the East coast and they'll be touring with His Day Has Come. One gig especially worth mentioning is the one at The Fest 10, which is obviously one of the best festivals ever, so fuck yeah! In short, if you're someone who loves melodic hardcore and happens to be in the USA at the time of this tour, In-Sane are a band you should definitely check out. Hear them on Bandcamp and go see them live afterwards. The dates are below! 23.10.2012 @ Fire Island, Haddon township, New Jersey, USA 25.10.2012 @ Pre Fest, Jacksonville, Florida, USA 26.10.2012 @ Pre Fest, Orlando, Florida, USA 27.10.2012 @ Pre Fest, St Augustine, Florida, USA 28.10.2012 @ Fest 10, Gainesville, Florida, USA 29.10.2012 @ Fest 10, Gainesville, Florida, USA 30.10.2012 @ Fest 10, Gainesville, Florida, USA 31.10.2012 @ Long Branch Saloon, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA 1.11.2012 @ The Hungry Huas, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 2.11.2012 @ No Fun House, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA 3.11.2012 @ Carabar, Columbus, Ohio, USA 4.11.2012 @ Rock Room, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 5.11.2012 @ 15 Shady Ave, Clarion, Pennsylvania, USA 6.11.2012 @ The Cracker Factory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA